Houston, TX – Ghosts (Links)

Houston is one of America’s largest cities, and it has dozens–perhaps hundreds–of haunted sites. These are just a few that I’ve investigated, with a research partner or with a group.

Glenwood Cemetery (a Washington Ave. Cemetery)

    An early investigation of this cemetery shows good EMF readings but no daytime orbs.

Woodlawn Cemetery (across the street from IKEA)
Woodlawn is a charming, mostly modern cemetery, privately owned and managed by a Houston family.Generally, this location is not suited to ghost hunting. It is carefully maintained, with gates that close at night, and security cameras watching the property.

However, for daytime (and respectful) explorations, we found some good (albeit brief) EMF recorded as 40+ degree compass swings, in the vicinity of the matching military headstones.

If you’re using a compass, be sure to rule out interference from metal pipes and grave markers.

Alief Cemetery (at the corner of Bellaire and Dairy Ashford) This cemetery is NOT recommended for investigations at this time, due to its location. See our report for additional information.

Patterson Road – Page 1: Langham Creek bridge – Page 2: Bear Creek bridge  / Bear Creek bridge is a more likely site for the legendary tapping, but we found good compass anomalies at Langham Creek bridge.

A year later, both bridges seemed haunted:
Bear Creek Bridge – May 2006
Langham Creek Bridge – May 2006

Bear Creek Park – Bordered by Patterson Road and Highway 6, Bear Creek Park is a popular park for hiking, riding, picnics, and sporting events.

Bear Creek Park is also the site of one of Houston’s most famous “blue light” cemeteries. (According to many local ghost investigators, that cemetery is tiny, disappointing, and not worth visiting. That part of the park is closed after dark.)

We weren’t planning to see any anomalies in a last-minute photo, but we did, anyway. See it at Houston – Bear Creek Park orb

During our return visit in May 2006, we saw little evidence of hauntings at nearby Addicks Bear Creek Methodist Cemetery.

More Haunted cemeteries near Bear Creek Park include Beeler Cemetery, Houston, TX.

The West Oaks Phantom Walker appears regularly by the West Oaks Mall, on Richmond near Westheimer. He appears to be a uniformed Spanish soldier, and possibly headless. He’s a quirky ghost, and one of our favorites.

Also, a reader reports that there is a haunted house in back of the zoo. It’s a white house with a black fence, surrounded by a moat. We’re noting this for further investigation, but haven’t heard other reports about this site.


Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Houston is just one of many haunted Spaghetti Warehouses. (Austin’s Spaghetti Warehouse is even more famous for its colorful ghosts.) The staff will share many great stories with you. During our visit, we were fascinated with what we called “the scary guy’s portrait.”

Also downtown, be sure to visit haunted Market Square. For more information about Market Square ghosts, read my stories in the book, Weird Hauntings. (Sterling Books, 2006)


25 miles west of downtown Houston, this historic town features remarkable orbs. See Ghosts of Old Town Katy, TX, part one and part two. I was the first to report ghosts at the depot. Since then, many others have confirmed them.

My first follow-up visit did not produce good photos, but the ghostly impressions were vivid. Read more about the ghosts of the Katy, Texas train depot.

Romantic ghosts at the Katy depot may have manifested as twin orbs in several locations on January 2nd, 2006. (At the very least, it’s a sweet idea.)

I also captured more vivid orbs and a great “jack-o-lantern” orb nearby, at Ghost Orbs in Katy, TX (1/06).


About a half an hour north of Houston, the town of Spring (and vicinity) offers considerable paranormal activity.

See Ghost Hunting in Spring, Texas and vicinity – page one and page two.

Also see my reports about ghosts in Old Town Spring. (It’s a popular, quaint shopping area in part of Spring.) Here’s a partial list of my articles.

Old Town Spring – haunted bank

Old Town Spring – ghost in the bank

Old Town Spring – ghost photo detail


Sometimes I check locations that are only mildly haunted.

Sometimes, they’re on private property or otherwise restricted, so I don’t identify them online.

Here’s a typical report: Houston – private cemetery – August 2005 – a two-part article, with photos.