Houston, TX – Bear Creek Park Orb

Bear Creek Park is in Houston, Texas, around haunted Patterson Road and Highway 6. [Google Maps]

The park includes many fields that are popular for sporting activities at night, but the park itself is very dark.

Bear Creek Park is also the home of the most famous “blue light cemetery” in the Houston area. However, that isolated cemetery is very difficult to find unless you know exactly where to look, and — due to access restrictions and a history of violence at the site — not recommended as a research site.

Nearby Patterson Road is a more famous and accessible haunted site. (See our preliminary report: Houston – Haunted Patterson Road.)

After investigating Patterson Road on 11 May 2005, we took a photo inside Bear Creek Park for comparison. Although this print (from film) is very dark, it shows one of the best orbs of the evening:

Orb at Bear Creek Park, Houston, TX

It’s not a great photo, and it’s only one orb. I realize that’s not impressive. However, I’m reporting this site (and sharing the photo) because:

  • The area has a rich, ghost-friendly history.
  • Reported anomalies aren’t run-of-the-mill occurrences.
  • Day or night, our investigations have been consistently odd, in certain areas of the park.

The picture (above) was taken at random, so we can’t tell you exactly where it was. It’s most likely that we stopped at the first parking lot on your right as you enter the park from Patterson Road. This is a very small parking area that will hold four cars or less.

The camera was pointed to the right of the gate that leads to hiking and equestrian trails.

The image quality is too poor to determine if there are other genuine orbs in the photo. However, the one that the arrow points towards is definitely a real orb.

Follow-up: After we posted this photo, someone identified this as the site where a motorcyclist was killed a few years ago.

This is exactly what I look for in a haunted site: When we find an anomaly, without knowing ahead of time that it was at a spot with a ghostly history.

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