Old Town Spring, TX – Ghost Photo Detail

Bank photo with face area in circle.

Several people have commented on this ghost photo. It was taken at an old bank building in the middle of Old Town Spring, north of Houston, Texas.

The picture at the right has been modified only to enhance the contrast. I’ve added a circle to indicate where the face is. Other than that, this photo is exactly as it originally appeared.

That ghost would be full-size — about six feet tall, or a little shorter. That is, if you could see my reflection in the window — which you can’t — it would be about the same size as the ghost. (I look nothing like the ghostly figure.)

There are many interpretations of this ghost photo. Some people see a full figure within the circle. Others see a cowboy in chaps.

I’m the first to admit that this is one of those “either you see it, or you don’t” photos. It may be nothing more than a quirky reflection from the flash on the window. I’m fine with that.

On the other hand, when I see really weird images and anomalies, I pause and wonder if that old adage is true, and there are no coincidences.

The bank’s robberies took place in the 1930s, and the robbers may have included the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.

My sketch of the figure, as I see him.In addition, the town has ghosts dating back to its “wild west” days. So, any figure from those eras is likely.

We were outside, looking in, when I took a series of pictures.  I angled my camera to reduce glare from the flash, but — of course — a lot of people are going to say, “Of course that’s the reflection of her flash camera.)

I don’t have a lot invested in being right about what I see when I’m ghost hunting.  Confirmation is always nice, but it’s not required.  I know what I see.

Above (left) is my sketch of the figure in the window, as I see him.

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7 thoughts on “Old Town Spring, TX – Ghost Photo Detail”

  1. I absolutely see the man – but my first thought was that he reminds me of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

  2. The head is kind of cocked off the ‘shoulders’ of the figure, plus the ‘alienish’ look in it’s eyes. I’m chalking it up to optical illusion from the lens flash.

  3. I saw two faces. You’ve got the tinman body, then a big ugly face beside it. Then just below the circle in between the tinman’s arms, there’s this adorable little alien face.

    On another note, when I was a little kid I would often see spinning little specks flying about my room at night. I don’t know if they were orbs or dust, but I’d spend a long time watching them. I also used to be able to spin my bedroom off from the house and fly around like in the Wizard of Oz because I had a mirror on my bedroom door. I was probably lucid dreaming with the mirror. I’m not sure. I was so little and much more open to stuff back then.

    1. Ksennia, I love those memories, thanks! Also, I want to research more about mirrors. It’s not just “Through the Looking-glass,” but the mysteries connected with mirrors of all kinds. They’re… weird and keep popping up in odd contexts.

      The Old Town Spring photo has baffled me. I remember seeing a vague figure shape – a shadow – when I took that photo, because I told my husband, “I think someone’s inside. Maybe we shouldn’t be taking photos.” But when I put the camera down and peered inside… I saw no one. No shadow that looked anything like a person, either.

      So, for me, this photo is kind of a coin-flip. It could be weird reflections from street lights and my camera’s flash. Or it could be something else. Initially, I’d posted the picture as “this was kind of weird,” but people quickly replied with comments about it being “Hat Man.” (Until then, that was a new topic to me.)

      Hat Man isn’t really my field of study. Not unless he starts showing up at a lot more haunted places, so he’s in the mix with ghosts and so on. (I’ve never encountered anything like him in over 20 years of ghost investigations, so I don’t think he’s anything ghost-related.)

      This photo is still kind of quirky, and I love comments like yours. They bring so much more to conversations among site visitors and ghost enthusiasts, and give us more insights about each other.

  4. It looks like a clown carrying a severd head or mask in his hand if you zoom in closer. Super creepy!

  5. Took me a few minutes to see the hat man and when I finally did I also saw long sharp teeth as he’s snarling. I don’t know if all it is, is that once you tell people what one sees then most people see the same thing but once seen it’s difficult to unsee it

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