Ghosts of Houston, TX – Private Cemetery, Part 1

orbs in haunted cemetery near Houston, TX


This small cemetery in the Houston area is on private land. We had permission to visit it, and an armed, authorized escort who knew where we should look for ghosts. From the start, I knew that this site was profoundly haunted. It reminds me of some New England cemeteries that I have visited, where the dead aren’t unhappy… just a bit restless and curious about visitors.

Because this cemetery is not regularly maintained, we walked through tall grass, pushed back shrubs and weeds, and dodged huge spiderwebs to visit the graves.

This cemetery is the home of people who — by choice or circumstances — have graves marked with wooden crosses, handmade cement and plaster “stones,” and are sometimes unmarked. Walking around these graves feels very different from the tidy cemeteries where the headstones were purchased and names were added to stock granite designs.

On this night, I saw many instances of “sparkles” from both my Olympus film camera as well as my Toshiba digital camera.

Many graves — marked and unmarked — displayed dramatic orbs. Because so many graves are unmarked, it did not surprise me to see multiple orbs in many photos.  Unfortunately, the location has so little light nearby, the photos are grainy.  That’s okay, I think you can see enough to understand why this cemetery impressed me.

One of the more formal graves — shown in the photo at the top of this article — produced consistent orbs. Here’s another photo of it, from another angle:

We continued to wander around the acreage, discovering more graves and many more spirits… as well as orbs. This is the kind of cemetery that must be treated with respect. These people are not “average” and their stories — like their lives — were rich, culturally diverse, and should not be trivialized or forgotten.

The marked graves may be as much as 50 years old. Most of them seem to be far newer, and visited regularly.

In the two pictures above, the left image shows how most of my photos (about 20 of them) at this grave turned out: No orbs. However, in the middle of these many ho-hum pictures, I captured one fairly spectacular orb in the photo on the right. About ten photos later, the wind started to pick up and there were abundant dust orbs.  This orb could be one of the early arrivals.  I’m not sure.

However, I sensed a very real presence at this grave, as if the person wanted to be noticed. There was a sense of dismay at being “out of the game” so soon. It wasn’t an angry or depressed spirit, just someone who knew that we were there and wanted to be included in the pictures.

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2 thoughts on “Ghosts of Houston, TX – Private Cemetery, Part 1”

  1. why are so many people so fascinated with orbs ,they prove NOTHING ,IF THIS IS PROOF OF LIFE AFTER DEATH LEAVE ME OUT OF IT,enough with orbs these make me more onvince that there is nothing out there nada

    1. Richard, that’s fine… but if you’re so convinced of this, what are you doing at a ghost hunting website…?

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