Houston, TX – Haunted Beeler Cemetery

Harris County Pocket Park, Houston, TXBeeler Family Cemetery in Houston is an odd little cemetery. It’s about two blocks from busy Eldridge Parkway. (The Parkway has its own rumors of ghosts, and an unusual number of auto accidents involving drivers who’ve ‘lost control’ of their cars.)

Beeler Cemetery is small, contains about half a dozen grave markers, and it’s in one of Houston’s ‘pocket parks’ amid upscale corporate offices.

In May 2006, we joined the Texas Paranormal group for an investigation of this cemetery. Because the cemetery is surrounded by immaculately groomed lawns and sterile corporate buildings, we weren’t expecting much.

Beeler Cemetery Monument

Even in the daytime, there is a strong presence around the tallest monuments.  (One of the most active is shown, above.)

At night, some of our photos showed moderate orbs around them. Amanda Beeler’s grave seems to be the most active.

Orbs at the back of Beeler Park, Houston, TX
Orbs at the back of Beeler Park, Houston, TX

However, the stronger energy is outside the cemetery, and in back of it. We’ve heard that there are unmarked graves outside the cemetery.

The photo at right is one of several with bright orbs.

‘Outsider’ graves

Some of the most haunted graves are located outside cemetery walls.

Especially at church cemeteries, graves outside the walls usually belong to suicide victims, murderers and people considered ‘too sinful’ to be buried among regular church members.

When graves are outside a family cemetery, that’s an even more harsh condemnation.

We weren’t surprised when our photos showed vivid orbs in back of Beeler Family Cemetery.

Notes from the Other Side

When I tried to do a reading on Amanda Beeler to see why her grave is most active, the woman who responded was named ‘Olive’, not Amanda. I’m not sure if it’s the same woman — perhaps a nickname — or a different person.

Olive had given birth to a daughter, but trusted the wrong man. That trust led to something disastrous, possibly her death. She’s not trapped here, but she returns because she’d like someone to acknowledge the subterfuge of the man she’d trusted.

(I’m not sure who he is. There’s not enough information to work with, yet.)

I did a second reading to learn about a man who haunts the land in back of Beeler Family Cemetery. He’d accomplished all that he was supposed to during his lifetime. Oddly, he trusted the same man as Olive had. His ghost lingers because he’s either protecting Olive (and perhaps others), or wants to help expose the man who’d betrayed both of them.

This cemetery — and its hauntings — are active and part of an ongoing story that hasn’t concluded yet.

These aren’t unhappy spirits who are trapped here, but they’d like their history to be accurately reported. So, they are likely to respond to perceptive visitors and ghost hunters.

Ghost hunting tips

Although this is an upscale area in the daytime, it’s quite deserted at night. Also, the cemetery is partially hidden from the street. It’s especially important not to ghost hunt alone in settings like this where you may have a false sense of security.

There are many street lights around Enclave Parkway, where this cemetery is. Be sure to watch for them when taking photos, as they can be a source of false orbs.

The sandy soil at this cemetery can also produce false orbs if the dust is raised as you walk, or by the wind. It’s vital to take two photos in sequence, as close together as possible, to rule out natural explanations for orbs and other anomalies.

Driving directions

To visit the cemetery after visiting Bear Creek Park, take Eldridge Parkway south from Patterson Road. After passing I-10 and Memorial Drive, look for Enclave Parkway on the left. (There is a traffic light with a protected left turn.)

If you’re arriving from I-10, take the Eldridge exit and turn south. After the traffic light at Memorial Drive, watch for Enclave Pkwy on the left.

Shortly after turning onto Enclave Pkwy, look for the Pocket Park sign on your right. Turn right immediately after it; it will look like a driveway, and there is room for a few cars in the small parking area. The cemetery is surrounded by a black metal fence in a wooded area.

If you drive past Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation on the right, you’ve gone too far.

If you approach from Briar Forest, take Enclave Parkway almost to where it intersects Eldridge. Look for Cabot Oil & Gas on your left. Turn left at the driveway immediately after Cabot’s sign. [Google Maps]

8 thoughts on “Houston, TX – Haunted Beeler Cemetery”

  1. there is more than just orbs back trhere.. infact way in the back where the car garage is, is where the shadow man and boy hang out, the shadow persoin has contacted and interacted with me and another friend of mine, not in a good way though. i dont think he wants us here but at the same time tries to show us he is there.last contact i had of him was when i snapped a picture in his face less than 4 feet away, he drained my camera and proceeded to pinch me and my friend all over, well thats what it felt like, the only person who followed me home was amanda.i have evp’s of her name and eagerly asking for my help.. ill have to dig into my files and loook for those

  2. I use to take my son there from about 1992 to his teen years. I use to love the park across the road from the cementary. The cemetery looks scary , feels scary, and I didn’t be leave in hauntings, so I just felt like we could be killed at any moment. don’t laugh, I got brave and walked around the path one time in all the yrs, so I wouldn’t feel like a scary cat. I agree with the back of the place. I just mentioned it to my husband and the hair stood up on his arms thinking about it. I did have a odd , good thing happen there. I heard a cling, cling and rolling.i am a sort that a flying horse could hit me in the head before I would notice. Thank god I had my (can see fly shut on the end of a stick at 20 paces, ) son with me. It was a diamond man’s ring with 4 stones big diamonds, I got 200 at a pawn shop (it was the early 90s) and I was robbed. But needless to say I have strong memory’s of the place. And uneasy creepy feelings of the cementary.

    1. Want to add one thing, when the office buildings were built, people had started vandalized the tombstones. and I have seen satanic symbols in Terry Hershey park. Please act like a grown up, there are name on these stones that haven’t been used in a 100 yrs and art work on the stones. I don’t know why i.m saying this. I really feel if you mess with this place, All you will find is not only bad luck but the equivalent of a curse. The ring rolled to me on a street parallel to the park. and its not the last old peice of jewelry son has walked along and just picked up. He is a special person with his own unique karmic blessings from the universe. I am as in awe , as anyone eles. and like everyone else he has struggles. just like all of us the blessings from God are a marvel to see, like rolling rings.

  3. This is my husband’s family cemetary. The last living Beeler was Alberta Beeler. She Passed away in 2014.

  4. I have been familiar with this place for over 30 years. A long time ago it was just a bit of a spooky spot in the middle of nowhere ‘burbs. There was some sort of “guard house” at the entrance to that small lot. There was never any guard, but the lights would turn on inside sometimes. That shack is now gone. This is also the area where an infamous (and yet unsolved) double murder occurred.

  5. I used to visit this place with my cousin back in 2005-07 one time I just got a new Motorola razor phone with video camera, so I started recording, it was a 1 min video, I focus on the 2 stones inside the fence then we leave to watch a movie at the theater, waiting for the movie, I started to watch the video I took, I noticed a little orb appearing from the middle of the 2 stones, I filmed from left to right then return to the stones, the little orb seem to follow the phone movement but the orb was like moving up & down, i showed the video to family and they said it looks real

  6. James and Amanda Beeler are my great-grandparents.
    They and their family traveled by covered wagon from Nelson County, Kentucky, probably around 1870.

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