Katy, TX – Train Depot (Jan 2006), Pt 2

Ghost orbs continue to appear regularly around the Katy Historical Society’s depot building, and near the bright red rail car displayed nearby. These orbs can be explained in non-paranormal ways, but they’re such fun, I decided to post them anyway.

One of the most vivid photos that I took on January 2nd, 2006, was over the train depot:

Oddly, some of the most visible orbs are also in a straight line, which I’d ordinarily discount as a lens flare. The brightest orb, over the word “Texas,” looks like a light bulb. It isn’t. It’s another orb. It was quite dark at the depot on that quiet Monday evening.

However, my favorite photo of the evening shows a bright green orb that–to me anyway–looks as if it has a classic Halloween “jack-o-lantern” face:

It’s not a perfect jack-o-lantern face, but this one caught my attention because the color is unusual, and the expression is different from the usual “smiley face” orbs.

These are digital photos taken at a slow (100 ISO) speed, so they are more grainy than I’d like. At a higher film speed, I might have captured far more orbs that night.

It was an ideal evening for ghost hunting. Fog in the early morning hours had reduced dust and pollen as factors. By evening, the air was quite dry, but the dirt hadn’t dried out enough to be a problem. And, it was too chilly for bugs.