[TX] Houston – Addicks Bear Creek Cemetery, Pt 1

Addicks Bear Creek Cemetery, Houston, TX
Sign at Addicks Bear Creek Methodist Cemetery, Houston, TX

Addicks Bear Creek Methodist Cemetery (at the corner of Patterson Road and Highway 6) is one of several cemeteries near Bear Creek Park, Houston, TX.

This is a 20th century cemetery, still in use.

However, this isn’t the first resting place of this cemetery. The move occurred after repeated regional flooding, including the Galveston flood of 1900 which destroyed the town of Addicks.

We investigated this cemetery on Saturday evening, May 13th, 2006 with the Texas Paranormal Meetup group.

I can’t say that the cemetery isn’t haunted. However, preliminary research suggests that it’s not especially active.

This should have been a good evening for an investigation. It was the night of the full moon. The weather was relatively cool and dry. Next to the cemetery, a Highland Games festival brought extra energy to the day.

So, all the elements were there, for a productive investigation.

About a dozen of us investigated. We checked for EMF, EVP, and photographic anomalies.   We found nothing of note.

In the Bear Creek Park area, that’s almost an anomaly in itself.

Nearby, several other sites — especially Patterson Road — are better locations for investigations.


Three different EMF meters and a compass showed no significant electromagnetic energy at this site.

However, the cemetery is fenced and padlocked so that we could only check EMF levels at the fence.


So far, EVP appears to be inconclusive.

Vehicles speeding past the cemetery on Highway 6 add noise that’s difficult to filter out. Because the cars and trucks are sporadic and produce various sounds — including radio and recorded voices and music — any EVP from this cemetery would have to be distinctive.


We have many photos with orbs, but  – until I have time to analyze them more thoroughly – most of them must be discounted.

See our other page in this series for a typical orb photo from our investigation at Addicks Bear Creek Methodist Cemetery, Houston, TX.

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