Spring, TX – Ghosts, Part 1

The vicinity of Spring, Texas features many wonderful cemeteries, and Old Town Spring has the reputation of being very haunted. On Sunday evening, 22 May 2005, we visited several locations, with interesting results.

Wunsche Cemetery

Wunsche Cemetery is a lovely little cemetery with a big reputation, located between the feeder road and I-45, immediately after the Cypresswood exit, heading north. This can be a challenging place to stop, although there is a small parking area for visitors. (You will be re-entering feeder road traffic, including cars leaving I-45 that may still be driving at interstate speeds.)

We checked Wunsche Cemetery twice, and feel that it may have some low-level hauntings. However, we were there during daytime hours and at dusk; it may be better after dark.

Wunsche Bros. Cafe

Wunsche Bros Cafe haunted room
Haunted room #5 at the Wunsche Bros. Cafe

This is one of the few sites in Old Town Spring that’s almost sure to be haunted. We have no conclusive outdoor photos yet, but several good indoor pictures.

At the right is a photo of one of the rooms where EVP has been reported. According to legend, it was one of the girl’s rooms when the cafe was a brothel.

When a Wunsche Bros Cafe staff member is available to show guests around, he or she will escorts patrons upstairs and point out a few of the important haunts on that level.

You’ll be climbing steep stairs to see a rocking chair that we’ve observed rocking when no one was nearby. Generally, you can linger as long as you’d like, and take photos and EVP recordings, unless an event or private party is scheduled in one of the upstairs rooms.

Cemetery #1 (our name for the cemetery, not its real name)

This cemetery is in a quiet, residential area and we’re not comfortable sharing the exact location at this time.

Because the cemetery is well-sheltered from breezes, bugs can be a problem. These are our best photos from our second visit there:

The orb in the tree (right photo) is probably a true anomaly. The two orbs in the photo on the left are probably insects. See a closer look at this photo, below.

The orb on the left (Orb #1) has the right translucency, but genuine “ghost orbs” are almost perfectly circular; the irregular shape of this orb suggests that it’s a moving insect captured on film.

Orb #2 on the right is the correct shape, but it is a little too brilliant and the edges are slightly fuzzy. This also suggests an insect or – more likely – moisture, but it’s possible that it’s a very odd “ghost orb.” Because of the insects in the area, we have to discount this second orb as well.

3 thoughts on “Spring, TX – Ghosts, Part 1”

  1. Orbs can be such a hard thing to go by for paranormal evidence. this is really good orbs pictures though.

    Last night i went to Spring Creek Park i had a tape recorder and i was with some friends we were just trying to have a good time and see what happened.

    I kept saying “if you want to show a sign of your presence you can throw something at us, touch us, talk to us.”

    My boyfriend kept seeing shadows walking across the street but we were the only people out right there. i saw them too. then at the corner of my eye I saw something weird in the tree. i stop and stare at it.

    All the sudden completely unexpected, I got violently pushed it was with such force that I got a huge gash in my knee, hit my head incredibly hard, and cut my hand and elbow. None of us knew what to think. By the way my tape recorder randomly stopped before i was pushed but before it turned off my boyfriend and my friend caught something on the tape we were all talking but a inhuman sounding voice said ” i’m watching you!” that’s what we are thinking it said.

    -Donna Lynch

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks for your report. I hope that others who visit Spring will be very careful. When a spirit physically pushes people — particularly when it causes harm — that’s usually poltergeist phenomena, and it can be very different from a routine haunting.

      I recommend avoiding that location, at least for awhile.

      Fiona Broome

  2. I love wunche brothers because of the ghosts thats thier most popular i work in old town spring and the first day my moms shop was opened we were here till late at night and got come pictures and we had like 3 orbs that were perfectly circular in our picture. I liked seeing that I watch alot of ghost stories and everything that you could think of but the one thing I do not want to do after seeing hunted highway is go anywere hunting them downthe girl got locked in a isolation room and it was locked nad no one was thier

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