Houston, TX – Haunted Alief Cemetery

Alief Cemetery (pronounced “A-leef”), near Houston, Texas,  has a wide reputation for being haunted.

I haven’t had time to do much research, and I don’t intend to return for a formal investigation.

Here’s the legend:

This pioneer cemetery was either unknown or ignored when an apartment complex was built on adjoining (and perhaps overlapping) property. As a result, the apartments are rumored to be haunted.

No one claims that the apartment buildings are actually on top of graves, but I’m not sure that anyone is certain, one way or the other.

During our visit at dusk, I caught several orbs, some dramatically large, with my camera. (See photos below.) Because of the fast-fading light, I did not check for EMF with a compass.  And frankly, the later it got, the more uneasy I was in that neighborhood.  I definitely stood out and caught looks of resentment from a few (not most) people.

I’m sympathetic. I believe that certain communities have the right to unspoken boundaries. They shouldn’t feel as their residential areas are being invaded, investigated, and treated like a sideshow by ghost hunters.

Had I realized the situation beforehand, I wouldn’t have explored the site at all.  I didn’t feel threatened, but definitely uneasy, especially as most of the young families seemed to go indoors as dusk fell.

Even in the daytime, I don’t recommend visiting this site alone. (Since posting this, several readers — one a former gang member — warned us that no one should go ghost hunting there at night, even in a group.)

Also, wear sturdy shoes or sneakers, even during daylight hours. The ground isn’t treacherous, but it is uneven in spots and difficult to see where the grass has not been trimmed.

One plot in Alief Cemetery. No orbs.
Same location, large orb at upper left side.
Small orb in grass, at arrow.
That’s not the moon, it’s an orb. Really.
No orbs here. Those are apartment lights, but you can see how the cemetery is practically in their back yard.

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  1. i used to live in these apt in 95 the building closest to the cemetary i could see it outside my window i do believe in ghost but i have to say i never incountered anything in the apt and like i said i was the closest building to it dont know about the cemetary though

  2. I’ve lived in alief my whole life but I can say there is something going on at that cemetery I use to sit at the bus stop in front of the cemetery and a cold front would come out of no where in the middle of the summer. People use to walk through it for a short cut to get to their apartment but finally they built a gate to stop the bad habit I was relief when I saw the brand new metal fence.

  3. I live down the street from there and often road my skateboard to the area alone to see if I would find anything weird but nothing happened anytime I went… Maybe it’s only at night though

  4. Lived not far away but as never waited for bus, felt cold front middle of summer…that’s HAUNTING! Has fence all around but NO gate. many more monuments than formerly.

  5. I live in the apartments next to this cemetery and have to say the apartments are haunted. I first moved in six months ago in an apartment facing the cemetery and did not have any problems. Recently, strange things have been happening in my apartment and to me. The TV goes on and off in the middle of the night. The microwave turns on. Our XBOX goes on and off constantly. Things are moved and you can see shadows. My lease is not up until next month. I never believed in hauntings until now…

  6. I lived in the apartment RIGHT next to the cemetery in mid to late 90’s and from my experience, it may have been somewhat unsettling to be so close, but don’t remember any spooky things going on. I did go in there to look at the headstones, and it is more sad than anything…lots of babies and some unmarked. Worst part is, everyone thought it was a pet cemetery! So glad they did some maintenance… for long time there was no fence, and being it is right on the corner, I’ve witnessed people cut through to save time on foot and bike…and headstones were knocked over…it was very disturbing to see.

  7. i live on Kirkwood and have walk that cemetery a few times. Like to see the fence. Nothing strange! Was thinking of being buried there, if permitted.

  8. Ive lived in Alief all my life i am 25 btw, i live on dairy ashford in the houses behind the apartments next to the cemetery, we are the second owners to this house and my house is haunted and we’ve learned to live with it, i believe the spirits that had unfinished business are the ones that haunt this whole area. Ive taken pictures in my house where you can see faces, full body apparitions, and when we light up candles faces appear on them. And there has even been 2 persons on different occasions who witnessed seeing a little girl walking in the sidewalks near my house with a white dress, only reason why we learned about this girl is because they asked us why we would leave our sister outside late at night. Its very strange and im sure we’re not the only ones that experience this in our neighborhood. So if anyone knows any other information about this neighborhood please contact me i want to know.

    1. Jazmin, you’ve described some very intense encounters. Thanks for sharing your information with us.

  9. I am trying to hunt down the apartments my mom used to live in back in the 80’s. I’m wondering if these are them, she lived in a townhouse. I stayed with her sometimes and every day while she was at work and I was alone I’d hear footsteps upstairs (townhouse), the radio dial would move on its own and while sitting on the couch with with window to the patio behind me I could look out into the patio, if someone was at the door ( you had to go through the wooden gated patio to get to the front door) well I heard on numerous different occasions as if someone was turning the knob to get in or out, but I’d always peak through the blinds and no one was there. The gate was still closed, and I would of heard it if someone opened it. I started to wear more black, lighten my facial makeup really pale, I had become more in a dark state. It got to the point that as soon as I woke up I’d go outside and wait until my mom got home before I’d go back in. Nothing ever happened while she was there.

    1. Stephanie, your experiences are fascinating. However, to identify the apartments, you’ll need to do some research – or provide us with more clues. I’m assuming you’re not able to ask her, yourself.

      In your situation, I’d go to the public library and see if they have old phone books. Your mom probably had a phone, and was probably listed with an address.

      It could be more difficult to get official records, but – depending on your situation, and if you can bypass privacy laws – you could look into her driver’s license records, and her tax records. All of them would have addresses on them. If she went to church, the church records might help. Birth, marriage, and death records can be accessed if you meet some requirements, and if any of those events occurred when your mom lived in those apartments.

      I hope that helps, and you find the location you’re looking for.

      Sincerely, Fiona

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