Katy, TX – Train Depot Ghosts (Jan 2006)

A romantic couple haunted the Katy Depot area on the evening of January 2nd, 2006.

I don’t often talk about my psychic perceptions, but this imagery was one of those “clear as day” visual images. Others who’ve visited the depot and stumbled onto this website have been amazed that I sensed the couple, as well.

The impression was so vivid, I could sense the coupleĀ  as soon as I got out of my car. He’s a man in a brown suit with lapels trimmed in braid. She’s taller than him, especially with the tall, perky hat that she wears. And, she holds his arm as they stroll around the depot.

I’ve sensed this couple before, but — until that particular night — their images weren’t so clear in my mind… or in photos.

I like to think that they’re remembering a time when they took a romantic journey by train, perhaps to some still-wild part of the Southwest, or a second honeymoon in Kansas City or Chicago, during a more genteel era.

Did this couple show up as twin orbs in my photos around the depot? Maybe. It’s a fun thought. Here’s one of several photos of the twin orbs, taken over the rail car by the Katy depot:

Of course, I’d suspect that something was reflecting dual orbs, or perhaps a lens flare. When I see orbs in a straight line, I almost always think, “Lens flare.” However, at the depot building at least 20 feet away, my photos included the same twin orbs. Here’s another photo of them:

(These photos are grainy because — too late — I discovered that I was taking the pictures at a film speed of 100.)

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  1. Hi,

    I am seeking help to gather history on relocated (whole) cemeteries and individual grave sties.

    In particular in Houston, Texas. Most specifically there was a church and cemetery on Westheimer at Kirkwood. it’s all retail now and has been for years. The last time I recall being aware of it was in the 1980’s. Also, there were two individual graves at Eldridge and Interstate 10 on the northside of I-10 and the west side of Eldridge. A part of the landscape had been sculpted around the graves. The last time I was aware of them was in the ’80’s AND 90’s. Now that area seems like nothing is there. I haven’t driven up the that spot to investigate though.

    I am appalled at how we just dig people up and build a gas station or a Wal-Mart. Maybe I am naive. I would love to know what happened to these people’s remains.

    I would love any suggestions as to what kind of research I could do. I have been online for hours and have gotten nowhere. I have only found info very old graves and sites that are intact.


    1. Donna, thanks for the question… it’s a good one! You’ll probably go to the city or county records and do a title search on previous owners of the property. I know the Kirkwood location, and I’m somewhat amused at the trouble that strip mall has had, keeping tenants. (Last time I saw it, a pawn shop had opened at the corner. That seemed very odd for that location. I mean there are multi-million dollar homes about two or three blocks away.) But, at some point when it was a cemetery, a church or other group owned the land. When you identify the owner, contact him/her/them and ask about the graves. Or, review old newspapers from the date when the land changed hands. There were probably stories about moving the graves. Then again, I’m not sure if a local historical society may know that info without even researching it.

      The Eldridge location may be more difficult, but with that I’d start with the nearest historical society… whatever town was there (wasn’t that land ownership affected by the reservoir?) has records, and you’ll need to find out who has the records now. I want to say that the town borders and names changed when the towns around Patterson Road were moved. A simple title search may answer the question about the Eldridge site, but since that’s probably been claimed as part of the Interstate property, I’m not sure if it’ll be as easy.

      Send me your mailing address, Donna. (Send it to Fiona at HollowHill.com) This question is so good, I’m going to add info to my upcoming cemeteries book. I’ll send you a free, autographed copy late in September, when the book is released.

  2. i want to do a paper on ghosts and i want to know if these pics are real because i am really interested in ghosts.

    1. Madison,

      Unless I clearly state otherwise, all photos at this website are real and not altered to look like “ghost photos.”

      Whether they’re actually ghosts is another question, and something that we can’t prove. However, photos — such as the unexplained orbs in the Katy photos — appear more frequently at haunted locations. In addition, the Katy depot has several ghost stories connected with it.

      So, those photos are as “real” as any ghost photos are likely to be. Nothing was faked in them; I always clearly state when something can be explained by normal phenomena, or when the photo has been altered to convey what we saw but could not photograph.

      Also, I’ve removed your age from your comment. Generally, it’s smart to be very careful when you’re online. Some people aren’t very nice in the ghost hunting field, and a few could be very (criminally) dangerous around teens and children.

      Fiona Broome

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