Houston, TX – Spaghetti Warehouse – Scary Guy’s Portrait

One legendary “haunted” Houston picture is actually a huge portrait that is displayed on the second floor of the haunted downtown restaurant, the Spaghetti Warehouse at 901 Commerce Street, Houston, Texas.  We started calling him “Mr. Creepy” and “scary guy,” almost as soon as we saw the portrait.

NOT the haunted portrait – This is President Wm. Taft.

It looks a lot like President William Howard Taft (March 4, 1909 – March 4, 1913), shown at right.  Many people have suggested that the haunted portrait is the late president, when he was younger.

A few of us have been trying to analyze the picture at the Spaghetti Warehouse, and cannot figure out why this portrait is so troubling. As you can see, we’ve tweaked the contrast and colors, and nothing clearly presents itself to us.

Sure, we can see the ‘bleeding eyes’ effect, but… we think there may be more than that.

If you can see anything especially odd in this photo, or explain why it’s giving some of our researchers nightmares, please comment, below.

The ghosts at the Spaghetti Warehouse are pleasant and playful; it’s not a scary place at all. However, this portrait is very odd, and we’d love to understand why it’s bothering us.

Thank you!

This is how the portrait really looks.

The following photos are modified versions. I created them with Photoshop, partly for fun.

Mostly, I was hoping to make sense of why a stained portrait should be so troubling. I mean, we see stained and damaged photos and artwork at many neglected haunted sites.

So, it doesn’t make much sense that an old picture should interest us so much, but… it does.

Inverted image — like a negative of the original.
Same photo, enhanced with blue.
Another version of that same photo, enhanced with red.


6 thoughts on “Houston, TX – Spaghetti Warehouse – Scary Guy’s Portrait”

  1. The warehouse is not a playful place. And you have it right that its not scary.. Its a lot more than that. Its sad, hes the founder and owner of The Spaghetti Warehouse.. No one goes to the 2nd floor because thats where he died. Supposedly he fell against the elevator shaft. But i still dont know, i’m still doing research and also planning a visit/ investigation there.

    That picture there, is an ordinary picture of the founder, that died. They keep it up there to keep memories. And that blood you see. Is his own. His blood splattered upon the portrait when he fell. I look at “the bleeding eyes” as tears. Hes trapped up there on the 2nd floor and because it feels like its “haunted” because hes trying to reach out to someone to get him to the other side. Same with his wife.

    Also on the 2nd floor is supposedly where he lived/ his room. But like i said, i still dont know for sure. Also on the inverted picture, it shows his mouth open and looks like hes crying. He’s alone, and he needs help. I know this sounds crazy but its true. I know more if you want to email me

    -Jenna Wilhelm

  2. I think….well i copied the pic ( sorry ) and enlarged it..then i studied it and i noticed…do you see how when u enlarge the photos you see in the right bottom side it looks like it has been burnt. thats something i saw..and in the red pix it looks like he is mad because when u look at the eyebrows they kind of go inwards and downwards at the same time. the A.C. photo (adjusted contrast) suprised me a bit because in the top left corner you see a pattern type thing, like the kind you would find on an old mirror. and i noticed that in the inverted colors photo it does look like he is crying. i think he was pushed down the elevator shaft, and then the elevator was brought to the first floor, crushing him. I got that from what looked to be scars above his right eyebrow and near his chin/neck area. I also come to believe that his soul..has been damned into that picture forever since, as i said before, the mirror like pattern looks to be as if it is on a mirror. i believe he is a poor innocent soul wanting to get out of that picture. i beleive if somebody helps him find something he has lost, that he will pass over peacefully. im going there on saturday night. wish me luck

  3. Awwww, I never knew the man in that photo was the owner. That is sad! 🙁 I wish I could help him and his wife get to the other side. I plan on going to the restaurant in about 2 weeks from now. I Love them, the man and his wife! I send them both hugs!

  4. well i go to spaghetti almost every day cuz my mom works there and i always go to the same corner and watch the picture for a while and if u really pay attention his eyes fallow u and some people say if u take a picture of him his eyes will turn red but im not sure about that but i will tell u i have experienced some stuff there!

  5. I went for the first time and there is a woman there, she watches over the place and I believe she can’t find her husband, the one that died. I have a photo with me pointing to her, in it you can see her and the orbs surrounding us. I did not sense a man there though.

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