Why Eden Camp Is Extraordinary… and Worrisome

Q. What could give a professional ghost hunter chills, just watching TV?

A. When it goes far beyond the usual frights, and gets personal – even sinister – with the investigation team.

That’s what I saw when Most Haunted visited Eden Camp, and – in my review – you’ll learn why their investigation troubled me.

Most Haunted’s first Eden Camp episode (2019) showed viewers that Eden Camp has consistent, low-level activity. That – plus some of my own research – convinced me that Eden Camp was worth a visit.

In fact, when Eden Camp Museum is open for ghost vigils (evening or overnight investigations), I recommend it… but ONLY if you’re okay with real ghosts.


Most Haunted - a review of the Eden Camp investigationWell, in the first Most Haunted segment from Eden Camp, several things impressed me. I felt like the Bungalow – investigated by Karl and Stuart – was one of the stars of the show.

It was more than just a building. Something is in there, and I’m not sure what it is… but it seems able to get inside your thoughts.

Eden Camp’s Bungalow

The bungalow – where Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell investigated – was a surprise.

It seemed the only location with an obvious, intelligent haunting.  That is, the spirit/s responded directly to what Karl and Stuart were saying.

The K-II responses, noises, and poltergeist-like activity were more reliable than most hauntings.

But, I was more interested in Stuart’s demeanor. For an experienced investigator, it seemed odd. And a little worrisome.

At times, he seemed deeply and personally concerned. To me, that personal connection practically shouted “active, sentient ghosts!”

For example, his facial expression was almost distressed when he said that – except that he was on an investigation – most people would run from that building and never look back.

(If he wasn’t aware of how distressed he seemed, someone needs to mention it to him.)

When a spirit makes an especially deep emotional impact on an investigator, that’s noteworthy.

If he returns there, I’d keep a close watch on Stuart at Eden Camp, because he may be more vulnerable than the other investigators.

I’d warn other investigators to protect their personal/emotional boundaries at Eden Camp, too. As we saw when something tried to separate Mary and Darren, a malicious entity might lurk at Eden Camp. 

Also, in Most Haunted’s second Eden Camp segment, I hope someone returned to the bungalow kitchen, and they set up multiple cameras to capture poltergeist activity and noises there. The amount of energy there… that was fascinating.

The Bicycle

In the bungalow, I think everyone was startled when the bicycle fell over. When it toppled a second time, though it had been carefully propped against the wall, that was especially odd.

The haunted bicycle at Eden Camp.

One reason the bicycle interests me is: it’s made of metal. From my research, metal objects – especially iron and steel – can hold considerable psychic energy.

Could a bicycle act as an antenna for EVP…? I have no idea. That seems a bit of a reach.

But – in this case – I’d definitely explore that possibility.

I’d also want to know if the bicycle belonged in the camp when POWs were there. Does the bicycle have residual energy from one person in particular?

The Cafeteria

In the second segment (airing 19 Jan 2019), I’m eager to see what the Most Haunted team discover in the cafeteria/dining hall. I was intrigued when Yvette Fielding and Glen Hunt commented that the cafeteria seemed “wrong.”

Since that room has a history of poltergeist-like activity – chairs moving, by themselves – that could be an interesting room to investigate.

Poltergeist Activity

Speaking of poltergeists, I think it’s brilliant to include new team member Mary, because she’s bright and thoughtful, and she seems to have nerves of steel, especially for someone new to these intense settings.

When two phenomena happened in opposite sides of the hut, Mary immediately realized the entity might be trying to separate team members from one another.

More young investigators, please.That was a very astute observation. And, in my opinion, it was accurate. I hope Mary continues to investigate with Most Haunted.

In addition, her age and gender could further fuel the energy used by poltergeists.

(From past studies, we know that women – especially teens  – are often connected with poltergeist activity.  Likewise, I’m sure gender was one reason that – at Eden Camp – Louise and Jenny saw the most startling, consistent poltergeist activity: the swinging door.)

An additional benefit to more young cast members like Mary is: the new generation of ghost hunters bring fresh viewpoints and attitudes. 

As an “old timer,” I’m mindful of the importance of experience. But, if that’s all we needed, we’d have more insights about hauntings. And have a better grasp of what ghosts are.

The Unasked Questions

I’ll admit that my own research – especially about the Romans – caused me to talk to the TV screen as I watched the first Eden Camp episode.

(And yes, I know that no one hears me when I talk to my TV. Nevertheless, I talk to the TV screen, saying what I would, had I been part of the investigation team.)

During the show, Yvette asked the ghosts “Are you German?” and “Are you Italian?”

Roman ghosts at Camp Eden MuseumThe only response she received was a negative one when she asked, “Are you English?”

That’s when I spoke to the TV screen insisting, “No, ask them if they’re Roman!”

To me, the singular response to the English question suggested Romans.

  • If they were German, they’d have responded “no” to both the question about being Italian and the one about being English.
  • And, if they were Italian: vice versa.

In my opinion, only the Romans would be vehement enough about the English to single out that nationality for a “no!” response.

But… maybe I’m reading too much into this. I tend to be very literal (and perhaps hyper-vigilant) when using real-time communications with ghosts.

And, to be fair, my own focus is a little narrow. After all, Yvette didn’t ask if the ghosts were Vikings or Norse, either.  And I haven’t researched their occupation of the Malton area, if there was any.

(Admittedly, I jumped on the Roman topic because York’s half-body ghosts have fascinated me. Vikings, etc…? Not so much.)

The Camp… or the Land Beneath It?

Seeing the wide range of low-level activity at the camp, I believe the land beneath the camp could be important. History suggests Roman occupation at the Eden Camp site.

That could explain why the ghosts said multiple people had died at the Eden Camp site. During Eden Camp’s POW years, only one person died there.

My guess is: those other deaths were Romans. Or other people who were on the Eden Camp property before it became a prisoner of war camp.

When you have widespread activity at a location, always consider the history of the property it’s on.

At Eden Camp, the team found evidence of:

  • Poltergeist activity, sometimes very physical and dramatic, throughout the camp.
  • The sound of footsteps – and some other anomalous noises – throughout the camp.
  • Shadows and shadow figures, inside and outdoors.
  • Intelligent hauntings, both in the bungalow, and when an entity tried to separate team members from one another.

The team did not seem to witness physical contact. No one was hit, pushed, or otherwise assaulted, even by thrown objects. So, I think physical danger is unlikely.

(I’m still concerned about the effects on Stuart, as well as the clever attempt to separate or isolate team members.)

Nevertheless, the extreme range of activity intrigues me. I’d like to know more about Eden Camp’s location – why it was placed there, and any known history of that particular site.  (For that, I might need local resources. Meanwhile, for additional articles at this website, I’m researching Eden Camp’s location with my personal library and the Internet.)

In the Eden Camp episode, I applaud Most Haunted for presenting a realistic, two-hour show.

Though Eden Camp is especially active, it was refreshing to see Most Haunted convey what real ghost hunts are like. I hope more ghost-related TV shows follow Most Haunted’s great example.

Here’s one brief video showing Eden Camp Museum in daylight:

Places to see in ( Yorkshire – UK ) Eden Camp

Places to see in ( Yorkshire – UK ) Eden Camp Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is a large Second World War-related museum near Malton in North Yorkshire…

That video is at https://youtu.be/h9zL8mF3xqQ

Read more at this website


2 thoughts on “Why Eden Camp Is Extraordinary… and Worrisome”

  1. Haven’t been able to find it anywhere, so can’t comment other than to say that it sounds interesting. I bet watching ghost hunting shows with you would be fun. It would be like two shows. The ghost hunting show + Fiona watches a ghost hunting show. Two for the price of one!
    I guess this review is an abridged version of that. 😀

    1. Ksennia, thank you!

      I watch the shows with our Roku device. We subscribed to the UK-TV channel (not the actual UKTV, but a clone) when it was available through the Roku Store. The Roku Store no longer offers it – and it won’t play on some Roku devices – though we’re still able to watch the channel for $1.99/month. (This is live TV, not on-demand. So, we have to be at the TV when “Most Haunted” airs.)

      If that ever fails, some Florida stores offer a streaming box that includes the real UKTV, using – I think – some alternate ways of connecting to the paid service.

      Older seasons are available through streaming services, including Netflix and Amazon Prime. Some are better than others, but every “Most Haunted” I’ve seen has been entertaining… if not entirely accurate in terms of how often (and how dramatically) things happen during a typical investigation.

      Especially since late 2018, Yvette & her team have been moving in the direction of shows that portray ghost hunting as it really is. (I kind of love that, if only to support researchers’ credibility in this field.)

      So, she has a fairly large team, and the camera goes from one person (or team of two or three) to the next, wherever activity occurs.

      That keeps the audience interested while Yvette’s other team members are just waiting for something – anything – to happen. She’s steering things away from the idea that in “real haunted sites,” something happens every few minutes… because that’s rare.

      (However, from the looks of it, the Camp Eden bungalow might be among those exceptions. I think the entire should could have featured just Karl and Stuart, with all the weird things that happened in the bungalow.)

      Higgypop seem to have access to the new shows, and summarizes them. Here’s their article about the first Eden Camp episode: https://www.higgypop.com/news/eden-camp-part-one/ and you’ll find the second episode (airing next Friday, 18 Jan) at https://www.higgypop.com/news/eden-camp-part-two/. (Yes, I’m envious that they get early access to the shows.)

      And now I realized I’d scheduled a meeting on the 18th, which means I’ll need to reschedule that (if I can), or I’ll miss the second half of the Eden Camp investigation, until I find it somewhere else. * sigh * Really, it’d be a lot simpler to move to England and have legal, on-demand access to my favorite TV shows. LOL


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