Wilton, NH – Vale End Cemetery, Wilton – Possible Demons

vale-sarahDemons…? At Vale End Cemetery…?

I used to laugh at this idea.

In November 1999, our research focused on haunted Gilson Road Cemetery.

I wrote the following report in 2000:

One night when our team was at Gilson Road Cemetery for an investigation, one of our photographers – Noreen, my closest personal friend – brought her teenaged daughter, Alice, with her.

(Note: Names have been changed for privacy.)

We had a mixed group that night, including believers and skeptics, new researchers and experienced ghost hunters. A few teens were with us.

The investigation went fairly well, with many manifestations and psychic experiences. It wasn’t especially scary. However, some people became frightened, including my friend’s daughter.

A side trip to ‘safe’ Vale End Cemetery

On their way home, Noreen and Alice stopped at Vale End Cemetery in Wilton, NH. According to Noreen, her plan was to take Alice to a comfortable, familiar cemetery near their home, so she’d feel better about the evening. Besides, Noreen wanted more photos.

They parked the car near the middle of the cemetery, as most of us do when we’re at Vale End. (Remember, this was 1999. From what I’ve heard, the parking area has been moved — or perhaps filled-in, for graves — in the past 10+ years.  I won’t be returning there to check it out.)

The “Blue Lady” gravestone.

And, they strolled towards The Blue Lady‘s headstone. (That’s it, on the right.)

Noreen mentioned being near an attorney’s headstone (identified by the ‘Esq.’ notation on the marker), when something dark seemed to come up out of the ground. She couldn’t tell what it was.

Alice ran in terror back to the car. As Noreen described the scene, she said that something screamed through Alice.

They drove away in such haste, a branch took their outside mirror right off the car.

Some time later that night, Alice called me at home. Fortunately, I was still awake.

She was terrified, and asked if anything follows people home from cemeteries.

I assured her that no, nothing follows you home. If ghosts could leave where they were, they probably wouldn’t be haunting.

A victim of haunted Vale End?

Five days later, Noreen – Hollow Hill’s lead photographer – was found dead as she sat in her car in a busy parking lot in Wilton. Her death must have been sudden, or she’d have hit the horn on the car to get attention. Noreen was the epitome of common sense.  She was also a very physically fit woman, and younger than me.

The hospital declared it a heart attack, and I thought nothing more about the odd circumstances. Mostly, I missed my good friend.

Looking back, if I could have prevented them from visiting Vale End that night… I would have.  And, I wouldn’t have treated Alice’s concerns so lightly.

However, for several months after my friend Noreen’s death, I refused to believe that tragedy had anything to do with ghost hunting.

A terrifying ghost vigil

The following spring, some of us began keeping vigil at Vale End Cemetery, hoping to see the Blue Lady.

One night, four of us were at the cemetery, chatting. Nothing dramatic was going on, although I’d measured some significant EMF levels near the large evergreen just north of the Blue Lady grave.

We were about to call it a night as darkness fell, when I decided to stroll over to the Blue Lady’s headstone for some last-minute photos… just in case.

I was feet away from the attorney’s stone that Noreen had mentioned, when I spotted what I’ve since called ‘a little Grover guy’ about two or three feet from me. (Today, I might call him a little Elmo guy.)

He was short, between two and three feet tall. He looked like he was covered with fur, and disproportionately skinny like Grover.

I paused, startled, but decided to keep walking. After all, if the Grover guy – who was a vivid shade of red* – hadn’t bothered me yet, he probably wouldn’t. And, the figure seemed more amusing than anything to inspire fear.

Then, I walked into something like a force field from Star Trek.  It felt as if I’d hit a glass wall, but there wasn’t anything there.

My story continues at Fear at Vale End Cemetery.

*People have asked why I don’t describe him as “Elmo.” Well, Elmo wasn’t a popular Sesame Street character at that point. Also, Elmo doesn’t have the same distinctively long, skinny arms that Grover has. So, I describe the figure as a “red Grover guy.”

7 thoughts on “Wilton, NH – Vale End Cemetery, Wilton – Possible Demons”

  1. I enjoy your podcasts and ghost-hunting experiences immensely. One minor note on the description above where you discuss the attorney’s headstone. It was very common–up to the late 19thC., especially in England but also common in America–to give the title “Esquier” to any person who would otherwise be called a gentemen. I’m not sure when the word began to be used as an honorific term for attorneys, but that usage probably dates from the early 20thC.

    On a more important note–I see why you might be hesitant in discussing this event.

    Best regards.

    1. Thanks, Steve!

      The stones noted “Esq.” are rare at Vale End. That’s one reason why my friend Nancy was so sure about which stone she’d been near.

      Generally, people around Wilton were involved in agriculture, and I think that may be one reason why that headstone seems unusual.

      However, you’re absolutely right about Esquire being a term used for attorneys and anyone else noted as a “gentleman.” My copy of the Oxford American Dictionary says, as the third definition, “A title allowed by courtesy to all who are regarded as gentlemen. In the U.S. it belongs officially to lawyers and public officers, and is freely used in the addresses of letters.” That particular use is dated to 1552.

      The 1824 definition is, “A gentleman who attends or escorts a lady in public.” Of course, back then the words lady, gentleman and escort all had slightly different meanings than what we think of, today.


      1. Fiona, I didn’t head warnings about vale cemetary. I should have. Others’ warnings made me want to go more. BAD LUCK. Hope I survive it. Seriously.

  2. Does anybody ever get a strong odor of booze at or near this cemetery ? Myself and 2 others did tonight, a strong odor like somebody that was on a 3 day bender was right there with us. We also felt extremely light headed and nauseated and a strong urge to leave but a crazy urge to stay. What do the local cops do if they catch you?

    1. Hi, Brian! I’ve heard that others smell alcohol at that cemetery. But, for all I know, it’s residue from people partying up there.

      I definitely recognize the leave/stay sensation. I think that bothered me more than anything. My general rule is: if I feel like I should leave (especially if it’s a strong sensation), I should leave immediately. Anything that tries to compel me to stay, after that… it could be malicious. And insidious.

      As far as the penalties for being there, it’ll depend on the police and your conversation with them. You could be charged with trespassing or – if vandals have been there, recently – suspicion of malicious mischief. How strictly that’s enforced, and what happens next… I have no idea. I’ve warned people about going there for bigger, more dangerous reasons. Seriously, the cops could be the least of your worries.

      Sincerely, Fiona

    2. Hey Fiona,
      i went here in 2014-2015, with my two friends, & when I say Marys grave, I sat there alone while they explored, & I cried. Not from fear, but for sorrow for her & her story. When we walked in i saw this little black stuffed puppy on a grave, & i remeber it creeped me out, how black the eyes were, & when we finally left, it had moved to two graves beside hers. We were the only ones there. It still haunts me to this day, but i want to know so mucb more about this place, but i feel physically sick just thinking about going back.

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