Wilton, NH – Vale End Cemetery Frights

vale end cemetery
One haunted grave at Vale End Cemetery, Wilton, NH.

Ghosts and demons are two different things. Demons are generally spirits that have never been human, and they are characterized as evil… perhaps pure evil, if there is such a thing.

They are very rare at hauntings. In over 20 years of research, I’d never encountered one before.

The following continues my story from a chilling Vale End investigation.

As I paused at what seemed to be an invisible force field at haunted Vale End Cemetery in Wilton, NH, I knew that I was right next to something profoundly evil and wholly without a conscience. This was an entity that had never been human, and he viewed me as prey.

I was certain that the Grover guys – I could now see what seemed like dozens of them – worked for this entity. They weren’t evil themselves, but had a, “Sure, why not?” kind of attitude.  I have  no idea why I thought that or was so certain of the hierarchy.

This experience was so foreign to me, I can remember thinking, “Okay, I’m going to take a few photos and then get out of here.”

I’m not someone who runs away from ghosts, and I didn’t plan to abandon this vigil without taking a few more photos.

Demons, caught on film?

As I raised my camera and looked through the viewfinder, the red Grover guys seemed to multiply. When my camera clicked, I saw three of them clearly outlined by the flash. They were emerging from behind Mary Ritter Spaulding’s headstone, and I swear they looked like they were doing the “walk like an Egyptian” dance.

Yes, my sense of humor kicks in at the weirdest times, and this was one of them. I said to my friends, who were standing – wide-eyed with fear – far behind me in the cemetery, “Good. I’m sure that I’ve got them on film.”

That’s when I realized that I was in danger. It was like a bolt of lightning had struck feet from me.  I ran for my car and didn’t even put on my seatbelt until I reached the gate. I floored it, to get away. My friends followed suit.

I was about ten miles away before I felt that whatever-it-was had stopped following me. And, I was terrified, because I didn’t want to die.

Is that what killed Noreen?

I may never know if this is what my friend, Noreen, experienced. She was dead less than a week after she encountered whatever-it-is.  (It was a sudden and mysterious death.)

This remains the only time I’ve been truly frightened during hundreds of ghost hunts.

Obviously, I survived this experience. But, the story doesn’t end there.

Blank, black photos… except one

When my film was developed, every frame but one was black.  I had been so sure the Grover guys would show up, I was baffled by the all-black pictures.

On the one photo that had an image, I saw a vivid red shape, the same color as the Grover guys. I thought it was just a strange design.

Another researcher who’d been with me that night, looked at the photo and raised an eyebrow.

She turned the photo 180 degrees.  Then, she said that it looked like the classic image of Satan.

She was right.  Oh, I thought that was a slight stretch, but I could see why she seemed so certain.

A couple of days later, after a series of odd events connected with the film and the photos, I gave the negatives and prints to someone who was eager to own them.

I wanted the film, the prints, and everything connected with it, to stay far away from my family and me.

The evil lingers

On subsequent trips even near Wilton, I could feel that same evil presence nearby, menacing. This feeling continued for two years and then – for no particular reason-stopped.

Other researchers heard about my experience, and confirmed their similar encounter with whatever’s at Vale End.

And, oddly enough, at a ghost conference, I heard that there’s a spirit at a haunted prison (in Ohio?) that’s described as a Grover-type figure.

But, what really alarmed me was when I met demonologist John Zaffis, and saw some of his startling photos. One of them contained the exact same red, satanic image.

I have no idea what to think of all this. At the time, I didn’t believe in demons in the traditional sense.  I’ve never seen anything like the little Grover guys since then, either. Were they “demons,” too? That’s outside my field of study.

I no longer scoff at the idea of demons.  And, I stay far away from anything related to them.

Two more visits, with one big scare

Obviously, I’m still ghost hunting. And, I did return to Vale End twice more, but only during daytime hours.

Once was to show another team of researchers where different events had happened. They did not have a similar encounter, and their investigation was inconclusive.

Another time, I was filming a segment for a regional TV show.  I’m not sure what the cameraman saw through his eyepiece, but – whatever it was – it terrified him.  He jumped into our van, started the engine, and floored it.

Once we were a few miles outside Wilton, he said he’d seen something through the viewfinder that just wasn’t possible.  And, after saying that, he refused to talk about it.

He was a news cameraman, for heaven’s sake. He’d seen lots of horrifying things.

But something at Vale End scared him badly. I haven’t forgotten the color of his face and the look in his eyes as he said he’d never go back there.

Stay safe

Ghost hunting is supposed to be fun or at least interesting. When it starts being scary and the fun goes out of it, it’s time to do something different.

I’m glad that the police patrol Vale End Cemetery steadily after dark, to prevent others from visiting it. And, I firmly recommend that no one go there for a ghost hunt.

Yes, there are ghosts in that cemetery, including the alluring Blue Lady.

However, in my opinion, the risks aren’t worth it. Look for ghosts elsewhere. Something at Vale End is not a ghost, and it could be lethal.

Note: I spoke about Vale End at Dragon Con 2007. Other than that, I prefer not to discuss the subject.  I’m not an expert on demons and I’m reluctant to use that term to describe anything… even the chilling entity at Vale End.

Frankly, I still think the Grover-guys looked hilariously funny.  In any other context, I’d recommend the cemetery, in case you might see them, too.

Skeptics, joke at your peril

I am aware that another New Hampshire “ghost hunter” – more of an entertainer than a serious researcher – has gone out of her way to ridicule my experiences at Vale End. (You don’t need to email me about this. Someone first told me about it about a year after the critical post appeared.)

Her main criticism…?  Things that had changed in the 10 years between my report and when she visited the cemetery.  The parking area has been moved. Really, that was her leading attack on my research…?


Then, she misrepresented what I’ve said about Vale End, the Grover guys, and so on.

She’s not the first to try to use my name as a career-booster.  That’s okay.  She’s having fun being a self-parody.

Most people can tell the difference between that and serious, academic research, and there’s plenty of room is this field for both.

All I can say is this: I hope she never has a reason to regret treating Vale End lightly.

You may also be interested in my notes about Vale End and Pukwudgies.

22 thoughts on “Wilton, NH – Vale End Cemetery Frights”

  1. That was a very interesting story I never heard anything like that or experience anything like that. I hope someday we could meet and talk and maybe go there sometime. Check out my website and sign my guest book…. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dave, but I will never go back to Vale End cemetery. It’s a great location, but I’m interested in ghosts; whatever’s causing problems up there… in my opinion, it’s not a ghost. One of my researchers died within days of visiting Vale End, and this research isn’t worth risking my life.

  2. May I ask, what is your reason for not talking about it? or writing more? If you don’t feel comfortable answering even that, i understand. I’m extremely interested in hearing what you have to say though.

    1. Anthony,

      The more I talk about Vale End, the more people seem to go there, despite my warnings. It’s like they don’t believe me, or don’t take me seriously. (Either way, it’s not flattering.)

      When I had more info online, the emails were awful, as other people encountered something at Vale End that terrified them for years after their visits. I had warned them… why didn’t they believe me? (And what was I supposed to say? “I told you so”?) It was very frustrating.

      But mostly, this website is about ghosts and haunted places. Though Vale End also seems to be haunted, what people usually ask about… well, that wasn’t a ghost. I’m not sure what it was, but it wasn’t a ghost. So, that information doesn’t really belong here, and I don’t want to encourage people to visit Vale End for thrills. I can’t have that on my conscience.


  3. I’m a big fan of hallow hill but why is the email address required? Second of all, its pretty strange how the cemetery is so active with spirits. I wonder why people want to go to a cemetery with demons any way? Its pretty obvious that demons aren’t the friendliest of spirits, ghosts I would truly understand but demons? really? I don’t understand some people.

    1. Hi Jared,

      The email address is required so I have at least a vague idea about the identity of the person. (I’m less likely to take someone seriously if he or she posts with an email address of “[email protected]’re so stupid.com”.) In addition, if the question reflects a dangerous situation, I’m able to contact the person directly and refer them to appropriate help.

      I don’t understand why people what to go somewhere that they may be in serious personal danger, but… well, this field attracts all kinds of people for a variety of reasons.

      Likewise, I think that some locations are frequented by entities who are looking for unhealthy people, and want to prey upon them. Vale End may be one of those locations.


  4. Fiona,
    One of the best things about living in places like New England is also the worst… there is a lot of bad juju in some places. I had been interested in the Blue Lady having many NH dwelling friends but after reading your story… OH. HECK. NO. Not going there. EVER. You couldn’t pay me.

    I lived in both New Orleans & Valley Forge for a time so I’m a believer to the utmost degree if not I would have had thought I was insane, clearly. I’m not I just believe.

    It breaks my heart to hear of your friend I am truly sorry for your loss and for her daughters loss as well- my father passed suddenly, out of the blue in high health at 48. I was 16. It might be why I’m so open but in truth I just take Shakespeare to heart. “There are more things on Heaven and Earth”.

    I want to thank you for your story, and I appreciate your willingness to talk. I am hoping to do more hunting now that I’ve settled where I have but I alas don’t know any haunted history of my immediate area and if one more person says “ZOMG the Borden House” I might spit.

    All the best to you,

  5. I grew up in Wilton NH since I was 13. My closest dearest friend lived down the road on a old civil war trail, her grandfather was also buried at Vale end. We visited quite often almost multiple times a week, day and night. I also visited the so called blue ladys house, cant be sure if it was actually hers but thats what all the kids I went to school with were saying. Yes I was trespassing but in a small town with nothing else to do, you need some adventure. The woods up here are filled with them. I can tell you for sure, the blue lady is the least interesting thing up there. Never encountered the so called blue light, but I know for sure their is something definitely evil and it tries to lure you to the woods. All around the woods up there is an evil presence. It looks as though the woods just change apperence as soon as you get close to the old town center. Also I found it disturbing how many young children are buried up there.
    A few experience I remember from 13 to in my early 20s, is sitting up by the end of the road at Vale end, probably almost midnight, with my girlfriends, and seeing multiple shadows peeking out from behind the trees almost playing hide and seek. On time mid afternoon in the far left corner going towards the reservoir we heard a growling from the woods and went exploring to find nothing. I got so use to feeling this since of spirits up there, it was almost like visiting old friends. But sometimes, you feel sick and a urgency to leave, and that something is rushing up all around you. Ive gone there many times, too many to count, sometimes its fine. Others times Ive had to leave immediately.

    1. Jennifer,

      Regarding the shadows peeking out, as if playing hide and seek. I’m wondering if they’re the same as the “Grover guys” I saw, but my perception was different because I was just feet away, it was barely dusk (so there was still some daylight), and I was looking through my camera viewfinder.

      – Fiona

  6. Also on another note, If you think of going up there to vandelize or liter, the cops do check. Ive been caught many times. And this town is very tight nit. We love our town and it history, so dont come here and disrespect.

  7. I looked further on any other stories you wrote for Vale end, and was disappointed about a brief note about “Stupid Students of NH” Like I have said I live in this town, Ive been there so many times. I never seen a demon, I did feel a presence. But I cannot believe this article.

    1. Jennifer,

      Thanks for your comments about Wilton and Vale End. I especially like it that you reminded people about the police visiting the cemetery often.

      I’m glad that you don’t believe the article. I know how absolutely fictional it sounds. If I hadn’t been there to witness what I did, I’d think the Grover guys, the invisible wall, and so on… it sounds completely preposterous. The night Noreen’s daughter called me, terrified by what they’d encountered at Vale End, I shook my head after I hung up the phone. I actually chuckled, saying something like, “Wow. They’re worried that something follows you home, as if that could really happen.”

      When someone doesn’t believe what I wrote, I’m kind of relieved. That’s one less person who’s encountered whatever it is.

      Of course, I don’t like it when someone makes fun of me — though, since I didn’t believe Noreen or her daughter, at the time, I can understand a little “payback,” karma, or whatever you want to call it.

      But, you weren’t laughing at me. You just don’t believe it, and that’s fine with me. Except that I’m convinced that something dangerous is up there (sometimes, anyway) — something I want to warn people about — I wouldn’t have posted a story that sounds so completely preposterous from start to finish. It’s the kind of story that could demolish my credibility in a blink… except that it’s true. I wish that I was making it up or exaggerating. I wish it was something I could shrug off as a delusion, the power or suggestion, the product of exhaustion, or anything else that’s logical.

      I also wish that, when I talked about it at Dragon*Con, several folklore experts hadn’t approached me later. Each of them explained that they were pretty sure what it was, and it’s something described in similar terms in… well, I don’t remember whether it was South American or Central American lore. Each of them were really excited because they thought whatever-it-was was long gone from our planet, or hidden deep in jungles. It was as if I’d just told them that a rare species wasn’t extinct, after all.

      Really, I’d be happier thinking that at least half of what happened was a product of my imagination. Each of those guys — talking to me individually — seemed to know the (Incan?) terms for each of the phenomena I’ve tried to describe. Sure, the best I could do was to describe the events in Sesame Street and Star Trek terms, but they recognized the story elements anyway. That was kind of disturbing.

      What troubles me the most are the emails I receive from people who say, “I didn’t take you seriously. I went up to Vale End anyway. Now, I regret it and I want to know… does this ever stop?”

      Sure, I went to Vale End many times and had no problems there. There was a little creepy energy in a few spots, but nothing that worried me.

      All it took was that one encounter — an experience that I know sounds crazy-as-a-loon when I describe it — and my attitude towards Vale End (and a few other aspects of paranormal research) changed.

      I truly hope that you, and everyone else who reads this article, don’t believe my story… ever.

      As long as people stay away from Vale End, even if it’s only because they’re worried about the police showing up, I’m happy.

      There are plenty of other great cemeteries to investigate, where people aren’t at risk.

      For all I know, what I (and others) encountered at Vale End is something that shows up for 10 minutes, once a year. I hope so.

      All I know is: The risks aren’t worth it.


  8. Thanks for getting me back Fiona, and I’m glad you understood that I was not trying to disrespect you. I DO believe there is something going on up there. I love to dig into any history I can dig up about this town. I adore Wilton and to me its special and unique. But I just never seen anything that I couldn’t put any logic into or shrug off as something minor, like “maybe my eyes where playing tricks on me”. I guess I was always looking for something legit, but never really found it, or possibly didn’t know what to look for.
    I believe what you saw probably has put allot of stress in your life, especially after publishing it on here and at conventions. Dealing with so many people who are out to embarrass you or the people who test your account for themselves and the guilt you must feel for their safety. If we can think Angels are among us, there must be demons as well. I just never witnessed anything of that sort up there in my many visits.
    I remember the night of the shadows, pretty well, I remember it was a full moon and clears skys. No detail to these shadow but they were pretty close and about 4 feet in height. I like to think it was the children in the cemetery playing and being curious. Of course I’m a mother of two now and no longer travel up there, unless to the Wilton falls.
    With the three homes so close by, just wondering if you ever try to talk to them investigate about any experiences they might of had?
    My experiences was well over a decade ago. Putting my old experiences together and with what I have heard from other ghost hunters, there are a few things that could tie themselves together. But I guess the safer bet is to choose that everything is what you want it to be. If you look for something hard enough, I guess you will find it.
    I believe in ghosts and almost every old house Ive lived in since moving up to New Hampshire, has been from 300 years old to as young as 150 years. I always felt different about my ghostly roommates from each house. Just recently I moved and for the first time… I dont feel haunted! My ten year old dog has confirmed that for me. No more barking at empty corners of the ceiling or other strange behavior.
    I understand if Wilton is a “Do Not Return” do to your experience. But if you ever do, I would love to help you any way I can with any knowledge I have. Thanks again for your response.

    1. excuse me I meant to say almost 300 years old. I lived at the first homestead in Hillsboro, once abandon from Indian invasions. Very creepy place, refused to be there alone. Built in 1736.

  9. Jennifer,
    I have been to Vale End and I saw almost exactly what you saw. I saw the grover guys. I did some research and they are called Gremels, The Grover is a figure that physically harms you. The Gremels Have the ability to drain the use of anything electrical, when I drove by the first time when i was 8 Our car stalled and we had to push it until it started again.

    1. Anthony,

      Thank you SO much for this information. Several researchers have made vague references to some South American entities that fit the “Grover guy” description, but I’ve never heard more from them. Those researchers suggested that I was wise to warn people about the risks, but I got the idea that the possible entities are a range of creatures that are complex and dangerous.

      So, to have a name for one possibly related entity group… that’s great.

      Thanks again!


  10. I made the mistake of frightening myself on halloween by ghost hunting with my mother and aunt at Vale End. We lived a few towns over and heard about it but had NO IDEA about demonic things…Just the Blue Lady. When we went there, we felt a bit uneasy but managed to catch a few pictures. After a few minutes,our cell phones and cameras went dead at the same time (we thought maybe it was a coincidence).We all felt like we were going to be hurt and felt pinned to my mother’s car.. That’s when we left as quickly as possible. We looked at some pictures later and also got a weird redness! I’ve been occasionally searching about Vale End to figure out if other people have had similar experiences and to see if there are some ideas of what those things are. I heard that some entities drain electrical things to manifest (scared me about the cellphones; I hope that was just a coincidence) It is one of my most frightening memories. I will never ever go there again.

  11. Oh I believe your story. There are all sorts of enities both good and evil. A lot of people think ghost hunting is fun,but you really don’t know what you will encounter. If you gut tells you to leave,then leave. It’s good you warn people away from there,as you don’t want something terrible to happen to them.And I’m sorry to hear about your friend.
    I’m curious though, since the police patrol the cemetery at night, have they ever encountered this whatever it is?
    I guess maybe they drive around the perimiter rather than walk through it.

    1. Holly, the police I’ve talked with (off the record) won’t go in there at night, except in a car, and never alone. They simply shine their spotlight on areas where they think people may be, and use their loudspeaker system to tell the intruders to leave.

      The police leave the car to talk with (and sometimes detain) people if they absolutely, positively won’t leave, or if they’re recognized as repeat offenders.

      I wouldn’t go back there for any reason.

  12. Fiona,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences at Valero End and for your efforts to warn others not to go there.I have heard of several instances of people going to a cemetery and having something follow them home.My son and I have talked about going to a cemetery not too far from my house at night but lately I have been having reservations about doing this.Anyway,I look forward to reading more of your material.

  13. One problem today is that so many
    people think of good and evil only as a force, so being devoid of “intention” they don’t believe it can hurt them. I was raised Roman Catholic where Satan and his angels are real entities who come to rob, kill and destroy. You don’t have to believe for it to harm you. They are pursing their agenda and don’t care about people. People like that are always seeking the next thrill and ignore the possibility of consequences. I enjoyed your course and writings and appreciate that you take time to respond to your emails. I live in Western Pennsylvania and the whole area has a creepy vibe like many places in New England. I’ve also seen the little guys. I think they are imps, familiars conjured by black magic practitioners for the purpose of protecting their turf. They dont want you there and and terror is the effect of it.
    I have a question for you. Have you ever seen a spirit that was 2 dimensional, looked like a cardboard cutout? How about spirits that looked like zombies?

    1. Hi, Kit!

      It’s good to hear from you. I’m not surprised that you’ve sensed and seen some odd things in that part of Pennsylvania. I think many of those imps and creepy things arrived with miners from Wales.

      The fae folk of Wales, and the possibility that the Formorians or Fir Bolg went to Wales from Ireland… well, they can be unattractive. If they can shape-shift – perhaps within the limits of their realm – I’d expect them to think zombie-like shapes were a good idea.

      I haven’t seen anything that was an actual human-ish figure that was two dimensional, but I have seen some odd, flat-ish shadow figures. However, I haven’t seen enough of them to speak with authority.

      With the intensely hostile emotions in today’s global society, and the apparent empowerment of those with uncharitable intents, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re attracting entities that thrive on anger, rage, and bitterness.

      Manifesting in physical form (or something like it), I’d guess that anything is possible. Whether they’re actually as malicious as they appear… that’s another issue. At the moment, I don’t have any reason to believe the number of physically dangerous entities has increased.

      That said, I avoid anything dark, shadowy, or angry, and anything that may have hostile or harmful intentions.

      Be careful. If something has no conscience – or none that we’d recognize in our world – it can put you at great risk. (Of course, you know that, but I figured it’s worth repeating for others who read this.)


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