Hollis, NH – Blood cemetery – what the ghost wanted?

On November 1, 1999, I returned to Blood Cemetery in Hollis. I planned to take a few more photos, although I hadn’t captured any anomalies since my earliest visits to the cemetery.

While I was at the cemetery, I checked the name on the short headstone that the ghost had vanished into, on my earlier visit. (That had been the evening before Halloween.)

The stone belonged to Eldridge Jewett, b. April 28, 1856, d. April 2, 1924.

At the top of his headstone, there were the three links of a chain, which usually signify someone who was a member of the Masonic Lodge, or a similar men’s organization.

However, the stone next to this one caught my attention:

On an earlier to Blood Cemetery, I’d noticed that a small headstone had been knocked over. I’d picked it up, hoping to find a way to prop it up. However, when I saw the swarming maggots in the soil beneath it, my stomach lurched and I’d dropped the headstone.

I can recall commenting to my daughter, “Poor little thing,” as I felt sorry for the grave… but not sorry enough to look at those insects again.

When I was at Blood Cemetery on November 1st (1999), I saw that someone else had picked up the headstone, too. This time, the stone was flat on the ground, but with the inscription facing upwards so I could read it: It was the son of Eldridge Jewett, who lived a mere six months from May 1870 to November 1870. He’s described only as the “Son of Eldridge and Clara L. Jewett.”

However, someone had stuck an American flag in his grave.

Many graves in this cemetery have American flags, and they indicate where a veteran is buried.

However, the baby who’d been buried here certainly wasn’t a veteran, and the dates on his father’s headstone (which had no flag) suggested that Eldridge Jewett may have served in World War I.

I moved the flag from the child’s grave to his father’s plot, a few feet away.

When I returned home, I checked the photographs from the day I thought I saw a cat (or a ghost) vanish into the senior Jewett’s headstone.

Sure enough, the American flag had been at the child’s grave then, too.

If I did see a ghost, it seems likely that someone from “the other side” wanted to catch my attention. I hope they merely wanted me to move the flag back to its correct location.

Perhaps some ghosts visit our world because they have a very small task to complete. Observant people can help them by paying attention to “odd” things that happen; one of them may be a ghost trying to get your attention.

As I review this several years later, I still believe that Eldridge Jewett wanted the flag moved to its correct location.

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