Houston, TX – Addicks Bear Creek Cemetery orbs


Addicks Bear Creek Cemetery, Houston, TX
Sign at Addicks Bear Creek Cemetery, Houston, TX

We visited the Addicks Bear Creek cemetery on Saturday evening, May 13th, 2006 with the Texas Paranormal Meetup group.

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We found no elevated EMF readings and no conclusive EVP during our May 2006 visit.


The following photo is typical of the few orb photos that we took during our investigation.

We’ve analyzed the three apparent anomalies using numbers to indicate them.

Orbs at Addicks Bear Creek Cemetery, Houston, TX

1. This orb is too bright, opaque, and irregular to be a ‘ghost orb’. It is probably an insect. I’m not sure whether the light area on or in front of the upright monument is natural or an anomaly.

2. This is probably an insect or a reflection of the orb indicated by #1. It may be a genuine anomaly–it is a circle and translucent–but with the light in the background and the vivid, buglike orb nearby, we have to discount it.

3. This is probably an insect, or it may be a distant light.

It’s possible that this cemetery is haunted, but we saw little evidence of it in May 2006.

Further investigations, especially around Halloween, might be more productive. The moved bodies plus unmarked graves suggest that some hauntings are likely. We just didn’t find much evidence to support that.

However, despite its convenience, this doesn’t seem to be a ‘hot spot’ for ghost research. Nearby Patterson Road is vastly better.

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  1. Tou were at the newer cemetery where they relocated the graves to. The original one is within the park and is a hike through the woods. I was on a paranormal team back in the day. Never saw anything but the history ofnitnis really cool. I still live next door to the park.

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