Using Tarot Cards to Contact Ghosts

Tarot cards are a divinatory tools. Some psychics, mediums, and ghost hunters use them on investigations.

I recommend not using them.

I don’t question whether they can work. In the past, I’ve seen responses with surprising accuracy.

Don't use Tarot cards on ghost huntsInstead, I question their safety, and whether they’re even necessary for our research. After all, we can get clearer and more precise responses with tools like a ghost box, Ovilus, Puck, and so on.

My concern is this: In recent years, we’ve seen problems with some divinatory tools.

Some people – even those with previous experience – have been subject to spiritual attack by malicious entities.

I don’t mean angry ghosts; we deal with them regularly.

I mean things we might describe as demons, fallen angels, and so on.

Take this issue seriously. 

I’m not sure what door has been opened and how. In general, Tarot cards are best as a focus for meditation or as collectible artwork.

While ghost hunting, I prefer to try to contact the ghosts by talking out loud to them, and then using real-time communication tools such as EMF meters (on/off answers), Ovilus and Puck devices, or real-time EVP tools.

Yes, Tarot cards can be used to contact spirits.  However, it is never necessary to use divinatory tools for ghost research, especially tools that can open doors that lead to… well, we don’t really know what.

In the past, I thought Tarot cards were a fine secondary tool for supporting research.  That was before 2005, when we first noticed increased demon reports.

Then, around 2008, demonic reports surged.

Now, I won’t use tools that require (or can easily lead to) some internalization.  In other words, if the tool can be propped up and work without any physical contact, I’m okay with them.

If the divinatory tool requires someone, on-site, to handle it to work – such as Tarot cards, Ouija boards, etc. – I think the risks are too great.

We have plenty of other ghost hunting tools – including ghost boxes, Ovilus and Puck devices, ghost radar, etc. – that don’t require anyone to act as a physical conduit to the other side.

Avoid risks when you can.

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