Summoning Spirits?

Often, ghost hunters ask me how to ask spirits to appear.  It’s a common challenge for investigators.

novalight-green-150wIf it’s a residual energy haunting, that’s a matter of timing.

If you’re in the right place at the right time, you might:

  • See the shadows or other “impressions” of ghosts.
  • Note an increase in spectral energy (as EMF, dowsing rod or pendulum activity).
  • Capture chilling EVP recordings.

Any of those can occur when the haunting is simply residual energy.

However,  the challenges are greater if you want to meet an actual ghost.  Ghosts may be “dead” but they’re still people, and many of them are as difficult as petulant children and cranky adults.

Keep the following points in mind if you hope to summon — and encounter  — real ghosts.


Remember that ghosts aren’t there to entertain you, and they aren’t your servants.  Generally, you can’t order them around.

Treat ghosts with the same respect and patience you’d use with any other stranger.

Expect ghosts to have the same characteristics as the living.  Some will be shy.  Others will be friendly.  Many of them are angry — that’s why they’re still here — and some may be belligerent or threatening.


Study history. For the best results, you must understand the ideas and attitudes of each ghost. Those were formed by the politics, spiritual beliefs, folklore, and cultural standards during your ghost’s lifetime.

Treat ghosts like visitors from a distant country.  Be polite and respect their beliefs and standards.  There is no good excuse for bullying a ghost. (Also, be sure no one on your team is venting his or her own bullying impulses, using the excuse of “provoking.”)

Your clothing or language may shock or confuse ghosts.  Your attitudes may baffle them.  They may refuse to communicate with you until “properly” introduced.

Some male ghosts ignore female ghost investigators or are hostile towards them.

Some female ghosts worry that it’s “too forward” to communicate with male investigators, especially single ones.

Most ghosts resent being treated as a sideshow or given orders as if they’re servants or actors. (However, if they were servants or actors, they may respond well to commands or direction.)


Remember that many ghost-related TV shows took two or three full nights to film.

Remain alert while you wait.  Don’t bring a book or video games, and don’t get so involved in conversation, you overlook the ghosts.

(However, a few ghosts have responded when I gave up and took out a book to read, or a sketch pad to draw.  Apparently, those ghosts were indignant when I seemed less interested in the wait.)

Ghost hunters rarely encounter one spirit after another in a short period of time.  If you experience even one manifestation during a two-hour investigation, that’s good.


In many haunted locations, I do nothing but wait for the first ten or 20 minutes.  I might walk around to get my bearings.  I may take a few photos.  However, I still remain open to any odd movement, noises, or activity that might indicate a ghostly presence.

After that, I usually announce myself out loud.  I might introduce myself and my team. (Usually, they follow my lead and introduce themselves, or at least address the ghost directly.)

I wait, and — because I am psychic — I’ll see what energy I sense.  If the site feels haunted, I’ll focus on just one ghost.  I try to establish rapport.  This can include telepathic contact or speaking out loud.

I’m clairsentient (I sense energy by touching objects), so I usually place a hand on furniture, walls, gravestones… whatever’s in the area.

And then, I wait some more.

If the psychic approach isn’t productive — or if I’ve decided not to act as a psychic during that investigation — I’ll take out my ghost hunting tools.  Generally, I use dowsing rods, cameras (digital and film) and EMF devices.  I’ll use them to narrow my focus so I stand in the midst of the most intense energy.

When I’m taking a photo, I’ll usually explain what I’m doing.  Depending on the ghosts, I may flippantly say, “Smile for the photo.”

And then, I try again: I speak out loud to the ghosts.  I see what happens.

After that, I wait some more.


Some people attract ghosts, and some seem to drive them away.  (Don’t take it personally.)

Avoid assumptions based on stereotypes. Some psychics don’t attract ghosts.  Likewise, a “ghost magnet” who attracts ghosts may not perceive them very well.

Do your best to have a balanced team at each investigation.

After that, it’s mostly a matter of being in a genuinely haunted place and having a lot of patience.

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