Ouija Boards and Ghost Hunting

Ouija boardOuija boards are a controversial topic, and not just among ghost hunters. Many people ask me about Ouija boards, and if I believe in them. Others warn me about demons and divination tools of all kinds, but especially Ouija boards.

If someone is having problems with demons, we refer him or her to John Zaffis. He’s the very best in the demonology field.

However, demons (or malicious entities, no matter what you call them) aren’t the only reason I don’t use or permit Ouija boards at my own investigations.

For me, credibility is a huge issue. If a research tool can’t be trusted, I prefer not to use it.

We know that spirits can lie and — with a Ouija board and many other divinatory tools — it’s difficult to sort the truth from very clever lies.

Also, when someone is using any device like a Ouija board (such as an upside-down glass on a table), it’s difficult to tell if someone is pushing the glass, platen, or indicator.  In most cases, the person influencing the motion doesn’t realize he (or she) is doing that. To an onlooker, the unintended manipulation can be far more obvious.

Independently, I’ve had convincing experiences with Ouija boards. I have no doubt that they can provide valid and predictive answers to questions.

However, people are vulnerable when they think they’re talking to a loved one or a lofty “spirit guide.” It’s too easy for a prankster (human or spirit) to have fun at the expense of a beginner.

In addition, I’ve seen researchers actually lose locational advantages by relying on divinatory tools during ghost hunts. It’s like using a mobile phone to talk to someone who’s standing next to you.  It’s silly, at best.

For a variety of reasons, including recent, increased reports about demonic attacks and malicious entities, I no longer recommend using Ouija boards during ghost investigations.

Here’s the late Father Andrew Calder explaining some of the issues. I knew Andy and still have the greatest respect for the work he did while he was among us. He had far more experience with demonic energy than most people I know.

In the following videos about the dangers of paranormal research — including Ouija boards — Father Andy’s advice is credible and something to pay attention to.


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2 thoughts on “Ouija Boards and Ghost Hunting”

  1. The communication from a loved one needs no device and is never ambiguous.

    1. Yes… and maybe.

      For someone who’s still accepting that “ghosts” (or spirits, or whatever word fits) are real, hard evidence may be needed. For some people, it’s seeing something spelled out on a Ouija board. Or seeing something bizarre in a photo.

      In time, most people are more in-tune with the spirits they most want to hear from… or perhaps I should say the people in this realm are more trusting of their initial reactions/senses.

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