Free Video – How to Find Haunted Cemeteries

Are you looking for ghosts? Start with haunted cemeteries. Many of them aren’t just haunted… they’re very haunted.

In this video, you’ll learn the basics to find a haunted cemetery near you.

I recorded this video a few years ago, but the information is still useful.

How to Find Haunted Cemeteries

If you’re looking for haunted cemeteries – and the graves in them – Fiona Broome (author of “Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries”) has some useful tips. In t…

Tips for Finding Haunted Cemeteries

  • People drive by cemeteries every day and don’t notice them.  The more ignored the cemetery is, the more likely it is to be haunted.  Abandoned cemeteries and neglected graveyards are among the best for your research.
  • Haunted cemeteries are often in the middle of nowhere or — at the opposite extreme — they’re near strip malls, motels, home improvement superstores,  and used car lots.  Always look in back of malls and superstores.  You may be surprised at what’s behind them or nearby.
  • For some reason — I don’t know why, yet — the left side (or back left corner) of haunted cemeteries are often odd.  The fence is broken, or that corner of the cemetery is neglected, or it’s strangely dark in that corner.
  • You’re also looking for 19th century graves, or evidence that the cemetery was at its peak in the 19th century.  Those cemeteries and graves are often the most haunted.

(If you’re looking for information about specific cemeteries online, remember that  people sometimes misspell “cemetery” as “cemetary,”  “cemetry” or “cementary.”  Use those spellings at search engines and you may find ghost stories, too.)

How to Find Haunted Graves

Once you’ve identified a cemetery that might be haunted, explore the graves and headstones for places to research.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Gravestones that indicate money, power, tragedy or drama.  Inscriptions and artwork can reveal a lot about the person and the circumstances of his or her death.
  • Graves with multiple spouses, especially if the gravestone is unusual.
  • Family plots that are obviously missing some headstones, or have one or more unmarked graves.
  • Grave markers that aren’t aligned with the other headstones in the cemetery.  Generally, headstones in 19th-century cemeteries (or earlier) are aligned in an east-west direction.  If one or more aren’t, investigate why.
  • Look for unmarked, neglected, abandoned, and old, vandalized graves. (Avoid recently vandalized graves.  They’re not worth the potential trouble from the living and the dead.)
  • Generally, look for anything odd or strange about a grave or a family plot.

Book - Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries

Haunted cemeteries can be the best places for paranormal research.  Though “creepy” cemeteries can be worth checking, some of the best haunted graves are in cemeteries that are simply overlooked or neglected.

The photos in this video are from a cemetery on Rte. 3, just north of the Tilton (NH) outlet malls, and a nearby cemetery at Arch Hill in Northfield, NH.

If you’re interested in learning more, Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries.

You’ll discover:

  • How to find “forgotten” cemeteries in your area
  • Exactly what to look for (and where the “hot spots” usually are)
  • What gravestone inscriptions and artwork can mean, and…
  • How to uncover the ghosts’ real stories.

Haunted cemeteries are among the best investigation sites for beginners and pros, alike. It’s where the ghosts are!