How to Investigate Haunted Stairways

Here are some low-tech ways to investigate haunted stairways, plus a video featuring the wonderfully haunted hotel, The Spalding Inn, at Whitefield, NH.

Has someone complained about a ghost on a staircase?  Ghost hunters need to respond quickly to this kind of complaint.  It might be a normal — but dangerous — problem.  Finding a normal reason why someone feels disoriented on the stairs could save lives.

To investigate a haunted stairway, you’ll need:

  • A carpenter’s level (under $5.00 at most hardware and DIY stores).
  • A ruler or tape measure, or both.
  • An EMF detector (to check for leaking EMF, usually from wiring concealed under the staircase).

Here’s how to test the staircase to see if the problem is normal, not paranormal: