Possessed? Need help?

Afraid of ghosts? Look for a normal explanation

“I am possessed. Please help me.”  “My sister needs an exorcism.”  “I think my house has a demon.”

That’s what’s in my email most days.

Unfortunately, replying to those emails takes time away from my real research: Documenting and predicting phenomena that could explain ghosts, hauntings, and other possibly related anomalies.

(My work does not include demons, alien abductions, or Bigfoot research. I doubt that it ever will.)

So, I cannot answer emails or comments about dark, malicious, or demonic entities and possessions.

Here’s what you need to know…

Demonic possessions are very serious.  The good news is, they’re also rare.

Other things can look like demons or possessions.  In the vast majority of cases, the person is not possessed, is not tormented by demonic entities, and the best help does not involve an exorcist.

Devil possessions and demonic possessions — two different things — have been studied for centuries from a variety of theological and practical viewpoints.

Generally, no one wakes up one morning and is suddenly possessed.  It doesn’t happen.  There were always many warning signs of increasing intensity, and they built up over a period of time.

What you can do

If someone does transform overnight, suspect a medical issue.  Call the person’s doctor.

If the person seems to be transforming gradually, and turning from happy and normal to dark, brooding or even malicious, you’ll still want to alert the family physician.  The cause might be something physical, such as a reaction to food or a medication.

However, I also recommend contacting a professional in the spiritual/religious community.  It doesn’t have to be someone at a church that you (or the victim) go to… or even believe in.  It simply needs to be a traditional and/or mainstream church:  When you might be dealing with a malicious spirit, you need someone with spiritual experience.

Was a Ouija board involved?

In most cases, the problem started with a Ouija board — or some other divinatory technique — in the hands of someone who didn’t understand the risks.  (I’ve already weighed in on that subject, in other articles.)

Whatever you do, do not burn the Ouija board… or anything else that might be possessed.

Consult a demonologist about how to dispose of it, safely.

Are you in danger?

Are you afraid for your personal safety, or the victim’s?  If this issue has been building for awhile, but you thought it’d go away on its own, contact a demonologist, a priest or a minister right away.

Don’t keep searching the Internet for answers.  If anyone is in danger, contact someone in your community today. If they don’t have enough expertise to deal with the issue, see my Recommended Resources list, below.

If your house may have a demonic entity

If something odd is going on and you feel in great danger, get out of that house.

Never stay in a situation where you feel in danger.  Even if it turns out to be something normal — such as EMF issues from unshielded electrical wiring — your safety must come first.

If the problem at your house has been going on — at a low (but annoying) level — for awhile, read the free edition of my book, Is Your House Haunted?

It covers the step-by-step measures to take first, to rule out normal explanations for your problems.  Then, if it is a paranormal issue, I explain what to do next.

Possessions are rare

Remember, the answer to strange behavior — especially sudden and dramatic personality changes — is rarely anything demonic.

If you aren’t sure, contact someone who can determine your level of danger.

Recommended resources

I recommend* only a few demonologists and exorcists with whom I’ve worked in the past:

John Zaffis – http://www.JohnZaffis.com and PRSNE (203) 375-6083

Carl Johnson and Dina Palazini – http://www.beyondtheveilparanormal.org/

NEAR – http://www.nearparanormal.com/ – I recommend Keith Johnson.

Note: Either of the Johnson brothers can help.  Each has a different approach. You may prefer one more than the other, but both are experienced and skilled, with unique insights.

Also, if you might be dealing with a poltergeist rather than a demon, and especially if a teen or a child is involved, contact Peter Haviland.  He’s worked with both kinds of cases. He travels to meet with clients, and he’s based in Texas.  Lone Star Spirits – http://www.LSSPI.org/

When you contact a demonologist, expect them to eliminate normal (if odd) issues, first.  This may include consulting a medical doctor or other professional.  That’s routine.  Just like a “haunted” stairway might simply be out of alignment, some “demonic” activity can be triggered by drug interactions, a food sensitivity, etc.

The demonologist isn’t trivializing what’s going on.  He or she is simply ruling out the odd (but normal) things that can look remarkably like something demonic.

*I’m sure there are other excellent professionals in this field, but I only recommend people I know well and have worked with in real life.


UPDATE: As of March 2017, this article is closed to new comments. My best recommendations are listed, above.  Dark, malicious, and demonic possessions are outside my expertise. If you think you’re possessed, contact experts in that field. Stop looking for answers, online. Get help now.

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20 thoughts on “Possessed? Need help?”

  1. Very good information. I just thought I’d throw up another article about ‘Metaphysical Remediation’ that you may find interesting. It’s written by a member of my team, we’re NYS certified social-sciences researchers with degrees including Anthropology and Psychology. Give it a check, site is new the firm is old.


  2. this isn’t a joke, nor am i delusional or suffering some kind of mental illness.
    i’m in a unique and disturbing situation re: demonic oppression- that i have witnesses, and this has to do with someone who is either born evil or is possessed i have no idea how it works.

    but on a scale of 1-10 of powerful entities- this one’s a 100.
    i’m a practicing budhist and i meditate regularly- i got used to it all. i’m not scared, just tired of it and depressed at times because my life – no matter where i move to-i’m in jail due to his influence.
    i tried all over to get in touch with Father Andrew Calder and i can’t seem to find his email anywhere.
    I don’t trust anyone but someone who is holy – i don’t care what religion but i want someone with spiritual authority.
    can you please please have him contact me- or let me know of someone else who can help – i feel leary of using ‘demonologists” thankyou.
    also this person mocks god, speaks different languages than he knows, predicts future, knows my past and present, stalks me relentlessly-i’m attacked in lucid nightmares if i don’t pray – i have had partial possession in these “nightmares” and rape…in my daily life- i know he is influencing situations- people that are not spiritually strong ( including me at times) and no way will he consent to exorcism. he is semi- famous also.

    1. Anna, the links I provided are the only ones I have for those demonologists. Calling John Zaffis’ phone number might be the fastest way to get help. John knows who’s good in specific kinds of cases, and how to contact them.

    2. This is not a joke at all, never take it as one. This is your life you are fighting for, remember that. Anything bad around you is trying to hurt your true life! The olny way we as in people can fight these things are thruogh God and God alone! ! ! Never ever talk to it, or listen to it. Go to God! King James virson!

  3. I am writing you because I am at my wits end regarding a friend of mine who is suffering from demonic attacks which appear to be attached to him. We have had pananormal investigators who have identified several entities at his residence and they claimed to have rid him of their presence BUT their is an entity that made itself known to them that they could not address and it has identified itself as having a demonic origins. This entity has attacked him repeatedly for years and it had caused him to have life threatening consequences that has no medical basis. The investigators,paranormal, are having a problem locating a demonic specialists in this area, so I am requesting your urgent assistance in locating someone who can address this matter. Me being a clinical psychologist know that my friend’s problems is NOT psychological and there is nothing I can do to assist him other than try and enlist the assistance of professionals in this area. I am praying that you can recommend someone as soon as possible because I fear that if this problem is allowed to continue my friend will succumb to this entity with tragic results. Please refer me to someone who can address this matter and I have no problem in financing this assistance, if necessary.

  4. I need help. All my life I’ve seen things, horrible things.. I’ve been checked I know I’m not crazy but lately I’ve been starting to question my own sanity. I grew up normal like everyone else. Sure there were hard times but who doesn’t go through some tough stuff in their life. I need someone, anoyone to tell me they’ve seen the same things as me…the wolves. They’re unlike any animal I’ve ever seen. They’re barely two feet long and barely go up to your knee. They have sooty black skin and a long bony body. Their head looks like a mix of a wolf and rat with long, silvery whiskers with the skin pulled so tight across their faces they look like a black skull. Their black lips pull back to expose rows of white, barbed teeth. Their eyes are golden with horizontal slits for pupils. Their eyes are taunting, laughing, daring you to go crazy and let them in. It’s like a game to them. Drive your crazy and then they have you all to theirselves to play with, you become their little toy. I fight it every day. I dont want them to win. Anyone please answer me. I need to know if this is real or if I’ve already lost it please.
    If anyone has seen anything like this or if they know someone that can help email me at [removed by webmaster].

    1. Alex, you need to re-read this article. Your comment is exactly what we don’t deal with, and this article refers you to the only people we trust to help you. You’re already vulnerable, so posting a request like this and making yourself available to predators is incredibly dangerous. Contact any of the people mentioned: Zaffis, Haviland, etc.

      Note to all readers: Future comments like this will not be published. This is a website about ghosts and ghost hunting, not demons or other issues. Fiona has published this article and a few others about demons only so you’ll understand that they’re not ghosts and therefore not part of our research or website. Her references to Zaffis, Haviland, et al, are the best we can do.

        1. Michelle,

          Can you tell me why it matters who’s using the “Admin” name? Every few days, this website receives about 100 attempts to log in, using a name related to the admin. So, we don’t reveal the actual name.

          Fiona Broome

  5. Actually the difference between “ghosts” & “demons” is purely historical definition in semantics. Ultimately an evil entity is an evil entity. The problem more is in people with not much capacity for depth in spiritual things advising on spiritual matters. All i can say is demonic or ghost posession doesnt have to have the “usual suspect” symptoms to be diagnosed. Actually the more common kind have no symptoms at all the person appears normal & noone can tell an entity has taken over. You’d be surprised.

    1. Muki,

      I’m not sure that much would surprise me, after several decades of research. However, if you’re speaking to my readers, it’s true that many newer researchers may be surprised by some paranormal encounters.

      The difference between “ghosts” and “demons” might seem to be semantics, and I suppose it is, in a way: We’re applying labels to phenomena, mostly so we understand the characteristics of the phenomena. Some are benign. Some are not.

      The phenomena described by those terms vary widely. I research ghostly phenomena; I don’t deal with anything demonic.

      Of course, whether ghosts and demons are real as defined, is another matter. The phenomena are real. The labels may be far from correct, and that’s part of why we investigate these reports.

      I’d also disagree with your reference to “people with not much capacity for depth in spiritual things.” From my viewpoint, we are all spiritual beings, so we are all endowed with tremendous capacity for depth in these matters. Perhaps you were referring to the choices people make, and the erroneous assumptions they adopt, regarding their expertise as advisors; on that, I think we can agree.

      Fiona Broome

  6. my mom has been looking for help for her brother, its about an exorcism. he is 44 years old. hes been possessed for years. my mom really needs help please. we live in texas. thank you.

  7. Great website it really makes you think twice. And it scares the life out of you as well I daresn’t think about it or I won’t be able to sleep on a night many thanks.
    Stay safe and take care,
    Best wishes
    Lots of love Michelle.

  8. Hi I’m a teen age 15 iv been dealing with this since 2010 or even more since it kinda a blur but I really need help since I’m alone at this no one believes me at what I’m seeing I’m not making this up I’m coming to you since I have no where to go it been messing with me everynight and morning waking up all scared I can feel it breathing on me and I cant fight it since I can’t move at the struggle I try screaming and nothing comes out I’m a bit tired of this demon I need help I started using holy water to sleep but I always have a sends he watching me when I sleep where ever I go it follows me every house we get it always waiting for me but Im a strong girl never been possessed but there is many kids in my family I’m terrified for my baby sisters I cry and cry thinking will it ever go away I always perfect my family from it I always wait till everyone asleep so I can sleep it hard perfecting my family alone

  9. I too suffer from being possessed by an ‘out of body’ person for the past seven years, someone whose body has died, and he’s still on Earth IN me and using my body as if it’s his own. I too need to contact someone in authority to get him gone, but don’t know who to turn to. The church ministers I’ve contacted seem nonplussed and I’m not sure they believe me. I’m in England. Any ideas anyone?

    1. Hey Josephine. Are you saved and still have this problem like me?? I’m just wondering because pastors say we can’t be possessed if we’re saved. But I’m living proof that’s not true. So you can imagine how it made me feel that the pastors wouldn’t even check into what I was saying!!


      1. Again, you’re describing possessions, and they’re outside the scope of this website. This site is about ghosts, not demons, not malicious entities, not aliens, not faeries… I hope I’m making my point clear.

        The links in my article are starting points if you need help with what may be a possession (demonic or malicious). If Haviland, Johnson, or Zaffis can’t help you, or point you in the direction of someone who can, you’re probably dealing with something else altogether.

  10. I think I might have had a attempted possession a couple years ago. I cannot make since of what happened to me . Me and my kids father both witnessed what happened to me. I would like to speak to someone about my experience anf try and make since of what happened..

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