Haunted Cemeteries and Damaged Crypts

Open, above-ground grave in Austin, TX
Open grave: Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, TX (USA)

Unlike broken and discarded headstones, severely damaged above-ground graves and crypts may not be as useful for paranormal research. Not if you’re looking for ghosts, anyway.

It seems to be one extreme or the other.

  • Either the ghost shows up to complain whenever he (or she) realizes an audience is present… or the ghost has long abandoned the grave.
  • Either he’s crossed over, or he’s followed the body (or selected pieces of it) to wherever it’s stored, now.

(Until the photo gallery is restored at this site, the following thumbnail illustrations show the kinds of pictures I’ve featured.)


Broken gravestones


In my experience, many empty graves and open crypts attract something non-ghostly.

I know that something seems to frequent those sites, and it’s not human. Never was, unless it’s the ghost of a completely emotionless sociopath.

I avoid whatever-it-is. Too often, it’s malicious.

  • Ovilus responses are weird.
  • EMF can be even stranger.
  • I haven’t tried EVP at those locations.

It’s not a ghost, so I’m not interested.

You may feel differently. Investigate at your own risk.

Above all, do not enter an open crypt. That’s trespassing, and the air inside could make you ill, at the very least.

According to local lore, bodies in crypts in New Orleans (and probably other very hot climates) decay to dust within a year. So, those warm-climate crypts are probably less risky than those in more northern locations.

However, you still run the risk of inhaling dust from rat droppings and health-endangering bacteria and viruses.