Gilson Cemetery, Nashua, NH – 2008 Update

Late yesterday (12 June 2008), I returned to Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, NH. Our group’s ghost hunting results were surprising. I’ll publish photos and more details, later, but here’s a summary of what we found:

We tried several kinds of dowsing rods to see what they indicated. The “hot spots” were somewhat predictable.

The Fisk graves – the oldest headstones in the cemetery – produced strong pulls on the dowsing rods. They’re the tall stones immediately after the gate, and directly in front of you. I’ve seen EMF spikes there in the past, though I can’t say that they “feel” especially haunted, most of the time.

(Note that the small Fisk gravestone is the only one in the cemetery with a death’s head on it.)

Joseph Gilson’s headstone – a low, white stone near the front center of the cemetery – is where research groups and I have noted many anomalies including paranormal cold spots. It was active last night.

Slightly northwest of the Searles’ graves (near the pink orb note on the map linked above), we found some of the most intense and unexplained activity. That’s the same area where we first confirmed that hiking compasses can work as EMF detectors.

By contrast, we noted little energy at Walter Gilson’s stone and the back left corner of the cemetery, where so many have had spectral encounters.

With two researchers using dowsing rods independently, we were able to confirm activity in several other spots around the cemetery. Most of those locations were not marked graves.

If you’re ghost hunting at Gilson, check in front of the largest tree at the back of the cemetery. (That tree is inside the walls.) Also do readings at the boulder at the back right (SE) corner of the cemetery.

The woods behind the cemetery appear to be as active as ever. If you’re looking for a full, ghostly apparition, Gilson cemetery may be one of your best chances of seeing one. The figures generally look solid and real… until they vanish into thin air.

In fact, Gilson cemetery raises so many questions about hauntings, and it is such a reliable site, I recommend it for beginners who need research experience… if you have nerves of steel, that is.

Many psychics describe Gilson as one of the most haunted places they’ve ever visited. In addition to very obvious manifestations, the more chilling aspects of Gilson are what you sense and can’t easily explain.

But, even if you aren’t especially psychic, you may be in for a scare at Gilson.

In the past month, people have reported hearing voices so loud at Gilson cemetery, they sounded as if the person was right next to them… except that no one appeared to be there.

Several people have seen the ghostly, hooded figure that chases people out of the cemetery.

And, as usual, electrical circuitry can fail… but usually just inside the walls of the cemetery. This includes cameras that seem to jam, digital voice recorders that stop working or record unearthly sounds, and cell phones that lose signal.

Over the past few years, I’ve also received hundreds of reports about new and freshly charged batteries losing their power completely. (In groups I’ve accompanied to the site, I’ve seen that several times, ourselves.)

Even talking about Gilson can be… interesting. My software usually works smoothly, but it took six tries to publishing this article. The server simply stopped. And, even when the article finally appeared, it was missing an earlier note about the uploading difficulty. It took two more tries to add this note to our post.

Gilson Road Cemetery is still one of my favorite haunted locations.

In the summer, if you visit Gilson cemetery shortly before dusk, wear bug spray. In the warm weather, the mosquitoes are aggressive as night approaches.

5 thoughts on “Gilson Cemetery, Nashua, NH – 2008 Update”

  1. The dowsing rods definitely intrigued me. It was the first time I got to really use them and the tangible results were encouraging. I’d really like to try them out again and run some tests that I have in mind. Remind me to tell you about some theories I have next time I see you.

  2. Hi my question is that my cousin and i went to gilson cemetery yesterday and we decided to just record our time there and we went to back left side of the cemetery and all of sudden i got the chills and i felt light headed now it was almost 70 degrees outside and it was very warm so i have no idea what that was if you have any information about that please feel free to email me to let me know thank you Greg Grady

    1. Greg,

      Thanks for the comments! That back left side is probably the most haunted part of the cemetery, and your experiences are consistent with others’ reports.

      Keep visiting that cemetery, and compare it with other haunted locations. Gilson is one of the best resources we have for consistent ghost research, and it’s good to use it as a “baseline” for determining the level of activity at other sites.


  3. I went to the cemetary on Sept 12th 4:30 pm with my two daughters. I took a picture of the grave with the hole in the middle of it, and behind it in the tree got a full blown image of a girl in a white dress in the tree with a perfect circular light around it. In the middle of the circle was a circle of light directly aligning with the hole in the grave. I took it on my cell phone, so I don’t know how to transfer the picture anywhere (flip phone) but I just can’t believe or stop looking at the picture. I didn’t realize the image until after we left, zoomed in on the picture and there she was. The girls were immediatly drawn to the back of the cemetary, over the wall they went and down into the woods. I followed. It was a muggy afternoon, but quite cold and “different” in the woods. Just wanted to share..

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