Book Review: Ghost Hunting in Tilton, NH

Ghost Hunting in Tilton

This isn’t my book, but it includes information from me, including a few of my Tilton stories. Other ghost hunters, including Lesley Marden and journalist Jim Fitzgerald, also contributed their stories to Rue’s book.

Ghost Hunting in Tilton, NH, by Rue Taylor Cote.

From the Amazon description:

Ghost Hunting in Tilton, NHIs Tilton the most haunted town in New Hampshire?

Tilton’s ghosts became famous in 2010 when the Ghost Hunters TV series featured Tilton’s haunted 1875 Inn.

After that, many ghost hunters came to Tilton and New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, looking for haunted places.

They found them… Lots of them.

Tilton may seem like a typical New Hampshire town.

After you learn about its ghosts, I think you’ll agree: Tilton is one of the Granite State’s strangest, most haunted towns.

I’m fascinated by the connections between the Tilton family and the Webster family.

Also, the Tilton area – very rural when those families moved there – seemed an odd place for two eccentric, powerful families to settle and, today, to be among the area’s ghosts.

I read this book in one sitting. (Yes, it’s short, but I was intrigued by the stories that were new to me.)

For example, the Tilton link to the popular book & TV series, A Handmaid’s Tale, was a complete surprise.

Also, I’ll bet there’s more to Peter Tilton’s story. If two of Oliver Cromwell’s supporters are buried near Tilton’s Connecticut house, in unmarked graves… well, I’d be very interested in investigating there, as well.

Something about Tilton seems… off. Weird. It’s like it’s a little too cute. Too “quaint New England.”

It’s almost picture-perfect… and then the Tilton Inn is so haunted, it’s been featured on Ghost Hunters and other TV shows.

Something doesn’t add up. Maybe the rumored stories – underground tunnels and eerie rituals – are true. And maybe their energy lingers today.

Like author Rue Cote, I’m curious about Northfield, too. I’d researched near the abandoned town center, without realizing anything important had been there.

I never knew about the hidden cemetery, either. I’m always interested in haunted sites that have been concealed for, oh, at least 100 years.

Tilton is a sleepy little New Hampshire town off I-93, in the Lakes Region. If you’re going to be in that area,  read this book to plan your own unique ghost hunting adventures.

(Also, if you have any Tilton-related ghost stories to share, leave them in comments. I’m very interested in that part of New Hampshire.)