Bell Witch, TN – references and resources

These are just a few of many websites and articles related to the Bell Witch hauntings.

Most of these links have been online since 1998, and offer authentic information about this genuine haunting.

Unfortunately, as of 2016, some of these links no longer work. (They’re noted with an asterisk before the link.)

I’m leaving them in place, in case they return. Otherwise, you may be able to find archived copies at the Wayback Machine.

Bell Witch Sign - story

Bell Witch websites

  • The Bell Witch, a website by Pat Fitzhugh, author of The Bell Witch Haunting.
  • If you’re serious about the Bell Witch, start with the original book: The Bell Witch Red Book, transcribed from the story publishedin 1893 or 1894.
  • Bell Witch Central, a Yahoo! Club associated with Pat Fitzhugh’s book and website.
  • “Official” Bell Witch Fansite, created by a Bell Witch enthusiast. Lots of information.

Bell Witch resources (in addition to the ones at this website)

(If any of those links don’t work, it’s worth searching at the Wayback Machine for cached copies.)

Additional reading – Recommended books