Hollis, NH – Blood Cemetery evening (2001)

No matter what you’ve seen on TV, ghost hunting isn’t filled with drama or apparitions.  Most of the time, the energy is subtle and your experiences will reflect your patience and sensitivity at the site.

Here’s one researcher’s true experience at Blood (Pine Hill Road) Cemetery in Hollis, NH, in October 2001:

Headstones at Pine Hill (Blood) Cemetery, Hollis, NH

On this evening, I felt far more confident that I would capture something. I was using more sensitive film than in the past.

However, for some reason, I also felt more welcomed in the cemetery.

I don’t like going to cemeteries alone. That’s not because of ghosts, but because it’s foolish for a woman to be alone in a deserted place. Using a flash camera can attract the attention of anyone passing by.

This time I arrived alone. Another young woman was in the cemetery. She said she was taking a walk, and always liked to pause at Pine Hill (“Blood”) Cemetery.

We chatted about the history of the cemetery, the missing gravestones, and then she left while I took the photos.

I did not feel ‘alone’ in the cemetery this time, but I also didn’t fear whatever was with me.

Some stones seemed to attract me more than others, but I was also conscious that I needed to click the shutter at just the right moment, to catch the elusive images.

I left, feeling certain that I had at least one anomaly on film, but sad that I didn’t have more film. I felt that the cemetery was getting comfortable with me, and vice versa.

Several photos had odd lights in them, but I’m fairly certain they are just reflections of an animal’s eyes in the low shrubs that surround the cemetery. The quality of them is very different from the orbs.

Next time I will arrive earlier and wait longer before taking photos. And I probably won’t go alone, for normal (not spectral) safety reasons.

Graves that people are drawn to: I particularly like the headstone of ‘Mrs. Elizabeth’ in the oldest section of the cemetery (southwest corner).

The young woman on an evening walk commented that she’s drawn to the Farley sisters, whose stones disappeared about seven years ago.

Modern markers have replaced those stones, in the southeast side of the cemetery.

Those are two areas you should explore if you visit Pine Hill (“Blood”) Cemetery in Hollis, NH.

And, in general, it’s a truly nice, rural location.

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