Spiritual Protection for Ghost Hunters

Spiritual protection for ghost hunters is an important topic.

Spiritual Protection for Ghost HuntersSeveral people have written useful books about it.

Remember, we usually don’t know how dangerous a site is until we investigate it.

It’s smart to arrive prepared, even if you think it will be a “lite” investigation.

Consider three main issues when choosing protection. Each can be important.

Look into:

  • Innately powerful tools.  What’s worked for people in the past?
  • Your own spiritual references.  What empowers you, spiritually? (Also, what spiritual symbols worry you? If they go against your faith, don’t use them.)
  • And, the spirituality of the ghosts.  What might impress the ghosts, based on what they respected or feared during their lifetimes?

Here are some of the most popular items ghost hunters use for protection.


garlic cloves
Garlic cloves… you only need one.

Fresh garlic cloves are available at most grocery stores.  Garlic not only repels werewolves and vampires, at least according to folklore, it’s also supposed to keep demons at a distance.

You can carry it in a pocket or your backpack.  Some people have a clove in a pendant and wear it as a necklace.

If you tuck a garlic clove in your shoe and it’s against your skin, expect “garlic breath” within a few hours.  It will penetrate the skin, enter your blood stream, and carry the odor throughout your body.  That’s actually a way some people use garlic as a health treatment.


I use white salt, but it’s one of two kinds of salt for protection. (The other is black salt.)

White salt is everyday table salt.  You probably have it in your kitchen, and you’ll find it in your clients’ kitchens. You can use any table salt, including pink salt and other specialized sea salts.  In fact, I prefer sea salt, but others recommend Kosher salt and other specialized salts.  In a pinch — pun intended — any salt can work.

People believe that salt repels ghosts and evil spirits.  In fact, an old remedy from folklore is to lay down a line of salt… evil entities cannot cross it.

I’m not sure if that’s true, but it seemed to work the one time I tried it.

Black salt can be one of two kinds of salt. One is edible and the other isn’t.

One is a dark, pinkish, sulphur-y tasting salt mined in India. It’s usually sold in upscale grocery stores, among the exotic and colored table salts. It’s also stocked by some ethnic grocers.  Vegans and vegetarians use it to make tofu taste like egg salad.

The other kind of black salt is made by mixing table salt with something to turn it black, like ash or powdered charcoal, cast iron scrapings, or really black pepper. People buy it ready-made, usually at a shop related to witchcraft or a botanica.

In Voodoo and related traditions, black salt may lift curses and repel evil and malicious spirits.

Never eat black salt.  Do not give it to anyone to consume. Don’t leave it around where children might decide to taste it. Depending on what the black salt is made from, it could make them ill or even kill them.

Holy Water

Some people use Holy Water to bless houses that have very light (but annoying) paranormal activity.

Crucifix and Holy Water on a fireplace mantel.From what I’ve learned about demonic activity, I would use Holy Water only in situations where there is absolutely, positively no likelihood of malicious and demonic energy.

One thing I learned from the late Father Andrew Calder is:  If you’re dealing with something dark and demonic, Holy Water can make things far worse… quickly.

Andy had more experience with demonology and exorcisms than most people, and I trust his advice.   I wish I’d learned more from him while he was here, but his warning has stayed with me.

I used to routinely carry Holy Water with me. Also, at sites such as Traditional Catholic Priest, you can learn to make Holy Water at home, or even on-the-spot at a clients’ home.  (The Holy Water you’ll decant at almost any Catholic church is a little different, and — in my opinion — more powerful.)

Since talking with Father Calder, I don’t use it at all.  In my opinion, most ghost hunters don’t grasp the dangers of Holy Water — and other Christian symbols — if the problem is demonic.

I know that I didn’t.

First-person stories from John Zaffis and other demonologists made that very clear.

If the situation indicates the need for a house blessing, I tell the client to contact their preferred professional spiritual counsellor.

Most priests and ministers will expect a small donation to help offset their travel expenses, but it’s always worthwhile when a blessing is needed. And, to be blunt, it’s the safest approach.

Charms, amulets, and tokens

St. Michael the Archangel
St. Michael the Archangel. Click image to download a printable version, and keep it in your wallet or backpack.

In non-demonic settings, spiritual objects, symbols, tokens, and scriptures seem to serve as protection.

Weirdly, that’s true, even when the person using them doesn’t believe in the associated spiritual tradition.  I have no idea why.

It’s possible that the object symbolizes a religion that the ghost believed in, or still believes in.

These include holy medals (St. Michael medals are especially popular), pendants representing a lucky horseshoe, iron nails (may repel faeries more than ghosts), or a lucky rabbit’s foot (not widely used during ghost hunts, due to their association with animal cruelty and death).

Some ghost hunters wear “lucky socks” or a similar item of clothing. They firmly believe those items provide protection from evil… or at least bad luck.

Others wear a garment or piece of jewelry that was left outside on the night of February first or second. According to folklore, Brigid (or St. Bridget) blesses these items, making them especially lucky, healing, or protective during the coming year.


In some folklore and spiritual traditions, pouring liquor on the ground as a gift is helpful if you’re requesting assistance or protection from the good spirits at the site.

On the other hand, offering liquor to some spirits in Vodun, Voodoo, and related traditions… that can bring out the mischief makers.

My ancestry and traditions are mostly Irish.  When I really need help with something, I visit the grave of one particular ancestor, pour good Irish whiskey on the ground, and then have a one-sided chat with her, telling her what I need.  It seems to work.

What I use

Quartz crystalHere’s what I carry:  I have a couple of crystals in my wallet.  One is a Herkimer diamond – the same kind used by “Ghost Busters” Dan Akroyd and his dad, to purify their Crystal Head Vodka.

(I carry a second crystal, but I’ve forgotten what it is.  It’s for physical healing, especially stress and headaches.  It’s clear, colored with shades of purple and green.  It’s probably fluorite.  All I know is: When I bought it, a miserable headache vanished as soon as I picked up the stone. I’ve never had another severe headache like that, as long as I’ve carried the fluorite with me… and that’s over 10 years, now.)

Sometimes, I carry or wear hematite.  Usually, I wear it as a pendant.  (Mine is on a simple cord.)  In folklore, it’s a general purifier.

In my wallet, I have a St. Michael the Archangel medal, blessed by the late demonologist, Father Andrew Calder.

It’s been one of my most valued forms of protection since Andy was called home in September 2012.  (Any priest can bless any medal you have.  The combination of the St. Michael imagery plus the metal plus the blessing… that can be powerful in some contexts.)

In my car, I usually have blessed salt as well as religious scriptures.  I use those only in extreme cases… and that’s very rare. I am very mindful that any case I consider “extreme” could be antagonized – and made worse – by any Christian symbols or scriptures.  So, if the situation is that dire, I usually have the client contact a demonologist, or at least a local priest or minister.

19th century divider - leaf

Every community, ethnic group and spiritual tradition recommends different kinds of spiritual protection.  Whether those methods actually work or it’s “placebo effect” doesn’t matter to me, as long as people who are nervous feel they are out of danger or less affected by it.

If you don’t believe in a particular religion but you’ve always wondered if one of their tokens or symbols might be helpful… well, it might be worth a try.  That small “maybe” window might be enough to help you when you need it, in a stressful and frightening situation.

Plan ahead

Spiritual protection can be important for some ghost hunters.

That can be a simple prayer or circle before entering the haunted site, or something else.

It doesn’t have to be an object (after all, what you’re dealing with probably has no physical form in our world), but these are things to think about before your investigation… not something to regret leaving out, once things get strange at a haunted site.

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23 thoughts on “Spiritual Protection for Ghost Hunters”

  1. Great information. I think salt is a great way to be protected. Check out mysticsalts.com for protective salt jewelry. Its pretty cool.

    1. Sonya,

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      1. Get that site redesigned and add the necessary legal forms. Ask me privately if you need recommendations.
      2. Start leaving meaningful, relevant comments at sites unless you want to be labeled a spammer. Two short sentences and then two sentences promoting your business… that’s not enough. Your IP is already showing one notation at Project Honey Pot, but it’s not documented, so that may be a fluke. Nevertheless, you do not want to be labeled a spammer; if that happens, posts from your Boca Raton IP are likely to be sent to spam automatically by WP software.

      And, for future reference: When you’re promoting your own website, say so. Own what you do. That’s why I removed the actual link but left the URL in your comment. I may use CommentLuv, but I still manually screen all comments.

      Sincerely, Fiona

  2. I suggest use st benedict crucifix. Use Holy water put holy
    water on yourself every 30 minutes if you feel you’re demon posessed. Get some oil and put it on the crucifix it will become more powerful. use also st michael archangel medal make sure you get the st benedict crucifix and St Michael archangel medal blessed. Put some oil on st michael medal every the oil dries up on the medal put some more oil on it, it will get more powerful. Also pray the our father prayer before you ghost hunting.

    1. John,

      I’m sure that will work in most benign situations. However, I’ve learned from some of the top demonologists that use of Holy Water and other Christian spiritual approaches… that only annoys demons and can make things much, much worse. So, if there is even the slimmest possibility that the problem is demon-related, I now recommend against Holy Water, etc. If non-religious approaches don’t work and the situation is getting worse, go directly to someone like Father Andrew Calder, John Zaffis, or Peter Haviland, and ask for help.


  3. do all u guyzz watch a lot of paranormal programs !!
    I mean that’s all supernatural…demons dont exist…azazel, lilith, winchesters !!
    All are a crap…..

  4. Manan-you are clueless if you don’t think demons exist. I have been a paranormal investigator for 10 years and can verify they are real.

  5. So just out of curiosity, how would one know if they were dealing with a demon in the first place? And then what steps would one take to destroy or exorcise it? Can they be killed at all, or is that wishful thinking?

    1. Talon,

      The difficulty in working with demons is that they can fool you into thinking they’re ghosts. Or faeries. Or your great-granny, giving you important (but increasingly destructive) messages.

      My personal rules for this are:

      1. Follow your “gut feeling.” If something doesn’t seem right, even if you can’t articulate it, don’t take chances. Contact a demonologist… not just someone who claims he or she is one, but a respected demonologist. There aren’t very many of them. Get a referral from John Zaffis (JohnZaffis.com) or Peter Haviland (Lone Star Spirits Paranormal researchers).

      2. You can’t kill a demon. Sure, they might be entities as described in theological references. They might also be aliens, something crossing through the membrane (quantum), or something we don’t understand at all. I wouldn’t waste time trying to destroy whatever-it-is. I’d focus on one priority: Staying away from its influence. That means removing it from the location (with the help of a demonologist and/or exorcist) or getting away from that location, yourself.


  6. Just wanted to say thanks for the reply, Fiona. It’s very appreciated! I have a growing interest in the paranormal myself, but more as a hobby than anything at the moment. Your site appears to be a pretty useful resource, so I’ll earmark it and read up on what you’ve got here. Are there any more books, tapes, etc. that you can recommend as a sort of “beginner’s guide” to paranormal research?

  7. I was visiting an abandonded cemetery, that claimed to have the grave of a witch, near my home mostly curious because I doubted the tale. I have since learned the tale may or may not be true but people who practice the occult go there and have brought ‘negative energy’ to the area. I left a Miraclous Medal that was blessed on one of the stones, mostly as a gift to a person long forgotten, not knowing of this current day activity there. I feel nervous about that. I don’t want that stuff following me , I have had enough tragedy and bad luck. Thoughts? And I am not going back to remove it! Thanks

    1. Dear amy jo verderis:
      Athough I am not an expert, I do believe the medal demonstrates respect and kindness on your part and is most likely appreciated. Actions such as yours do not go unnoticed on the other side either. But I don’t understand: if you left the medal as a gift, why do you want to retrieve it?
      May I suggest you contact your community to see if the cemetary could be cleaned up and fenced? Especially if it is a ‘pioneer’ cemetary. I do believe as the living, we owe it to the folks that were laid to rest some dignity, respect and kindness. Communities in my province make a great effort to keep these pieces of history from disappearing all while keeping the undesirebles out (and doing damage of any kind). Hope this helps, good luck!

  8. Thank you Karen for your thoughts.

    To answer your question, I feel uncomfortable leaving something of mine in a place where persons in the occult summon evil. I have since calmed down and know, as you mentioned, my gift was one of respect to the person(s) laid to rest there.

    I like your idea about getting the county to maintain the area. At this time, speaking with someone who is more familiar with the spot, some are wanting an exorcisim of the burial spot because they feel these occult followers have brought evil there. Many farm animals and domestic animals on surrounding properties have been found slaughtered. Perhaps once that happens it could then be cleaned up and going forward maintained for respect of those at rest there.

  9. Dear Amy Jo:
    Thank you for answering me back.
    I think you should go back to pick up the medal if you are uncomfortable. It may still be there. Can you let us know?
    And I feel terrible for the area animals slaughtered to satisfy some sick occult ritual, and the people who own them must feel invaded as well…
    I hope the cemetary gets whatever it takes to cleanse it of the occult, including a bigass fence to keep out the ones who do not belong there.
    Good luck and blessings amy jo!

  10. My 4 year old has been complaining at night that she’s scared of ghosts. Is there anything you can recommend to put her at ease about this?

    1. Cindy,

      If she’s simply scared of ghosts, in general, I’d find some good picture books and cartoons that portray ghosts (Casper-style, perhaps) in a positive light.

      If she’s afraid of something she thinks is in her room, get a priest or minister involved. If it fits your spirituality, assuring her that she’s protected by a Guardian Angel might be a simple solution, for now.


  11. Jason,

    If you’re wondering if I got your message, I did, and I’m taking it seriously. As you requested, I don’t plan to make your comment public, but I did want to thank you for taking the time to leave that for me.

    – Fiona

  12. My husband has seen what he describes as a “shadow creature” on 2 separate occasions. He says it is not an animal and is too short to be human. He said it gives him a feeling that it is demonic. It has not crossed to our lot and I would like to know how to protect ourselves.

    Thank you.
    Love and blessings.

    1. Denise, my new book — coming out later today, but free (for one day) tomorrow — describes a variety of phenomena that aren’t ghosts: “Ghosts – What They Are and What They’re Not.” http://www.amazon.com/Ghosts-What-They-Arent-ebook/dp/B009UJC34S/

      If it’s actually a shadow creature, we don’t know a lot about them… yet. The only consistent reports I’m seeing, regarding what helps, are Catholic prayers. Snag my book when it’s free in Kindle, tomorrow. The back of the book includes the three prayers people say will work well.

      However, if he’s describing a faerie, that’s different. They are like humans, but the size can vary, larger or smaller than us. Some of them aren’t very nice, and have been interpreted as “demonic” when they’re simply… well, “inconsiderate” would be an understatement. We’re not sure what faeries really are, but some incubus & succubus descriptions match some kinds of faeries. My friend, Janet Farrar, has had to deal with them regularly, as there are a pack near her home in Ireland. She told me that imagining yourself bigger than the faeries, and mentally (or out loud) bellowing, “F*** OFF!” at them, is what works. (And, you know I wouldn’t even use the asterisk version of that word, except that it’s what Janet said to say.)

      With faeries, iron can repel some of them. That’s one reason people have cast iron doorstops and often have decorative, cast iron boot-scrapers at their front doors… that practice dates back to when protecting your home from faeries was considered perfectly normal. I’m not sure if the cast iron lawn ornaments are part of that, or not. It’s difficult to know what was based in the idea of iron repelling faeries, and the practicality of using cast iron objects for household and decorative purposes.

      Short term, the hardware store will have boxes of iron nails. Put those around, where no one will step on them or anything — and, of course, keep them away from small children — as a temporary measure, if you might be dealing with a malicious faerie.

      Remember, faeries aren’t human. They’re… different. And, some of them don’t seem to have the same kind of conscience that we do. So, it’s easy to pick up on that energy and interpret it as demonic, when it’s merely dark and without the restraints that people would place on those impulses.

      I’m sending light and blessings in your direction. Let me know what happens, and what you two decide that the entity is.


  13. hi,
    i would like to tell you that my girlfriend is a research fellow, working on HIV. she used to tell me the existence of ghost inside there lab. kindly suggest hot to protect her from the same. now a days her behavior also changed , small small reason she angry on me like any thing.even she asked me dye some time.
    kindly suggest.weather she got effected by some evil energy.
    if so kindly suggest the remedy for the same as soon as possible.

  14. Hello, I too have seen a shadow figure. I along my my friend who is psychic believe me to be clairvoyant. I always have my energy shield protecting me, but that also dulls my sensitivity to the paranormal. How can I gain my sense back?

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