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Here are some of Fiona’s recent articles

Hollis, NH – Blood Cemetery evening (2001)

No matter what you've seen on TV, ghost hunting isn't filled with drama or apparitions.  Most of the time, the…

Gilson Road Cemetery, NH – Odd Hole in Gravestone

This is an odd gravestone. It's unique because I can't find a reasonable explanation for it. …

Hollis, NH – Blood cemetery’s Gothic inscriptions

The following are just a few of the very Gothic inscriptions on headstones…

Ghosts Tampered with My Gas Gauge – Twice?

This is silly. It's embarrassing even to tell this story, because there are probably logical reasons for what happened. But, it's…

Hollis, NH – Blood cemetery – what the ghost wanted?

On November 1, 1999, I returned to Blood Cemetery in Hollis. I planned to take a few more photos, although…

Gilson Road Cemetery, NH, Nov 1999 – Page 1

This was my first, formal investigation report about Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, New Hampshire. It was the first time…

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