Cozy Ghosts at The Golden Fleece, York, England

Golden Fleece York England ghosts

Ghost of York, England - an orb discussion If you’re looking for cozy ghosts, and orbs that seem to feel right at home, make York’s Golden Fleece Inn (and pub) your destination.

The Golden Fleece is where I’ve seen some of the best, most convincing ghost orbs.

Of course, orbs can appear anywhere.

Some seem to be floating or gliding energy forms.

Context is important.

I’ve heard reports from people who successfully asked orbs to move to certain locations for photos.

For example, when someone told the ghost to move the orb to a particular doorway or gravestone… it did.

(Generally, I ask ghosts to manifest however they can, if they’d like to appear in a photo. I’m uncomfortable with ordering them around.)

Predicting Orbs

During many years of studying ‘ghost photos’, I’ve noticed an odd pattern among many orbs. They appear in consistent places. The trend is so predictable, we believe it’s beyond coincidence.

In an unusual number of photos, I’ve seen orbs directly over people’s heads. In most cases, the photos were taken at a significant event (such as a wedding or prom) or a family gathering.

The lighting and setting don’t matter. If it’s a family gathering or major social event among long-time friends or associates, orbs often appear in the photos.

An Odd Orb at the Golden Fleece

At other times, orbs appear – in surprising numbers – over chairs, as if the ghost is sitting there.

What follows is one of my favorite examples.

A group of us – experienced ghost hunters – visited “York’s most haunted pub” in June 2007.

The skeleton and other visual cues weren’t there at that time. It just felt like a nice, cozy pub with delicious food and great prices.

But, after a few minutes inside, the pub had a certain eerie edge to it.

And, as seasoned ghost researchers, we tend to be somewhat skeptical.  So, we sat, enjoyed our lunch, chatted, and took a few photos.

One surprised me.

My photo shows an orb ‘seated’ at the haunted Golden Fleece pub in York, England.

York - orb over chair in Golden Fleece

Because that restaurant has many shiny surfaces, I discounted other orbs from that casual investigation. Nevertheless, the placement of the one in the photo caught my attention.

Is it a credible photo? I’m not sure.  I’d need more evidence.

Is the Golden Fleece haunted? I believe so, and I wish I’d spent more time there. On my next visit to that part of England, I’ll definitely want to spend a night or two at the Golden Fleece. (Haunted Happenings has been among the groups organizing vigils at the Golden Fleece.)

The Golden Fleece is a Different Kind of Haunted

My main impression was: Yes, it has that “spooky vibe” we notice at haunted sites. Its ghosts are well-documented, too.

But there was something else… something I can’t yet put into words. It was a different kind of haunted, if that makes sense.

Usually, when I use a phrase like that, it’s because I’m uneasy. Something troubles me, and it’s the kind of place where I’d take extra spiritual precautions.

But in the case of the Golden Fleece… well, that site really is different.

I’d expect spirits like the cheerful ghosts in the 1988 movie, High Spirits… and perhaps a few truly creepy and unearthly spirits, as well.

In general, I believe the Golden Fleece is one of York’s most intriguing haunted locations. Whatever haunts the site, it’s unusual, even for York, one of England’s more haunted cities.

Haunted York Videos

Here’s a quirky (and slightly silly) four-minute video about haunted York, including the Golden Fleece.

Haunted York

York, England has been called the most haunted city in all of Europe. see more about WTHR’s Scott Swan’s story here:…

That YouTube video of haunted York is at:

And another video of a Golden Fleece investigation.

YouTube URL -

The Orb-Ghost Connection

Are orbs proof of ghosts?

The context is important.

For example, if other odd things were going on, exactly when the photos were taken. Or, if someone – without knowing where an orb was hovering, in a photo or video – directly indicated something else “ghostly” at the exact same place and time.

In other words, orbs may be one of those “you had to be there” phenomena. Out of context, it’s difficult for others to take orbs seriously.

I understand that, and it’s frustrating.

Personal evidence can be the most personally convincing… and have the least credibility when you talk about it later.

So, What Are Orbs?

To be honest, I don’t know what orbs are.

Professionals check for normal, natural explanation. Those include humidity, dust, reflected light, and so on.

In 2013, after several years of intense study, I concluded that humidity, dust, reflected light, and other apparently reasonable explanations rarely cause convincing orbs in photos.

But, for over 10 years, I claimed that most orbs were the result of natural phenomena, reflective objects, and so on.

Well, they’re not.

Yes, that’s an embarrassing admission. I wouldn’t admit to it, except my tests have shown, conclusively, that most convincing orbs really are anomalous.

So far, ghost hunters recognized that:

  • Orbs appear in haunted places in dramatically higher numbers.
  • Orbs seem to appear in areas where EMF levels spike.
  • The actual orbs may contain higher levels of energy.

But are they ghosts? I’m not ready to claim that.

Some People See Orbs

A small – perhaps gifted – minority of researchers are able to see orbs in real life. However, the orbs that they see don’t usually appear in photos taken at the same time.

In most cases, researchers don’t see anything before, during and after taking photos that – when viewed on the monitor or printed – reveal orbs.

I’ll admit I’m still astonished when investigators see vivid orbs in photos, though we saw nothing unusual when the photos were taken.

Sparkles and Ghost Orbs

Years ago, I was the first ghost hunters to use the term ‘sparkles‘ to describe an odd visual effect that occurs with some cameras.

When people see sparkles, we usually find orbs or other photographic anomalies in our pictures.

Are Orbs Aware of Us?

Ghost hunters aren’t sure if orbs are related to spirits that are aware of us and can respond to the people around them.

However, we’ve seen enough ‘ghost photos’ to know that orbs often appear in similar locations, as if they’re comfortable among us.

Whether they’re posing for group photos or sitting comfortably in a favorite chair, the placement often seems deliberate.

York, England, is just one of many haunted places where orbs seem quite at home. When you research there, be sure to take photos of chairs, stools, benches, and so on.

To me, it seemed like the orbs were pulling up a chair and joining the party.

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5 thoughts on “Cozy Ghosts at The Golden Fleece, York, England”

  1. We got some fantastic “orbs” during our last ghost hunt.

    Oct 30th at 7:30 pm My uncle and I went to take some photos at Hevan of Rest Cemetery. We sat in the car for about a half hour talking quietly and putting brand new batteries in our cameras and flashlights. We also put the cameras on the tripods. Around 8:00pm we left the car and entered the yard taking a few test pics before something pulled on my skirt. When I turned around I quickly took to pics before my batteries died. The camera, flashlight and my uncles batteries also died at that moment. We had to replace our batteries. My uncle explained to me that sometimes ghosts will drain batteries for energy.
    We started off again taking randome pics, something yanked on my uncles jeans. He later told me it was like a small child trying to get his attention.
    As we took pictures it was dark and didn’t see anything with our naked eyes but the normal cemetery sights.
    After an hour and over a hundred pics later. We headed back for the car when again something yanked on my skirt, this time hard enough that it nearly fell to my knees. I swear I heard a voice saying, “Don’t go.”
    I quickly went to my uncle and told him what I thought I heard and he spoke toward the cemetery, “We will be back to visit soon.”
    I am hoping that made them happy.
    Later that night after going home, we looked at our photos on the computer screen. A very bright orb sometimes two was in most of our pictures. They were moving very fast by the tail they were leaving. They were traving upward, sidways, and shooting downward. Our favorite photo was two orbs playing with each other. It was very cute.

    There were several other orbs in our pictures but not as bright and not as playful.
    I just wish I could find anything that would lead us to their grave site. I would leave them a doll if girls or another type of toy if boys.

    it was the very best ghost hunt so far.


  2. we have a camera to keep an eye on our pets in the day. Nothing has been spotted in the camera as of yet until Friday night. My husband was watching me on the camera,from outdoors and came running in saying there were things following me. His friend by chance and we’re both watching from outside. I asked out loud if they could move to the settee next to me, which my husband said they did. The orbs followed all my requests. I then sent my husband in the front room. I ask them to move near his right arm, they did. I ask them to move in a specific chair, they did. We couldn’t get over it. The strange thing is this this time of May every year we get some sort of paranormal activity more than any other time of the year. It seems very active here in May.

    1. That’s fascinating, Helen! It may be helpful to research your home, to find out if something important happened – in a previous May – at the house, at the property (in general), or in the vicinity.

      Assuming you’re in York, I’m pretty sure the entire area became an exciting place of exceptional activity in the year 1070, when York Minster started to be rebuilt. I’m sure that was a boost to the local economy, as well as a very satisfying project.

      In 1642, Charles I was in York, and – in May of that year – things really began to change, as the Great Seal of the Realm was sent to him and that made his presence in York even more official. (When I read your comment, my first thought was, “I’ll bet there’s a Cromwell connection.” But, I may be entirely off the mark with that.)

      1839 brought the first railway station to York, so that certainly increased the stature and activity in the community. Then, 1840 was a time of some upset, as – among other events – the York Minster roof burned during May.

      1916 was the year of the Zeppelin raid on York, also in May.

      I’m sure there are other events associated with May, and the timing may coincide with one of them… or with something lesser-known or even a personal anniversary (and an ancestor visiting you, just to say “hello” in a unique way).

      I’ll be very interested to hear if you find anything that connects your ghostly activity with the month of May. So, I hope you’ll post a comment here, sharing your discoveries. This sounds fascinating!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

      1. Hi Fiona,
        I am in Swindon, Wiltshire. The strange is that when we moved in nearly 20 years ago, my young son around 4 said that a man used to come into his room. He described what is he looked like. Sometimes he said that it used to frighten him. Me thinking that it was an imaginary friend said “don’t worry, just talk to him” “ask him his name”. He did and my done had said that his name was “Sid “ moving on 15 years later by chance a new friend I had met came to visit me at my house. She said “I have been in here before. this was one of my friends grandparents house, yeah there names were Sid and Anne Greene”. Well you can imagine how I was – coincidence or was that there something in this.
        My husband and I have heard a male voice clearly and rare occasions I have heard a woman.
        I have seen one orb (large and blue). This was with my own eyes. We have caught some on camera. Despite the room being empty from hours.
        When we first moved in May. My husband and I saw a figure for around a few minutes in our front room. Our accounts of what we saw were both the same. My husband never believed in anything paranormal and my background is in psychology so we tend to look at things objectively. However, things that have happened here we cannot really explain. It’s very interesting though. I think if there is something here, I feel a warm feeling about it/ them.
        I have tried to find out the names of the people that lived here through our local council, but they said they could not gives us any personal data of who lives here. I don’t know how else I could find out.

        1. Hello, Helen!

          That’s great information, thank you. And really, it sounds like you’ve had some startling encounters.

          I’m not sure what property ownership (deed/title/landowner) records exist in Wiltshire, but they may be helpful to give you a starting point. Old newspaper records might be helpful, too, especially if the articles have been indexed in a database.

          The other place to look for more information about Sid and Anne Greene is in genealogical resources.

          Doing a quick search, I see a Sydney Green born in 1876 in Swinton (Wiltshire), which I’m assuming is the same town, just a different spelling as written by a clerk. That Sydney Green became a surgeon and moved to London , where – in the 1901 British census – he was living with his aunt Clara Suffolk. (She was originally from Penkridge, Staffordshire, according to that same census.)

          Also, if you know anyone from the Green family in Salisbury (Wiltshire), ask which member of the family has the family tree. Often, family historians love to share their research with anyone (and sometimes everyone) who expresses an interest. So, you could make someone very happy. It may be best to explain that you’re looking for the history of your house, and leave out the ghost part of the story.

          I’m seeing other Sydney and Sidney Greens born in the late 19th century, in Highworth and Melksham, both in Wiltshire. One had a middle name of Balch, which may have been his mother’s maiden name, in case that’s helpful.

          Another Sydney Green (1904 – 2000) grew up in Northwood (Hampshire) and Newport (Isle of Wight), and married Annie Peters, but I’m not seeing a Wiltshire connection. She was probably from Swansea (Glamorgan, Wales). With Green/Greene being such a popular surname, it may be challenging to find the right couple, but using genealogical resources, I’m pretty sure you can. (Ask more neighbors – especially older ones – if they can add more information to help your search.)

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