Basic Tools Every Ghost Hunter Must Have

Basic Tools Every Ghost Hunter Must HaveGhost hunting tools can be useful in any haunted setting.

Some researchers confirm anomalies using cameras, EVP recorders, digital thermometers, compasses and EMF detectors, etc.

Others focus on psychic readings with Tarot cards or other divinatory tools.

Some people use dowsing rods and pendulums, which some claim are psychic tools, while other point to their scientific support.

But, the question remains:

What tools must every beginner have for ghost hunting?

Here’s my answer: Nothing!

You need no special tools, not even a camera. You also don’t need special training.


If you’re a beginner or simply curious about ghost hunting, you should be able to show up at a place that’s haunted and sense the ghosts.

The more often you go on ghost hunts, the more sensitive you’ll become to ghosts and the paranormal. It’s that simple.

What to Expect on a Ghost Hunt

On a successful ghost hunt, you may experience an eerie feeling, a chill, or hair lifting on the back of your arms.

Some people will hear things, which can range from noises that everyone hears – tapping, for example – or strange sounds that the individual hears psychically.

Others will receive strong impressions, or see something flicker, off to one side. Or, they may detect a perfume or an aroma.

Any of the five senses can be involved, or it may be just a ‘sixth sense’ encounter with the other side.

But, you should never feel that you must own or use a particular tool. If your budget won’t even stretch to include a disposable film camera, don’t worry about it. Just go and enjoy the ghost hunt.

Ghost Hunting is About Observing

For 90% of beginners, as well as many researchers with experience, ghost hunting is practically a spectator sport.

You’ll see what others are encountering, and you may (or may not) sense some ‘odd’ things, yourself. That’s all that basic ghost hunting is, really.

When you’re ready to add research tools – and you never have to – go slowly. Experiment.

Borrow others’ equipment for a few minutes on a ghost hunt, and see if it works for you.

Some people never seem to get anything interesting on film. Others produce zero results with EMF detectors.

No two researchers are the same. Don’t invest in equipment unless you’re sure that it’s useful for you.

Others won’t use any divinatory tools, even dowsing rods, because they feel ‘uncomfortable’, or the researchers’ religious beliefs prohibit those practices. Don’t worry that you’re missing out on anything if you avoid the Tarot, etc.

At this website, I try to inform researchers about what works (and what’s not reliable) in my research.

But, I try never to pressure ghost hunters into using particular tools –scientific or divinatory – for ghost hunting.

All You Need is an Interest in Ghosts

There are no tools and there is no training that you absolutely must have to be a successful ghost hunter.

Sure, courses can help shorten the trial-and-error phase.  Teachers can point out things that may not occur to you otherwise.

However, I want to make this very clear: You need no tools at all to be a successful ghost hunter.

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  2. I had piked up an EVP one time. What do you recommend for digital recorder

  3. I have been ghost hunting for a while and even took a 3 classes (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) and I have never heard the advice about going with no equipment until you establish your style…I love that idea. Great Advice, I am really enjoying your online class.

  4. I have been ghost hunting since March of this year…… the only thing i use is my flash digital camera, and since i dont have a digital voice recorder anymore, i use the voice recorder on my phone until i can get one. I used to and actually came into contact with a spirit…… along with those 2 items, i just take my will and determination (along with a little fear) to find proof. i had always had experiences with the paranormal including a demonic attack and i go to find proof along with answers…… im really going to enjoy this course…. thanks 🙂

    1. I would like to thank you for your time and input on Ghost hunting. I have always been interested in the paranormal since I was a child. And I would like to start my own Ghost hunters Group of my own but I’m new to the South east Kansas area and don’t know anybody yet I will take your advice on looking up For Ghost hunters Groups in my area, That is a great idea, thank you for your class.

  5. I have been fortunate enough to have been trained by my Grandma. This runs thick in my family. Evp’s work pretty good for me as well as actually being able to see a spirit. Unfortunately the ones that bother me is crime scenes. Do you find that some people are susceptable to a certain type of haunting or energy?

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