Why Hunt Ghosts?


Here is the text of that video:

Ghost hunting is a deeply personal adventure. It’s about meaning and survival.

Ghost hunting affirms that our lives mean something. It’s proof that death is not a final door, irrevocably slammed shut.

As ghost hunters, we explore a history far beyond mere names and dates on a headstone. We discover the rich emotions and experiences that connect past, present, and future.

Of course, it’s not all serious.

Sometimes, we find a thread and pull it, just to see where it leads. Maybe it takes us somewhere. Maybe it doesn’t. Either way, it’s fun and it can be fascinating.

To be part of the ghost hunting adventure, we must increase our awareness and trust our senses. We leave the comfort and safety of being an observer. We immerse ourselves in the experience.

This site isn’t just about ghost hunting. It’s about the adventure of encountering ghosts, and ways to make paranormal research more interesting, with more satisfying results.