Katy, TX – Train Depot Orb, Ghosts

On Saturday evening, 25 June 2005, we returned to the old depot in Katy, Texas.

This was my only ‘ghost orb’ photo, and it’s a good example of how hard you may have to look to see orbs.

This orb is large, but it’s very difficult to see. If it wasn’t so large, I wouldn’t bother posting it at all.

Out of about 30 photos of the depot and the caboose next to it, this is the only one with an orb that seems fairly real. (Orbs in two other photos could have been reflections from light sources.)

Of course, that’s what makes a site credible. If we saw orbs in every photo, or more than half of them, investigators would have to question humidity, dust, pollen, bugs, and so on.

One credible orb isn’t enough to confirm a haunted location. That’s not the only reason I recommend this challenging location for casual research.

The energy at the depot, and consistent, independent, psychic impressions by our investigating team… that’s another story.

Our experiences at the depot suggest a few gentle spirits at the old depot, possibly residual energy from people who worked there, and those who have happy memories of traveling by rail to and from Katy.

There is something considerably stronger at the caboose.

Initially, our collective ‘gut feeling’ is that the caboose is haunted by an old railroad conductor.

  • He’s not too happy with the caboose sitting still.
  • He’s annoyed that it’s not moving, it’s not keeping its usual schedule.
  • And, he doesn’t like people getting very close to the caboose, either.

He’s not malicious, just annoyed. He keeps looking out the back window (facing away from the depot) and checking his watch.

This was our second visit to the “old town” area of Katy, and the depot.

2014 update: I’m not personally monitoring that location now, but reports continue to confirm that the site is mildly haunted.

Because it’s such a public location next to a busy street, it’s not a great research location.

However, it’s a good, fun investigation site. It’s ideal for those who can visit during the day, or just want to see if they can detect anything, psychically or with ghost hunting tools.