Hollow Hill’s Articles Have Moved

The new Hollow Hill is arriving. It will feature fresh content by Fiona Broome, and include expanded information about paranormal research… not just ghosts.

Don’t worry. Fiona’s ghost hunting articles are still online. They’re better organized and under the new banner of Ghosts 101.

  • The how-to articles are now at the main Ghosts101.com site. ┬áMost of her free reports and worksheets are there, as well.
  • Articles about haunted places are at Ghosts101.com/HauntedPlaces.
  • Fiona’s reviews of news stories and ghost-related products are at Ghosts101.com/News.
  • Fiona’s “mad scientist” speculation about paranormal phenomena, research tools, and investigative techniques — not written for beginners or the general public — are at Ghosts101.com/Lab.
  • For more about Fiona’s research, books, and personal appearances, visit her author website, FionaBroome.com.

Fiona’s ghost hunting podcasts are being updated and will return, soon. She’ll be adding to them, too.

Fiona’s faerie podcasts are also being updated, and — in 2015 — will include fresh content.

Her Mandela Effect research continues. That conversation is at MandelaEffect.com.