[NH] Spalding Inn, Ley Lines (Whitefield, NH)

Update: The Spalding Inn has new owners, and — as far as I know — they’re not highlighting its haunted past.

In April 2013, I visited the Spalding Inn for a ghost hunting event hosted by Jason Hawes. It had been about two years since I’d last investigated the hotel.

Things had changed… really changed.

nh-spalding-side1My April 2013 experiences:

The upper floor of the Spalding Inn’s carriage house seemed just as strange, but more had focused energy.  That is, many of us (including me) didn’t encounter the usual off-the-wall weird energy there.

It was as if whatever’s there had a purpose for being there.

However, some investigators experienced profound encounters and confirmations.  Those seemed to be very quirky experiences.

The “hottest” areas were in and near rooms 15 and 17.

Also, the spirits (ghosts, energy, whatever) at the main level (ground floor) of the Spalding Inn’s carriage house were a lot more responsive to the various electronic devices in use.

During that 2013 visit, Jason Hawes’ wife, Kris, shared many stories.  They were fascinating, because she was describing encounters that complemented mine.

I’d visited the hotel late in 2008. That was after the Ghost Hunters International team investigated, but before the hotel was officially opened.

At the time, I preferred to keep a low profile. Another guest at the hotel was eager to claim the spotlight, and I was happy to let him do so. In general, I’m fairly shy, especially in a predominantly male setting.

Also, unless asked for details, I usually keep many of my observations to myself. I like to think about them for a few days. That gives me time to evaluate my experiences, away from the turbulence of the hauntings.

So, I didn’t talk much about what I’d seen and felt at the hotel. It included an apparition in the coach house, an astonishing collection of dead flies in another room in that building, and a voice — heard aloud — that mimicked me.

Then there was the figure dragging itself along the floor in the main building, the haunted mirror on the first floor, and — back in the coach house — the completely unplugged old-school phone with the “call waiting” light blinking.

So, yes, what I’d witnessed in 2008 was very weird. I just didn’t say much about it at the time.

Five years later — in 2013 — when Kris confirmed many of my experiences, without knowing about them ahead of time, I was delighted.

As of 2013, it seemed like the ghosts were learning from visitors. The ghosts’ responses were more specific, more consistent, and involve more senses so the Spalding Inn had become a more useful research location.

In 2013, in the main building, the dining room felt like more of a “safe haven” from intrusive ghosts. We could get away from them. But, the perimeter was odd. It was like walking through spiritual jello, if that makes sense.

The extended corridor (where the sleeping rooms are) was far more active than it had been.

Previously, I’d categorized most of the activity there as fae and perhaps Native American.

Now, several ghosts seem to have increased their presence there.

(I’m not sure what words to use for that, because I’m not sure if those ghosts were there all along, but fairly silent… or if they’d migrated to that part of the hotel, where they had a bigger audience.)

At the time, Kris confided that Jason and Grant were thinking of selling the hotel. I told her that was a good idea.

(I did not tell her that the energy at the hotel seemed angry. It was a somewhat nasty, drain-everything-from-you kind of energy. Not just a spiritual attack, but I had no doubt the malicious energy wanted to destroy the hotel’s business, crush morale, and generally tear things up. I was happy not to be spending the night there.)

I’m glad they sold the hotel. I wish the new owners very good luck with it.

My Northern NH Ley Line Map

NH ley lines mapFor the 2013 event, I’d created a special information sheet that featured ley lines at and near the Spalding Inn, and northern New Hampshire in general.

The illustration is at right. If you draw these lines on a larger map, you can see where they extend into other states. All locations along the lines are worth exploring.

The ghost figures indicate locations where ghosts have been reported. The star-in-circle marks indicate other paranormal reports (UFOs, etc.) and anomalies.

If you’re researching in NH, check sites on either line.

Choose the northern one if you’re interested in ghosts. Choose the southern one if you’re eager to find Bigfoot (yes, there are reports along that line) or see UFOs.

4 thoughts on “[NH] Spalding Inn, Ley Lines (Whitefield, NH)”

  1. Hello,
    My husband and I will be going to the Spaulding Inn this weekend, Nov. 8-10, we are going to be staying in Room 15 of the carriage house. We have been to the Inn many times for parties and ghost hunts and have never be disappointed, so we can’t wait for this weekend to see what is in store!

    1. Hi, Sue!

      I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. I’ve been to the Spalding often, and it’s always a new experience!


  2. Im just curious as to if you are going to Rhode Island for research? It is one of the oldest states in the country had quite a few big indian tribes in the area,i know its a small state but the rich history lends itself toparanormal activity.my own research has been verry fruitfull and i believe someone with better equipment and resources could yield incredible results.I dont understand why its so overlooked.sad enough a paranormal group has its headquarters in warwick RI and they only did one show in 4 years on tv….not to call out that group but they go buy the name T.a.p.s

  3. Sometimes i wonder why the great James Randi doesn’t visit these obvious locations of paranormal,he may bag the million $ prize himself and get it exempted from income tax.

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