Can a Ghost Read Your Mind?

Can a ghost read your mind?  That’s what Maddy from Santa Monica asked me, today.

That’s not a simple question to answer.  It depends on the context.

First, we’re not sure what ghostly phenomena are.  Are they all spirits of the dead… really?  I’m not convinced of that.  The more I work in this field (over 30 years), the certain I am that some (not all) of what we’re encountering aren’t “dead people.”

That includes such a wide range of possibilities, it all depends on what’s real for you:  Pranks by humans (people who are alive), angels, demons, aliens, faeries, the person’s imagination, or… well, I’m sure there are another dozen or more explanations that could work equally well, depending on your beliefs.

My personal view: I believe that at least 50% of what I encounter in the field is actually someone alive and well and living in his or her own time stream.  In some cases, that time stream is our past.  And, I think that moments of intense emotion convey across the barrier between our worlds — the veil, or the membrane that separates us — more clearly than when someone is having a ho-hum normal day.

I also believe that some ghostly phenomena are caused by other paranormal entities… things outside our current definition of “normal,” but they may turn out to be not-so-weird, after all.

However, I don’t expect most people to agree with me.

For many ghost hunters, 100% of what they encounter will be spirits of the dead.

But, let’s consider the possibility that ghostly phenomena aren’t always caused by people who’ve died.

If it’s a demon or something malicious, I think it’s been well documented that demonic incidents include the ability to read the victim’s mind, as well as the minds of almost everyone who attempts to help remove, banish, or exorcise the demon.

Also, I wouldn’t rule out deliberate, mind control techniques by malicious entities, or by those who don’t fully understand how unguarded we can be, working in this field.   Though reports of that kind of problem are extremely rare, each ghost hunter should be aware of this, even before you leave for an investigation.

To be blunt, if you feel like something is trying to connect with you, and you’re uncomfortable with that — as you should be, if something is reaching out beyond the physical confines of the haunted site — it might be wise to stay at home and alert others who are going ahead with the investigation.

By contrast, many people who communicate with angels (and other benevolent entities) will assure you that angels are given many spiritual gifts, and often know your own thoughts and wishes better than you do.   Of course, that’s more empathic than mind-reading.

Other entities, including faeries and aliens… it’s anyone’s guess about their ability to use telepathy as a one-way or two-way communication stream.

Ghosts – It’s all about me?

So, let’s get back to the subject of ghosts.  The next thing to consider is the question: Why do people haunt?

If we assume that they’re stuck here for some reason, those reasons become important to them and to us.

  • Maybe the person refuses to believe he or she has died.
  • Perhaps the person recognizes the death, but has unrealistic expectations about what’s supposed to happen next.
  • The ghost may have unfinished business or a story to tell, before letting go of this existence.

In almost every possible scenario like that, the ghost’s attention is on him- or herself.  Why would the ghost want to read your mind… even if that were possible?

So, if a spirit that’s haunting for those traditional reasons, mind reading is unlikely.

Guardian spirits and rapport

The second most likely situation is where a family member, friend, or other benevolent and caring spirit is visiting from the other side.  That’s a lot like an angel.

He or she is interested in you.  That’s the opposite of a ghost with a personal agenda.

It seems reasonable that a guardian spirit would have empathic gifts, at the very least.  So, if the spirit is someone who cares deeply about you and wants to know how you’re doing, and perhaps how he or she can help you… yes, I think mind reading is a possibility.

Remember, this is all speculation.  However, if you start with the idea that ghosts are real and most spirits you encounter will be from “the other side,” you can use logic to decide whether or not a ghost might want to read your mind.

If it’s a ghost with a very personal agenda — something he or she needs help with, urgently — the ghost is less likely to care what you’re thinking.  He or she is focused on getting help.  Mind reading is unlikely in that situation.

If it’s a spirit visiting from the other side, checking to be sure you’re okay, an empathic connection (aka, mind reading) is not only possible but likely.

9 thoughts on “Can a Ghost Read Your Mind?”

  1. Hello Fiona, I am the Assistant Director of a Paranormal group and I had an interesting experience related to this article. My group captured an EVP at a residential investigation that we were at of either an entity using mind reading or the power of suggestion. We posted this EVP on our Facebook page. The scenario was, one of our members was standing near a set of stairs and was thinking about going down the stairs. His significant other was sitting near by watching him, just prior to her asking him if he was going down the stairs, we heard the entity say “Are you going down there?” About ten seconds after the entity says that, his wife asks him if he is going down stairs and for him to be careful. Needless to say we were quite shocked at hearing this EVP, especially those that were involved.

    1. Robert, that’s fascinating! Thanks so much for posting this. I may need to post a survey, to see how many others may have encountered something like mind reading during investigations.

  2. I’ve seen shadow people on two seperate occasions in my home. Each time was when I wasn’t thinking about them. But since then, it’s always in the back of my mind that they could be here…and yet I haven’t seen them since. Can’t help but think they know I’m expecting to see them so they don’t show themselves.

  3. I can feel that a certain place is haunted but have never seen a ghost but do believe in them. Recently I read about shadow people and it gave me the chills. Would it be possible for me to generate a situation for me to see a ghost or shadow person? Is it easier to see them in the “witching hours,” or any time after dark?

  4. I believe those of our ancestors and immediate family and friends that have crossed over do read our thoughts and send signs, thoughts, or indications that they’ve picked up just what we’re thinking or concerned about. I’ve had too many experiences where I knew “they” knew exactly what i was thinking.

  5. Thoughts and emotions are energy, energy can be perceived by most. If one of your friends is behind you, looking/thinking in your direction, can you not feel that? Again, simply a form of energy being directed at you, you perceive it and turn around. When I was younger I found that conversations had with entities are via something similar to thoughts,some are in words and most come through in like a feeling that I have to translate into words. For these reasons I would say yes, intelligent entities can definitely hear or feel your thoughts.

    As for shadow people, I do not trust them. To me they seem to sneak, hide and do not like to be directly seen. Very lurky type creatures and fast- often with a sense they are up to no good. I have not seen any in a long time, and though they seem to like night mostly, I and a friend of mine both seen one during the day time, sun shining and all. I did find that quite unusual. My gut feeling about the shadow people is to not encourage them to enter your home or space.

    If you are wanting to experience such things then travel to places to quench such thirst. I would advise against inviting things you do not understand into your home. There are many that are harmless but there are somethings that hold malice and it is the things that up to no good that happy to accept such invites.

  6. Hi my name is Nina i myself is encountering ghostly activity in my home it doesnt do it till night time nor does it do it when my bf is awake it’s actually driving me crazy and I’m lacking sleep but it hides my things and it like touches bags of chips sn knocked over my fingrt nail polish sounds like its cleaning off my tables could sum 1 plz help me!! Ty 🙂

  7. I can feel what ghost wants if that makes any sense, I cant control it; it just happens. The strongest was when my friend Sandra’s mom past away. I had a dream an old lady was choking me against a brick wall telling me to “stay away from her”. (I had also been able to feel this lady when ever my friends boyfriend is around it follows him.) and when I would visit Sandra and her mom would be doing better it was an awesome feeling of love warmth and a goodbye, until the boyfriend (Eddie) came in and I could feel the same scary lady almost hugging her.) So anyway I woke up feeling like I just brushed my teeth, minty fresh then had the urge to visit my friend Sandra. I got there and her mom had JUST PAST AWAY!! the crazy part is that I can hear her mom pissed off saying tell her to leave, she don’t belong here! I was saying in my head “who?” she said her I looked up and it was her oldest daughter. I was thinking “I am so not going to tell her!!” she is your daughter!! and she said “I don’t care” I didn’t say it and I can feel her getting mad. So I told Sandra what was going on in my head I felt like a nut ball! But then she told me they had been fighting over a year and that she took everything her mom had so they were not on talking terms. I then felt her everywhere I was able to hear and feel her.

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