What Some Ghost Enthusiasts Believe – Jan 2019

January 2019 survey of ghost enthusiasts' interests

What do Hollow Hill visitors believe? That’s what I asked in a late January 2019 poll.

Here are the results:

Ghost hunting survey January 2019

The votes represent about 3% of the people who visited that webpage. So, I’m not sure these numbers are reliable.

Why so few votes? I’m pretty sure one reason is concerns over privacy, and what data might be collected during the voting process. I understand my readers’ and fans’ concerns, though – in this case – nothing more than vote numbers were recorded.

In order, here’s what they believe in:

Ghosts – Since this is a ghost hunting website, I’m not surprised that most people believe in ghosts.

Angels – My readers tend to include many deeply spiritual people. So, faith in angels isn’t a surprise.

Also, there’s the matter of the words we use. The creepy entity lurking in the shadows at the haunted abandoned hospital may be a “ghost.” But, if a deceased relative visits you, to be sure you’re okay, she or he is often described as an “angel” or a “spirit.”

UFOs and Aliens – That number surprised me. Oh, I’ve seen flying objects that were either UFOs or really, really good experimental vehicles. And the latter had to be very well-kept secrets, as well. (In Northern California, two of us saw a huge object – big enough to nearly blot out the sky – about 100 feet overhead. And it was totally silent. But, an air base was nearby, so – for me – whether it was a test vehicle or a UFO… that’s a coin-flip.)

With the number of my readers who conduct research late at night, often in isolated places with little light pollution, I probably shouldn’t be surprised that they’ve seen weird things in the sky, too.

Demons – Again, this isn’t a surprise. I didn’t believe in demons until I met John Zaffis, over 20 years ago. (I was the opening speaker at a Massachusetts conference. He was the closing speaker that year.) His presentations showed compelling evidence for evil, malicious, demonic entities. Later, my friendship with Father Andy Calder added more reasons to believe in demonic risks at “haunted” sites.

Though I’m not sure where to draw the line between “angry ghosts” and “demons,” John’s experiences were enough to scare me. That’s why I don’t talk about demons very much; if an entity at a haunted site might be dangerous, I leave.

Mandela Effect – Another expected answer, due to the wide range of reports, and an overlap if parallel realities could explain some (not all) ghost encounters, and some (not all) Mandela Effect memories.

Shadow People – For me, this was predictable. I’m not sure what shadow people are, and if they’re a category of ghosts, or something else. But, having photographed one – and seen him, in real life – I’m sure they exist. And, they tend to appear at haunted places.

Cryptozoological Creatures (Bigfoot, etc.) –  Many use the term “cryptids,” and – though I’ve only had a couple of encounter with what might be a cryptid – I’ve heard enough first-person stories to take this topic seriously. It’s just not my field of study.

Faeries (fairies) and Banshees – This did surprise me, as I thought the Venn diagram of “ghost believers” and “faerie believers” didn’t have much overlap. I’m rather pleased to see more open minds than I’d expected. I believe paranormal researchers may need to expand how we explain – and think about – lifeforms and entities we encounter.

Thank you to everyone who participated. If you’d like to add your thoughts, I welcome comments about this poll and these topics, as they related to ghost hunting.

6 thoughts on “What Some Ghost Enthusiasts Believe – Jan 2019”

  1. When I was younger I would vision things and with in a 24 hour time period it would happen and it was always bad. Not sure why this is happening to me . now just recently it started up happening again but this time a little different.but it always end up bad.I wish to chat with some one who could point me in the right direction and not to another shrink. Thank you in advance.

    1. Mark, if you want to suggest a chat option that protects everyone’s privacy, let me know. I’m uneasy sharing people’s email addresses via this website… and in general. (I’ve probably seen far too many weird comments at my site, and now I’m hyper-wary. I trust you because we’ve had online conversations for years.)

      1. That sounds like a good idea, Fiona. Having a private chat option to send private messages to other commenters is a good option to have on any board, and, come to think of it, it is surprising that more comments sections don’t have those private chat kinds of options, although, admittedly, there can be tech hurdles in many cases, depending on how the comments sections are set up.

  2. Hey there! I’ve been reading your website for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Fiona, a little while back, a girl named “grace” posted that she was interested in chatting with someone about her ability to see into the future. I told her that I would not mind chatting with her, but I also warned her that I don’t know if I am going to be of much help. Sometimes just chatting helps, anyway. You didn’t want to give e-mail addresses. However, you asked if I could think of a private chat option. Well, if she is still interested, maybe her and I can set up a time to chat in the Music Chat section of the website called: chat-avenue.com. I chose that section because there is, usually, not a whole lot of people there, so it can be easier to navigate, and it also has private chat capabilities. Please let her know about this proposal if she is still interested.

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