What interests you the most? (Poll closed)

We’re redesigning some of my websites, hoping to adjust the focus to meet your interests.  I created this survey to learn what interests you the most about ghosts and haunted places. Readers voted during mid-July 2018.

These are the results of the one-week poll:

Most people want to know about haunted places.
Results of one-week poll, July 2018

Poll is now closed. Thanks for participating!

3 thoughts on “What interests you the most? (Poll closed)”

  1. Along with the Survey I would like to see more articles on how to perform research on Property /people ect. It was only answer the questions no spot for opines so I thought to write this note.
    I have a lot of trouble knowing how to research.. I am sure many other spirt researchers would have the same problem.

    Thank you for your time
    Ronald White

  2. What interests me is the potential fact that an unknown kind of physics,definitely not chemistry,exists.This in itself is an astounding reality.

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