What Do You Believe In? – Poll

Do you believe in ghosts? What about shadow people, or demons, etc.?

Here are some general definitions, for this poll:

  • Do you believe in ghosts? A poll.Ghosts – Spirits of people who once lived in our world, and have experienced physical death.
  • Shadow people – Shadowy, human-ish figures that move, or are there… and then vanish. They may or may not be translucent. Most don’t have facial features. Shadow people are definitely the shape of human bodies.
  • Demons – Evil and malicious entities that may be connected with the concept of devils and Satan.
  • Angels – Kind and benevolent entities that may be unique to a spiritual context, or might be ascended spirits of those who once lived on Earth.
  • Fairies – Also spelled “faeries,” these creatures may be humanoid or fantastical (like unicorns, mermaids, etc.), and may be large or small, and friendly, helpful or mischievous, or – occasionally – malicious.
  • Banshees – A spirit that protects a family, and wails to predict danger.
  • Cryptozoological creatures – Non-human beings often labeled “myths,” including Bigfoot, chupacabra, pukwudgies, and so on.
  • UFOs and aliens – Beings from outer space, and the vehicles they travel in.
  • Mandela Effect –  Belief in a reality shift, based on clear memories of a history that doesn’t match our world’s popular history. (Ex: Berenstein Bears instead of Berenstain Bears.)

This poll is now closed, but you can see the results at What Readers Believe – Jan 2019.


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