Westford Knight, MA – His Importance in Ghost Hunting

In yesterday’s Hollow Hill article (about haunted Haverhill), I mentioned the Westford Knight. I’m not sure that Westford (Massachusetts) site is actually paranormal, though it might be worth checking out.
Westford Knight site, Westford, MA (templars)
The Westford Knight, in Westford © 2004 Matthew Trump

In my ley lines (for ghost hunting) research, I include the Westford Knight site because it has a weird (and credible) enough context.

Of course, between age, vandalism, and decades of acid rain, the artwork on the Westford Knight grave marker is barely visible now. (30 years ago, it was still fairly impressive. Today, it’s more likely to evoke a big yawn.)
So, here are references that may explain my enthusiasm when the Westford grave shows up on a ley line.
First, here’s a link to a lengthy history supporting the Westford Knight theories. (Illustrations aren’t so great.)
Instead, look at the photos with this not-as-informative article:
  • Templars in America by Tim Wallace-Murphy
And here’s an article that shows a grave marker from a related era, in a similar style, with an equally fascinating history.
Whether or not you take the Westford Knight history seriously, it stands out as an anomaly. It’s something weird and incongruous in an otherwise typical, lovely New England town.
In the future, I’ll talk more about ley lines and how useful they are to ghost hunters. But, for now, the Westford Knight is a great example of a not-necessarily-ghostly point that increases the potential of any ley line that crosses it.
That includes the haunted Haverhill ley line.

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3 thoughts on “Westford Knight, MA – His Importance in Ghost Hunting”

  1. Could you extend the line south through Littleton?? Littleton was a praying village and the home of the Nashoba/Nipmuc Native Americans

    Might want to check all the praying villages as the colonials expanded the natives consolidated in “special” areas

    1. Wow, and thank you, Ross! I’d never heard about praying villages, which is kind of extraordinary (and a little embarrassing) in the context of my research.

      The line could definitely be extended south. In fact, any ley line can be extended indefinitely, if it appears to connect more related sites… beyond random chance, that is.

    2. I live in Littleton and I’m pretty close to the Westford side. I see all sorts of strange things, usually around the old Minute Man cemetery just by the common and the trail behind it. On part of that trail there is evidence there there was an old stagecoach road that the two brothers trail that was connected to the cemetery flat sloped hill and markings on the rocks from the metal rim of stagecoach carts). I have seen allot of orbs and shadow people back there.

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