Vent Here: What’s frustrating about ghost hunting?

floating pumpkinsIt’s nearly Halloween. It’s when many people explore local haunts in search of real ghosts.

But, times have changed.

  • It’s not 1848, when the Fox sisters reported ghostly rapping noises at their upstate NY home. (A family who’d lived in that same home, earlier, had fled in fear. So, the Fox sisters weren’t the first to talk about that site’s ghosts.)
  • It’s not 1959, when paranormal encounters were popularized by an early TV series, “One Step Beyond,” and Shirley Jackson’s book, “The Haunting of Hill House,” was both a literary and commercial success.
  • It’s not 1977, when “The Amityville Horror” fascinated readers and – later – spawned a successful movie franchise.
  • It’s not 2004, when “Ghost Hunters” inspired viewers to explore haunted places for their own eerie encounters.

What I’d like to know is: what’s frustrating about ghost hunting, right now? What prevents you from enjoying truly haunted places?

I’m looking for things that can be changed or improved. I’m eager to find solutions to difficulties and challenges in ghost hunting.

But, I also want to hear about things that seem to have no answers. Anything ghost-related that makes you sigh (or sputter) and say, “Well, that’s not going to change.”

This is your chance to vent, in private. (Comments will not be made public. You’ll see only your own comments in your browser… no one else’s, and they won’t see yours, either.)

So, go ahead and vent. Rant and complain, if you want to. It doesn’t have to be tidy. It’s okay if it’s a “nobody can solve this” problem.

I’ll read everything, and take your comments seriously. If I can find an answer, or at least a way to help, I’ll do what I can. (Or, I’ll ask others who may have better insights, and see if we can pool our resources.)

Tell me what you don’t like, can’t seem to figure out, or outright hate about ghosts, ghost hunting, and haunted places. Tell me what isn’t working in ghost hunting.

Scroll down this page to leave your comments. I’ll read every one of them.

Update: I’m enjoying every one of these comments, and nodding in agreement. I’m also brainstorming better solutions to some of these problems. (Except for stupidity. I’m not sure anyone has an answer to that. Yet.)

One thought on “Vent Here: What’s frustrating about ghost hunting?”

  1. M, your comment is worth replying to (without revealing your original comment or identity, of course).

    I think the topic you’re referencing is this: Fmr. Manager of DOD Aerospace Threat Program: “UFOs are Real”

    UFOs aren’t directly in my field of research, but I do include credible UFO reports in my ley line research. (In my opinion, when someone sees something bizarre, how he or she later describes it — as a ghost, alien, angel, faerie, etc. — depends entirely on his or her cultural and spiritual context. So, in my research, weird = weird. Labels are less important.)

    And, like you, I’m amazed these recent announcements have been so casually dismissed, even by (or perhaps especially by) those who believe in other paranormal phenomena.

    Sincerely, Fiona

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