Wilton, NH – Vale End and Pukwudgies

On 17 June 2008, I was on the Ghost Chronicles International radio show as Ron Kolek‘s co-host. Our guest was Christopher Balzano, the founder and lead investigator of Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads. The topic was Pukwudgies.

During our conversation, I summarized our encounters with something similar at Vale End Cemetery in Wilton, New Hampshire. I’m still deeply affected by those experiences, and I rarely even try to discuss them. However, I have written about those events. My story begins at Vale End – possible demons.

Our investigator’s 1999 death may have been a coincidence. However, because the circumstances were so unique and never explained to our satisfaction — and with this additional information about Pukwidgies — it’s even more important to avoid Vale End Cemetery.

On a more positive note, Ron Kolek, UK psychic David Wells (from the popular show, “Most Haunted”), Welsh psychic entertainer Gavin Cromwell, and I will be among the psychics and investigators leading the Haunted Lighthouses Tour organized by Jeremy D’Entremont on August 7th, 2008.

It will be a full day of weird and true ghost stories, and some eerie and unforgettable experiences in several of New England’s most haunted lighthouses.

8 thoughts on “Wilton, NH – Vale End and Pukwudgies”

  1. I have recently began the process of publishing a book dealing namely with my observations and close study of Puckwudgie creatures in New Hampshire. These creatures are living breathing animals and not ghostly spirits. I have been lucky to have had numerous encounters with Puckwudgie having made detailed observations. I was raised in New Hampshire where I still reside. Hopefully by early next year spring of 2014 my book will be available for interested readers titled “Puckwudgie (Legend of Sunset Hill)” By Ralph S Hutchinson
    This story I have imparted is a true review of facts about my personal encounters with the creatures. I perhaps may be the only person in the world to have physically examined a living Puckwudgie, the details shall be contained in my book. They are the most fascinating creatures on the planet, nothing compares to the Puckwudgie due to very unusual anatomy, high intelligence and danger to humans.
    If you are looking for a great story and willing to feature a new author please contact me.
    Thank you Fiona for this feature.

    Ralph S Hutchinson
    Field Research Scientist, Author

    1. Good day Ralph,
      I hope this reaches you as I would love to include your experience with these cryptids in a book I’m working on. My book will be an investigative approach to folklore across the United states. If you’d be willing to email me some of your personal experiences with Puckwudgie it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Puckwudgie Legend of Sunset Hill by Ralph Hutchinson is available for ordering http://www.dorrancebookstore.com
    This is a non-fiction book which tells the story of actuall encounters in New Hampshire with Puckwudgie creatures and other cryptids.

  3. Would someine please contact me, I have a photograph of a real living pukwudgie i took at vales end cemetery. Im not a ghost hunter or anything. I just took some photos on a real camera and film and it showed up in the developed photos. I still cant believe it. But its very obviously a pukwudgie to the exact description of grey skin that glows. It was stalking me while i took the photos. Very creepy. Please contact me. Id really like to show you the photo.

    1. Debbie, I’ve advised against researching at Vale End, and pukwudgies aren’t my specialty.

      In the past, I’ve explained that I generally refuse to keep copies of any paranormal photos from Vale End. I’m concerned that any connection with the energy at that cemetery could be dangerous.

      So, though I appreciate your offer, I’d prefer not to see your photos. I’m also alarmed that something was “stalking” you at that cemetery.

      I recommend contacting Ron Kolek, as his research focus is very different from mine, and includes pukwudgies.

    2. I’d love to see your photos. I’m in the process of researching and investigating Vale end and any information or evidence I can see would be tremendously helpful. My email is [email protected] thank you

      1. I hope your Vale End investigations are completely different from what I encountered there. I went back there, once, with a TV show, and will never return there again. (I doubt the cameraman will return there, either.)

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