Trapped Spirits and Provoking

Does provoking help ghost investigators?

Are ghosts really “stuck” in this world?  What holds them here?  What can you do to help ghosts “cross over”?

Should you worry about being trapped here later, as a ghost?

In this 13-minute podcast from 2009, I discuss those points and more.

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Podcast summary

person trapped behind glassSome ghosts seem trapped when they actually refuse to cross over.

Most “stuck” or “trapped” ghosts are in denial about having died. We can try to help them, but they usually need more time. They must realize what’s happened, and allow themselves to cross over.  Nothing else keeps them here.

A few have very specific expectations for what should happen next. Generally, they’re theology based.

Note: In this podcast, I don’t intend to sound flippant.

If I do, it’s because I feel exasperated when a ghost insists that he has to see angels with wings, and a choir, and golden or pearly gates… or he’s not going anywhere.

Or maybe he’s waiting for a boat, and a boatman named Charon, and the River Styx.

Or, he has some other very rigid, fixed ideas of what the afterlife should look like.

Meanwhile, it seems like nobody – including his waiting family, on the other side – can change his mind.

Thankfully, the vast majority of ghosts remain here of their own free will, visiting us for a reason. Sometimes, they have unfinished business we can assist with.

A few lessons to learn from anguished spirits: The importance of resolving anger, and focusing on what’s important.

(I’m reminded of the late David Cassidy’s final words, “So much wasted time.”)

Is provoking okay?  I’m opposed to it. I don’t like provoking spirits, just as I don’t like playground bullies.  In fact, I consider provoking rude.  So, I avoid it. (In very rare, extreme situations, it may be necessary.)

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Originally recorded on 28 Aug 2009 by Fiona Broome.

Intro & concluding music: Zombie, by Devin Anderson.


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2 thoughts on “Trapped Spirits and Provoking”

  1. i live in a house that we built from the ground up so there has never been another owner. my brothers fiance died about 2 miles from here because of a car crash. she was pregnant at the time and they managed to save her son he is now almost 6 and e still see her in the house and wierd things happen all the time. showers turn on toys move and go off by them selves is it even possible? she didnt die in this house how is she here?

    1. Cindy,

      Remember, many of us believe that spirits can visit or linger here of their own free will. Unlike “ghosts” who are generally identified with some location, spirits visit people and places when they want to. So, there’s no reason to be concerned, or expect your brother’s fiancee to be limited to locations related to her life and death.

      It sounds to me like she’s trying to get your attention. Talk out loud to her, tell her she’s welcome to visit you whenever she likes (within reason, of course), and see if that helps the activity settle down a bit.


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