Tinnitus and Ghost Hunting

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Is tinnitus sometimes related to paranormal activity?

This subject takes me far into the fringes of speculation. I know that, and no, I don’t take all of this as seriously as it may sound in text.

But, I do think we need to explore the “what if…?” questions, just in case.

So, here’s one theory: Like EMF spikes, tinnitus could be another marker, signaling a time or location (or both) where the “veil between the worlds” is thinner.

This could be a temporary opening or something more permanent.

I’m especially interested in whether changes in tinnitus — a persistent or irregular ringing in the ears, commonly affecting about 10% of the population — are just more indication of increase EMF, or distinct markers in themselves.

However, I’m not the only person to question whether tinnitus and EMF might be related. For example, people have been discussing the connection at sites such as Tinnitus Talk.

In fact, I may be fairly late to this party, as I’ve found a study that concludes, “Our data indicate that tinnitus is associated with subjective electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”

I’m very interested in what people notice about tinnitus in relation to all kinds of EMF variations, and all kinds of paranormal activity.

This includes perceived volume, pitch, duration, whether it’s predominantly in one ear or the other, and if a compass direction is involved.

I’m also looking for patterns in tinnitus changes, related to local time and sidereal time.

This is not about tinnitus cures, related medical symptoms, and so on. (Comments on those topics will not be approved. I can’t risk us wandering into “medical advice.” And, that’s far off-topic, anyway.)

My interest is fairly narrow, and focusing on any patterns related to paranormal activity and perceived tinnitus changes — before, during, or immediately after the event.

I’m also interested in tinnitus that increases at locations associated with sacred sites, ghosts, regular UFO sightings (I’m thinking of the Marfa Lights, etc.), and so on.

If you have some insights, I hope you’ll share them in comments at this website. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Tinnitus and Ghost Hunting”

  1. Absolutely yes, I have a serious poltergeist or ghost or I don’t know what in my house ( he’s physically capable to move heavy stuff like glass paints statue etc and drop them in the floor when I’m in the other room,I live alone) and when I get to my block my tinnitus(24/7 both ears get crazy noisy, if it can be helpful the poltergeist follow me at work as well, my coworkers are getting from sceptical to really scary because he make stuff fell and brake always in the room when nobody is there

  2. I don’t know if this is relative to the conversation or topic but I suffer from seizures,which are electrical charges from the brain…. before my brain fires off, my head starts to hum and then my ears ring. I will seize when exposed to different sound frequencies…. certain musical tones, voices, electrical lines or pending storm can set me off. It stands to reason then that EMF variations related to paranormal activity may cause tinnitus in those who are sensitive to electrical changes.

  3. I have been experiencing severe tinnitus but whenever I am away from the home I do not experience it at all. Last week I spent a week away and was able to experience pure silence for the first time in months. This always happens when I spend time away. I know my house is haunted as I have video evidence of paranormal activity. I’ve had a lot of migraines and I didn’t get those while I was away either. Living here amongst these other entities is affecting my health badly.

    1. Jenny, my first suggestion is to move, or spend time away from the house while you have it thoroughly evaluated.

      If you’re the homeowner (or if you’re a tenant and otherwise like the house), have someone investigate the problems using tools that detect actual sound frequencies, including infrasound. There could be a natural explanation – something normal, not paranormal. But, that doesn’t mean it can be repaired. For example, if the problem is an underground spring, or a highway bridge that resonates at a pitch that you hear (but others usually don’t), the only solution may be to move.

      I hope you’re able to find answers. But really, regardless of the cause, there is no good reason to remain in a house that’s impacting your health like that. If you’re a tenant, a doctor’s note should help you end the lease. If you’re the homeowner, talk with realtors about selling it and – in the meantime – rent the house if you can, but at least move in with friends or family, while you resolve this.

      Please be mindful of your own health & safety, and take action, immediately.

      Sincerely, Fiona

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