The Role of the Observer

In quantum studies, the role of the observer is a key part of how we perceive reality.

In paranormal research, including ghost investigations, it’s important to consider how much the observer impacts the findings.

headphones on someone listeningSpecifically, I’m thinking about people who — using the same camera (not just one like it) or listening to the same EVP recording — get much better results than others do.

In the case of EVP results, is the recording affected by the first person who listens to it, or the first person who listens to it and hears something?

I’m not talking about the power of suggestion. That is, when everyone suddenly hears the voice saying, “Get out,” once they’ve been told that’s the most likely phrase.

Instead, I’m speculating about the recordings that one person hears and says, “Nope, nothing.”

Then — double-checking the results — a second person hears something clearly. This is an even more important question if everyone (including the first listener) suddenly hears the EVP clearly.

This is entirely speculation, but it’s worth considering. We can’t rule anything out, as we’re exploring paranormal phenomena.

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