Gilson – Ghost Orbs Return (6/02)

This article is from June 2002, and it was a simple update about what was happening at Gilson Road Cemetery, as the surrounding landscape changed and a subdivision moved in.

Gilson Rd Cemetery sign
The old Gilson Road Cemetery sign.

We visited Gilson Road Cemetery in June 2002, to check the cemetery and update the rest of the team.

This was when Tanglewood Estates was just starting to move in, across the street from Gilson Road Cemetery.

Three of us visited the cemetery at dusk. The Gilson Road Cemetery sign had been cut off with a saw. A new iron gate was on the uprights at the entrance.

Gilson Rd Cemetery - iron gate
New gate at Gilson Road Cemetery, already vandalized.

What else has changed:

  • Cold spot observed slightly above Joseph Gilson stone, with compass anomalies moving from the headstone towards the NW (to the next headstone).
  • More slightly visible anomalies.  We’d worried that the subdivision was going to drive away the ghostly anomalies.  So far, it hasn’t.
  • The “movie” was playing again, with some changes, if you’re psychic. (See our pages about Gilson Road Cemetery – November 1999 for more about the battle, or “the movie” as we later called it.)
  • Woodland animals were chattering and noisy in the surrounding area. We didn’t hear them that much before the subdivision moved in.  I got the idea that they weren’t happy about being displaced from their previous homes and hunting grounds.

Don’t take my word for it: See the October 2000 (Halloween week) article in the Nashua Telegraph for this phenomenon, as reported by a skeptic.

Tanglewood Estates
Tanglewood Estates, a shiny new subdivision built across the street from Gilson Rd. cemetery.

Gilson Road Cemetery – Ghost Orb (2002)

On the evening of 21 May 2002, I visited Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH, to experiment with photographs.

My goal was to take photos with normal, false anomalies (insects, pollen, etc.) to show students in an upcoming class.  Unfortunately, almost all of my orb photos from that night… they’re paranormal.

Using a digital camera, I took just two “regular” photos after dusk. One has no anomaly:

The next one has an orb-type anomaly:

Many people have asked me if that’s a “smiley face” in the second photo. It’s not. Enlarged, here’s how it looks:

I use this photo to illustrate the qualities that separate rain orbs, pollen orbs, etc., from the orbs that we consider anomalies, or “ghost orbs.”

When the Tanglewood Estate was first moving in, anomalies weren’t reliable at Gilson Road Cemetery.  Frankly, I expected all ghostly activity to stop, since the area had changed from being very rural to being very… well, suburban.

The good news is, after the biggest changes were over, Gilson’s orbs returned:

Remember: Always take two photos in a row.  If  you can, remain completely still and don’t even breathe between photos.

If there’s an identical orb in both photos, you can probably assume that it’s a reflection.

If orbs are in just one, and the orbs aren’t insects or pollen, and there was no explanation at the time,  I’d assume it’s an anomaly.

Gilson Road Cemetery – What IS This?

Is this a real ghost at haunted Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH?

Weird photo from Gilson Cemetery

This “ghost photo” was taken at Nashua’s Gilson Road Cemetery when we were researching ghosts and hauntings. It’s one of my favorite “What is this?” pictures.

I took this ghost photo with a $6 disposable Fuji camera. On that night, a group of us were testing inexpensive cameras to see what an amateur could expect when taking photographs at random in a haunted location.

By the time I took this photo, the fog was just starting to roll in. We could see clearly without a flashlight, and many of our cemetery pictures were normal, but the mist became a factor later in the night.

We took two identical shots at every spot, and the photo immediately before this was almost entirely black and crisp. (You can see it at my article about the strange mist that night.)

The photo after this one was also sharp. It looked identical to the first of the three. There was no photographic evidence of humidity or fog, just a few orbs. It’s typical of what we see in photos from Gilson.

No one was smoking. There were no houses nearby when this picture was taken, so there was no risk of wood smoke from a fireplace, either.

(Since then, a subdivision has been built immediately across the street from this cemetery.)

What is this weird, swirly mist…? Is that a gravestone to the right?

It should be, because that’s what the camera was pointing at.

We’ve had dozens of letters from readers, suggesting everything from a ghostly finger to the Virgin Mary. This is our most popular real “ghost photo.”

Whatever it is, it’s weird. And cool. And yes, this is real. It’s not altered from the original film print in any way at all.

I don’t think that it’s scary, but some people do. In fact, it reminds me of an old InfiniteFish background, in a way.

Camera: Fuju disposable Quicksnap, 800 ASA
Developed at: One-hour processing, Shaw’s Royal Ridge, Nashua
Location: Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, NH
When: 26 Nov 1999, about 5 p.m.

2012 update:  After testing photography techniques, I’ve realized that this might be the result of exhaling while taking the photo.

However, there’s a problem with that theory. The orbs in this photo… they’re not consistent with other false anomalies (with the same camera) from exhaling.  So, this is still my best mystery photo.

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