[MA] Bradford College – 4. haunted tunnels

Bradford College, Bradford, Massachusetts – 11 March 2000


Our next stop was in the tunnels, which connect several of the main buildings. I think we entered them from the Campus Center, but I don’t know the buildings, and I was still musing over the odd room we’d been in, on the Academy’s fourth floor.

(The Campus Center may have been haunted, probably by something playful, but there were students in the area. A full investigation was impossible.)

As we reached the basement level, I sensed one of those silly green ghosts, like the Slimer from the Ghostbusters movies. The atmosphere was light and playful, and fun.

However, the tunnels–one more level down–were dark and eerie. In one of them, I “saw” a girl running in the darkness, and I sensed that she was afraid of rape. I felt nauseous.

Afterwards, James said that he’d been hit in the gut by the energy in the tunnel, too. He’s generally a skeptic who experiences very little on ghost hunts.

(See my photos at Bradford College – Tunnel Orbs.)

While in the tunnel, we met a couple of people. One of them was a young man who later made a documentary about the Bradford ghost stories before the school closed its doors forever. (Bradford College’s accreditation lapsed, and filed bankruptcy.)

This was our first of two visits to the tunnels that day.


Bradford College’s tunnels are famous for their connection to the H.P. Lovecraft stories of the Necronomicon. Although Lovecraft’s book is reportedly fiction, there has been speculation about a real Necronomicon. Lovecraft did have a connection to Bradford College.

According to college lore, Lovecraft was dating a girl from the college, and she helped him find an unused tunnel (beneath Tupelo Pond) in which to bury the evil book called “the Necronomicon.”

Later, that tunnel was sealed off from the maze of tunnels beneath Bradford College.


We continued to Denworth Theatre, where I was certain we’d find almost no energy beyond normal poltergeist phenomena.

I was about 98% sure that the ghostly girl reported there was just legend, started when someone incorrectly repeated the “Amy and the priest” stories, and placed her in the theatre, not the Academy.

I anticipated a quick visit to the theatre, with little activity. I was anxious to visit Tupelo West, where the pendulum had indicated the most hauntings.

I was very, very mistaken, and I hope I never underestimate a “ghost story” again.

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[MA] Bradford College – 3. Academy 3, 4

Bradford College, Bradford, Massachusetts – 11 March 2000

Academy Building – third and fourth floors


Our next stop was the conference room on the third floor. This is a large, open room with tables and chairs in the middle for meetings.

As soon as I entered, I could “see” a cluster of students towards the center of the room, around something or someone–perhaps a couple of people–and involved in something mischievous. I interpreted this as hazing, and said so. James confirmed that with the pendulum.

Later, we found out that students had been using a Ouija board in that room, and that may account for some of the clusters that I saw.

It wasn’t strong energy, or particularly awful. Just mischief, sometimes with disturbing consequences, but the events in the center of the room were fairly harmless.


In the far right corner of the room, there was some stronger, unpleasant energy. I had mild EMF readings, between 2 and 3. It felt as if something odd had happened there. The event may have been awful at the time, but the residual energy wasn’t that strong for me. I had the very vague idea that someone may have gone out that row of windows, but it wasn’t a clear image. The energy was there, but not distinct enough for me to get a vivid impression.

Alan joined me there, and the EMF meter suddenly went flat. No readings at all. Alan face acquired that odd color he gets, when he’s in some unpleasant energy. I put the EMF meter next to him, and the readings returned–emanating from his body. He was not carrying a camera or cell phone.

The surrounding area remained entirely flat. Alan, whom we jokingly call “ghostbait,” had absorbed the residual energy. The area felt clear. Alan looked grim. He stayed there for a few more minutes, and then walked away.

I checked the rest of the room, and there were no significant readings. However, in the front left corner of the room (if you’re standing at either of the doors, entering from the hall), I had readings of 4-5 near the part of the wall where it looks as if someone has hit the wall with a hammer. There are round indentations, which mar the wall and the paint on it.

From outside the room, there were elevated readings on the other side of this area, so I assume there’s some lightly-shielded electrical wiring there, or an unshielded television upstairs, producing EMF radiation.


One notable event in that room, was when Ann decided to take a photo of a bulletin board in the room. It was covered with red construction paper, and at the top of the board, black letters said, “It Could Happen Here…” We had joked about how appropriate that line was. That part of the room didn’t seem to have any spectral energy, it was just funny.

Ann’s camera refused to work, again. No photo. That was odd. Alan and James tried to get the camera to work when it failed, and no one could see any reason why it was balking. They were not able to get the camera to work.


We climbed to the fourth floor, a commons room, number 457. I felt as if the ceiling was closing in on me, as I approached this room. It was as if the space was getting smaller, as in Alice in Wonderland.

Inside the room, I sensed that this was a “very bad room,” as I described it. Some very bad things had happened there. That’s all I can say. The words and impressions are through childish eyes. I do see smaller children, perhaps grammar school age, not college, and they’re somehow restrained. It’s not good. The words that came to me clearly were, “very bad.”

At the row of large windows, at the end of the room, I knew that someone had gone out that window. My impression was an odd mix, not violence exactly, and not exactly a suicide. I interpreted it as one of those 1970’s incidents where someone on drugs thought he could fly, and leaped out a window. However, that’s just a rationalization of the odd imagery I perceived there.

Ann commented that she could feel a sense of falling, and sort of “see” that someone had hit the ground there.

I was not so impressed with the person who may have gone out the window (or almost fallen?), but that the room had been used for some sort of discipline. I could sense that a lot of children had been in there, and it had been an awful experience to be summoned there.


One surprising event in that room, was when James tried to use my new pendulum. It broke, abruptly. The big link connecting the chain to the quartz pendulum opened, and even mechanically-inclined James couldn’t fix it, until after we returned home.

Outside the room, Ann tried to take more photos. Her camera was obstinate, but she was finally able to get a photo with it.

Again, the camera worked just fine when it wasn’t pointed at a haunted location, but there were problems when she tried to photograph any area where energy was reported.

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[MA] Bradford College – 2. Academy 1, 2

Bradford College, Bradford, Massachusetts – 11 March 2000

Academy Building – first floor bathroom, second floor radio station area

In the parking lot, James and I met Alan (pseudonym of the ghost hunter and karate instructor described in Gilson Cemetery accounts) and Ann (pseudonym of another ghost hunter and psychic). Soon, we were joined by Samantha Farley, the author of the paper about Bradford’s ghosts and the social implications of ghost stories.


Our first stop was a bathroom on the first floor, noted for odd condensation though is is an unlikely location for it. It felt a little odd there, but I found no EMF readings in the room. This was what I was expecting: minor “paranormal” energy levels, but nothing dramatic. Nothing that couldn’t be explained by overactive imaginations in an old building.


Next, we visited the second floor, near the radio station. This had been the focus of the “Amy and the priest” stories.

The area outside the radio station door seemed odd. There was legend of someone falling or jumping out the window there.

Through that window, I could see a windowed passageway from another building, and I felt that it was not good. Something unpleasant had occurred after someone had arrived from that passageway.

The EMF meter showed nothing unusual, with no readings at all except near the radio station door, as one would expect with significant electrical equipment there.

We waited in that area for awhile, because the energy was quite weak but I wanted to try to identify the residual energy impressions. Frankly, I thought this was about as good as it was going to get, on this ghost hunt. If I’d had any idea that we’d encounter an actual ghost later, I wouldn’t have spent so much time and energy on this area of the Academy building.

A student saw us, and asked what we were doing. I replied that I was checking energy levels for ghosts. He informed us that his room was the most haunted on campus, just a few feet away from where we were standing.

Although the EMF meter showed only small readings in his suite of rooms, the wall at the far left upon entering his room, seemed to drip unpleasant energy. “Drip” is the word that impressed me at the time. “Ooze” came to mind, as well.

I informed the student that there were minor readings on the EMF meter, but that the room felt awful and I certainly wouldn’t sleep there. Ann also didn’t like that corner of the room. The others were still out in the hall, by the radio station.

James was experimenting with the pendulum, and by the window, he was getting steady and strong “No, no, no” responses from the pendulum, without asking any questions.


Now that I had more of a sense of the residual energy–or perhaps it was just the timing–I suddenly “saw” a slender, blonde-haired girl, running in the direction we were walking (from the dorm room, towards the radio station), and into a wall where–in the internal/psychic vision–she ran through a doorway. It was dark past the doorway, so I didn’t know if it was a hall or a room, or the closet described in the ghost stories.

Bradford College - Amy's board

Above is a photo of the place where I “saw” the doorway that the girl ran through. The picture shows a bright white area on the board, near where I saw the door, but this is probably a reflection from my flash in the photo.

This series of images repeated itself about half a dozen times, each time becoming clearer. The girl was about five feet tall, maybe as tall as five foot three, but probably shorter. She was extremely slender. Someone asked me if she was anorexic, but I have the idea that she was merely a child, about 12-14 years old in appearance, and slender due to her youth, perhaps 80 pounds or so.

She had white-blonde hair, unusual in girls that mature, so she may have had Scandinavian or Germanic ancestry. Her hair was slightly stringy, and it reached halfway down her back. It was not thick hair, but not wispy either. It was straight, with a very slight wave towards the ends.

She was wearing a blouse, sometimes I saw it as pastel pink; at other times it seemed pale blue or lavender. The skirt or perhaps jumper, left the strongest impression. I saw it as a school uniform or Scottish plaid, with a brilliant electric blue and vivid red dominating. There was more blue in the plaid, than in most Scottish tartans. It was a very bold print.

Ordinarily I can use clothing to date a vision. However, due to her youth, a skirt–which I’d otherwise describe as late 1960’s–could have been from almost any era. She was outgrowing it, and it was at about knee length or slightly shorter. It looked too small for her.

I mostly saw her from the back, doing the teensy-step kind of run that children do, when they’re trying to sneak around. In one vision, she was out of breath and making a low, shrill noise as if she was terrified. In the others, there were no sounds and she didn’t seem certain that she was in danger. It was as if, sometimes as this energy is replayed, she thinks it could be a game.


I also “saw” a man in black clothing, with heavy shoes, striding angrily up the corridor that connected the two buildings. He had dark hair, notably darker than it should have been, for the age suggested by wrinkles on his forehead. Then again, he was angry, so perhaps that exaggerated the wrinkles. He had very thick eyebrows, but they weren’t curly. His complexion was fairly ruddy, but that may have been from anger and/or exertion.

I know that he didn’t care if anyone heard him. His footsteps were loud and heavy, and I also heard the swish-swish of cloth against cloth. This could indicate that he was carrying something made of cloth, that rubbed against his pants as he walked. Or he may have been in robes. Or he may have had very baggy pants, which flapped around his legs with each stride.


The visual energy imprint didn’t develop any further, so we took a few photos. Ann’s new camera refused to take photos of the wall where I “saw” the blonde girl. Ann stepped about four feet away, and pointed the camera in another direction, and it worked fine. Returning to photograph the wall, repeated attempts continued to fail.

I took a few photos with my two cameras. I took one photo with the camera that I’ve used at Gilson, that shows me spectral energy through the viewfinder. There was a bright light on the wall when I looked, at about the height a light fixture would be if there was a hall, room, or closet on the other side of what’s now just a wall. It was definitely artificial light, not sunlight or another energy form.


In Bradford, we were approached by several other students who had experienced odd noises in their rooms. About half the rooms measured in the 2-2.8 range with my EMF meter. This is elevated energy, but nothing spectacular. Higher readings were readily explained by electrical equipment, such as televisions, computers, stereos, and so on.

Most of the dorm room stories involved knocking or slapping noises, working their way around the interior walls of the room. Classic poltergeist activity, and often frightening, but nothing to worry about.

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[MA] Bradford College – ghosts summary

Bradford College, Bradford, Massachusetts – 11 March 2000

After hearing about haunted Bradford College for months, on March 11th, 2000, a small group of ghost hunters explored the legends–and buildings–of Bradford College.

Bradford College closed. The site is now Zion Bible College. Do not attempt to visit it without permission.

This is a summary of our findings, with links to our reports.

Summary of the ghosts we knew about before our visit:


Bradford College walkwayThis building is the main building on campus, with offices and dormitories. The Academy Building is also the site of numerous manifestations, mostly focused on the “Amy and the priest” story. According to one tale, when the college had been a girls’ school, a student (Amy) had become pregnant by a priest. He tried to keep her quiet, and she eventually killed herself–or was killed by the priest. There are several variations of this story.

Our reports:


We visited the underground tunnels linking several Bradford buildings. The tunnels are eerie, and troubling to explore. Our reports:

The stories from Denworth are more recent, but some are almost identical to the Amy-and-the-priest tale from Academy:

A student had an affair with a drama professor, or perhaps she was raped. He threatened her when she said she was pregnant and would tell the administration. He killed her and the baby, or he killed her when she was pregnant, or some variation of this sordid ending.

The student is generally mischievous, playing pranks on people in the theatre. She does not like to be talked about. She has been heard singing “Hush, Little Baby,” in the upstairs part of the building.

Our visit to Denworth was easily the most dramatic encounter with an actual ghost on the Bradford campus. It was one of our last stops when touring Bradford College.

Our report:


According to legend, a boy drowned in the pond and it is haunted. There is a second, more colorful legend about haunted ducks or other wildlife. The eerie events at the pond are attributed to the text mentioned in H. P. Lovecraft’s famous account of the Necronomicon.

According to local stories, the Necronomicon was buried in a secret tunnel that goes underneath the pond. The tunnel was sealed and its exact location is unknown.

Our report:  Bradford College – Tupelo Pond.


These are the sites of a variety of stories, mostly about the ghost of the little boy who drowned in the pond. He’s heard playing, particularly in the upstairs rooms of these two dorms. Tupelo West was the last stop on our tour of Bradford. Nothing dramatic happened there.

Our report: Tupelo West


One of the most recent stories, where a foreign student (perhaps Japanese) checked into the dorm early. While alone in the building, he left his room, and upon returning, he saw bloody footprints outside his door. In his room, he found an old woman, covered with blood. Variations of this story place the woman in a bathroom, or a reflection in the mirror only, and she’s young and in a black dress or a white gown, covered in blood.

We did not visit Greenleaf House.

Other locations – There are several other, less famous stories of ghosts on the campus. We did not investigate them.


I revisited Denworth Hall in April 2000. I confirmed the anomalous, high EMF readings in the stairwell approaching the dance studio, upstairs. The fuse box is responsible for elevated readings approximately 8 inches from the box. The other high EMF readings on 11 March 2000 and April 2000 are still unexplained. The girl was still in the area, but I was deliberately blocking communications from her. My purpose in visiting that area was to check the EMF readings in a “non-haunted” context.

I also visited the actual upstairs theatre in the building. There is a male ghost, or perhaps his residual energy, on the right side of the stage as you are facing it from the audience. He’s tempermental but not malicious. I think he’s from around 1930 or so, but he could be earlier or later. He’s tall, lanky, wears casual clothing, but he’s not in a tee-shirt from the current era. His “territory” covers an area of floorspace about 5 feet, square, in the wings but not in the rest of the backstage. I lean towards his presence being residual energy.

There is an entity above the stage, around the metal grid (“catwalk”) far above the stage. I did not like it. It “looked” black and human-sized. At the time, I did not think that it was, or ever had been, human. It seemed malicious to me.

Since then, people have told me another story, this one involving a young woman who hung herself from the catwalk.

To read about the entire investigation, start with our Preparations for Bradford College Ghost Investigation