So…You Want to Be on TV?

Apparently, a lot of aspiring ghost hunters and ghost hunting teams still want to be on reality TV shows, especially ghost-related reality shows.

I’ve been offered more shows than I can count, and I’ve turned all of them down.

(Update: I was a guest on just one show. It was filmed in 2012.  I decided I really ought to see if TV was as bad as I thought. I wasn’t impressed. My contract prevents me from saying which show it was. They didn’t even tell me when the episode aired in August 2013, and again in October. Isn’t that weird? You’d think they’d want me to tell my friends and fans to watch it.)

Yes, I’m kind of an anomaly in this field. I don’t want to be a TV star. Even as a little kid, I never once said, “When I grow up, I want to be on TV.”

For those who do want to become a star, these are my best tips:

Have a haunted house or business?

Shows may be looking for you.  Check casting calls (linked below). They often include calls for locations, too.

Want to meet TV stars?

Some people want me to to introduce them to TV stars, hoping that connection will lead to fame & fortune.

Yes, I know most (not all) stars of 21st century paranormal TV shows.

However, I don’t provide introductions. You can meet TV stars at conferences & events. Go to the stars’ websites and see when they’ll be appearing in your area.

For ghost hunters, paranormal investigators and ghost-hunting teams

Here’s the surest way to become a star in the paranormal field: Build a respected reputation.

I can practically promise you: TV shows will find you, even if your phone number is unlisted, and even if you’ve said clearly — as I have — that you don’t want to be in front of the camera.

In addition, many TV shows — new ones and shows already in production — have open casting calls.

Start anywhere.

You might appear on one show that’s unrelated to ghosts, and make a connection that leads to appearances on paranormal shows. If the audience like you, that may be the only credential you’ll need.

If your dream is to be on a reality TV show, here are some links to find out who’s casting for current shows, including some with paranormal themes:

If you want to be on a specific TV show, use the name of the show plus “casting calls” at any search engine. (Remember, many established TV shows go through agents rather than offer open casting calls.)

Fan sites can be helpful, too. Of course, be very careful about posting your contact info at any forum or website.*

Some people find casting calls on Craigslist or Facebook. (For example, Vampire Diaries has issued open casting calls via Facebook.) Of course, double- and triple-check every listing, and never go alone to a casting call you find on social media or a Craigslist-type site.

You’ll also find websites dedicated to casting calls for reality TV shows; some are better than others. One is (that link leads to video interviews with casting staff).

So, if your goal in life is to be on a reality TV show, you may be able to achieve that. I don’t recommend it, but the resources listed above may be helpful.

Important: I grew up around celebrities and I’ve lived & worked in Hollywood. My opinions are based on my experiences in and around high-profile fields.

I respect people who are willing to appear on TV, but it’s not a career I’d recommend to friends.

Before you decide to pursue a career on reality TV, read my critical articles and listen to my related podcasts. The following are just a few at this website.

Photo credit: Michal Zacharzewski, Poland (SXC)

*I routinely delete contact information from people’s comments, to avoid liability risks. Please don’t attempt to post any “please, cast me!” comments at this site.

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  1. A few days back,Gaurav Tiwari,apparently committed suicide.Gaurav a co-citizen of Lucknow went to US earned a commercial pilot’s licence but was interested in paranormal and ghost hunting,he learned ghost hunting and got certificates in the States,returned to India in 2009 and founded Indian Paranormal Society which specialised in ghost hunting.According to his family he wasn’t earning much despite various TV appearences.

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