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22 Jun 2020 / This site is now at new hosting. In the coming months, it will be undergoing more changes to make this site more focused and useful to new ghost hunters as well as pros.

25 Feb 2020 / Now that ghost hunting is less popular and more domain names are available, I was able to secure for this website. (It redirects to While the links will still say, the name of the site has changed.


For 2020, I’m making some big changes in my websites.

When I first started this site in 1999, this was one of just two or three how-to websites about ghost hunting. People bookmarked it and checked it regularly for paranormal research information.

Today, most people find this website via a search engine like Google.

I’ve written over 500 articles, and – for 2020 – it’s time to make them easier to find. Part of that includes updating the content, merging a few sites, and – generally – redesigning my sites for easier navigation.

Also, I’ll be simplifying some content and then creating highly focused books to explain each topic in more detail.

In addition, instead of using only social media as a way of sharing important paranormal news stories, I’ll be creating a News page here with links and my comments.

So, over the next month or two, you’ll see some changes. In most cases, your bookmarks will not change. What you will see is more content here, and simpler ways to find the kinds of information – how-to advice, haunted places, and so on – that you’re looking for.

4 thoughts on “Site Changes”

  1. Thank you for acknowledging that not all of us participate in social media.
    I discovered you via your Coast to Coast appearance…or was it Ground Zero? Coast to Coast I believe. Had I not heard that I would not know about the wealth of resources available. I hope you have enlisted help to catalogue. Thank you for being on the media and sharing with us.

    1. Mary, what a lovely comment, and thank you. I was on Coast-to-Coast with George Noury, and had such a fun time talking with him and callers. So, I’m glad you found me there. Sincerely, Fiona

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