Quantum Studies – Gooey and Prickly

Prism and spectrumQuantum science is difficult to discuss without delving deeply into terminology best suited to a Ph.D. program. That’s why I like the terms and phrases created by Fred Alan Wolf.

Specifically, I like to use terms like “gooey” (i.e., in the realm of possibilities, the substance with which we create realities) and “prickly” (i.e., the things we create with the gooey stuff, at least for our own observation).

The following video includes some of the interviews with Dr. Wolf. It’s from the movie, “What the Bleep…?” Quantum Edition, a DVD set that I consider a must-own if you’re involved in this level of research.

In the video below, Dr. Wolf’s summary of the God concept is open to individual spiritual interpretation (or rejection). However, I believe that the gooey-to-prickly-to-gooey concept is key to understanding our unique personal experiences when we’re studying paranormal phenomena.

One important question in our research is: Who’s creating what we perceive as prickly?

As I see it, the possibilities include:

  • We create our own experiences.
  • An entity is creating the experience.
  • An entity is influencing how we perceive the experience.
  • The entity is co-creating the experience with us, particularly when it’s a psychic/emotional encounter.
  • The prickly stuff exists in a parallel realm, and we’re simply able to perceive it from our world, with varying degrees of belief that it’s actually in our world.
  • There is nothing gooey, and reality is uniform; the variables extend only to how our personal contexts affect our perceptions of all reality, including the experience in question.

I’m sure there are other possibilities, and I’d like to hear your opinions. Please share your comments on the gooey and prickly concepts, below.

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